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Set up your rental business effectively with our turnkey solution developed with advanced features of Airbnb. With customizable functionalities, honest pricing tag and software flexibility, you can retrieve more customer’s to your websites in this competitive world

Airbnb Clone App Development Company

Food, water and shelter are the essentials to the humans for the survival. In those days, people used to fix certain place through direct registration. There exists the complexity of place confirmation with human efforts. To overcome this, several advanced technologies were arrived that diminishes human workforce. One of that is Airbnb, where anyone can apply rooms, restaurants, hotels for rental to stay, work and so on. Nowadays, peoples are looking for better accommodation without any efforts. For them many of the business persons are providing several facilitate agents for the easy booking. To make their efforts more simple, we provide an impressive Airbnb clone script, an excellent platform to create your own virtual marketplace of online rental services for travel community

This software enables the users to run their own reservation booking platform and help them to find accommodations for a fee. It is an ideal platform for entrepreneurs looking to create their own niche marketplace for online reservations. Airbnb clone script is the most convenient way to the travelers for desperate purposes like residential, office, warehouse, and so on that incorporates details like property type, room type, space description, amenities, location, price, perms, and photos collected with online and automated financial transactions.

Standard Features of Our Airbnb Clone Script

  • User App
  • Host App

    Easy Login

    The user can simply login to the account with the social networks ID that make them to free from providing unused details in the form


    Verification Option

    Once the user registered or booked for the rental property, they receive the verification message from the admin and confirm their property


    Secure Payment

    The payment of the users for their rented property become very secure and the user can pay for the booking in their desired payment medium


    Reviews and Ratings

    The end users can leave their desired ratings and reviews about the service and the admins can obtain the feedback about how their users feel on their service


    Flexible Reservation

    If suddenly your scheduled location is changed to some other town due to certain reason, you can take our flexible software reservation scheme



    User can add your favorite listing to their wishlist in Renter's Script and also share it with their friends via Facebook, Twitter, etc.



    Hosts can send exclusive offers, great discounts and promotional coupons to multiple guests using this module to attain more bookings


    List Your Space

    As listing is unlimited, the host has right to list any number of their properties at zero cost and manage them easily without complications


    Transaction History

    The host can easily view and download a detailed summary of complete transactions which has been done in the past


    Manage Property Details

    Renter host can effectively manage their rental property details and update the profile, if there occur any changes in the property detail


    Work- fit essentials

    The host list hundreds and thousands of properties to the site, add, edit and manage the listing easily without count limitation


    Listing Management

    The host list hundreds and thousands of properties to the site, add, edit and manage the listing easily without count limitation

Key Features of the Airbnb Clone Script

Advanced Filter Option

With the advanced filter options, the user can easily search for their desired property at expected location with the precise search result

In-App Messaging

The host and user can communicate with one another via messaging software. Through this the user can share their opinion about the rental property

Multi-language support

Our script translates the site to different language for users and this significant feature engages users’ to your site and mobile app

Property Request

Instant property booking and guest review request are viewed by the host and user will receive an acceptance message when booking is accepted

Sub Admin Management

The admin can set sub admin, define roles and responsibilities to those admin through settings and role permission management option

Easy Sign-in

The secure and easy way of login to an account is social login. User can sign in using facebook account to avoid filling details during sign-up

Our Unique Features

Year-around Pricing Calendar

Seasonal price is set up for the hosts with our equipped admin panel and can make faultless total price calculation

iCal Feed – Export & Import

The host can synchronize the calendar to some other extrinsic calendars and they can also import them. 

Content Management System

Admin can update a listing description and photos without any hassle using an impelling accessible content management system

Multiple Homepage Design

Our clone script supports multiple landing page formats such as detailed search bar, Image slider, and banner content.

Convert Support

Users can convert their native currency to foreign currency with our integrated currency on the script

Cancellation option for Host

The host can cancel their booking request made on property listing and they can add a valid reason for the cancellation.

Superior Export 

With the advanced dashboard, the admin can export all the property list which helps the user to find more variety of lists

Fast Pay Availability Searc

Guests can search their property listing in the form of price, room types, guest count and date filter options using smart fast pay search

Enabled Day & Night Mode

User can enable this quirky day and night mode feature to get better experience over vacation rental platform

Audit User messages

Admin can track the chat conversation between guests and hosts to avoid fallacious activities

Google Voice Search

Users can search listings with their voice command using Google voice search enabled the feature which saves more time of users

Guest Reservation model

Guest can reserve their bookings and has rights to view the receipts, messages, updates, requests for cancellation. 

Airbnb Benefits

Wide Choice

Airbnb Hosts can list out the various kinds of properties like single rooms, a suite of rooms, houseboats, apartments, moored yachts, entire houses, even a castle over Airbnb clone script

No charge for Listings

Hosts can list their properties comprising written descriptions, photographs with captions, and a user profile without fees from where the potential guests find out the hosts

Own Price setup

Hosts can fix the prices for their properties based on the guest's daily/weekly/monthly requirements. This is the best option for hosts who wish to set the prices for their own property

Customized Searches

Guests can search with different options like price, Kind of property, amenities, Host language, date and they can also add keywords to boost their search section

Extra Services

Airbnb hosts offer guests to comprehend the list of experiences, such as classes and sightseeing while searching for properties with location and also Airbnb hosts can also review the listed restaurants

Guests and Hosts Protection

Airbnb never releases a guest's money to host instantly, it holds for 24 hours after check-in for protecting guests and the hosts acquire the protection from Airbnb's Host Guarantee program

Privileged& Unique places

Airbnb offers a privileged accommodation for the guests like treehouse stay and castle sleep etc. The big apartments for huge members can be found and the cost can be shared among them with Airbnb against the hotel

Big Event Plan

Hotels raise their prices once they know about big events that are held in the city but Airbnb does not consider, the price remains the same. So Airbnb saves more cost of the guests

Why Airbnb Clone From Startupmart

Target your audience with our SEO friendly features

Add-ons and extraordinary features are our prime concerns to excel in your business

Location-based Property Listing is easier with our advanced export options

Startups can initiate their dream rental business with us at an affordable cost

Enterprises can invest in rental business to make huge revenue with our effective script

GPS and Robust dashboard helps your business to be unique and top in the market

Our social media sharing feature helps to convert your visitors into customers

How Does Airbnb Works

Once the host registered in the Airbnb platform, can view the list of properties

Guests can book/reserve their accommodation while surfing the website

Hosts communicate with guests about the reservation condition based on the availability or not

Guest pays for the reserved rental business to confirm their booking

Guests can stay and leave in their reserved place and then they can give reviews and ratings

Business Model Of Airbnb

Start Looking for the stay once the guest completes their booking procedure

Three kinds such as shared rooms, private rooms, and entire apartment are available

Search simply specifying your destination, number of people and number of nights

Filter your offers by room type, price, location, size, equipment or language skills of the host

View photos, host info, elaborated property description, previous guests review

The entire cost of accommodation includes room rate, the cleaning fee (host chooses it), the service fee (Airbnb fee) and taxes

Deposit in advance which will be declared in the description of the property

Technology Stack

Our Unique Features

SEO Friendly URL

The URL structure for all our clone software is optimized, to help you with boosting rank and improving traffic in major search engine like Google, which as a result rapidly increases your business revenue and users count

Highly Responsive

All our web and mobile apps solution are responsive to all mobile devices and platforms. This feature will help in engaging more users for your website and mobile apps, thereby easily reaching wide group of audience


Our web and mobile app provides exclusive options like in-app banner advertisements, subscriptions, premium packages, multiple add-ons and more. Through this, you can gain additional profit instantly with zero effort

Free Add-ons

We usually have an impressive existing features to your portal. If you require any additional features to include in your portal, our services will extend for the free add-ons to admit your required attribute towards it.

Enhancing Ability

Our unique features let for the enhancing ability that might exclude the desired needs of our clients in an efficacious way. Our exclusive will enhance your ability that benefit the admins for the high ROI and the end users to comprehend their obligations elaborately.

Bug Free Support

Our sole services ensue for the bug free support that denotes our development service fit to your preferred platforms without any hassles and highly responsive as well as user friendly to both mobile phones and systems

Disclaimer: Startupmart neither represents nor has command over the trademark of "Airbnb". We are not doing any promotional activities and we use the term only for understanding our product. Our motto is not to harm any organization or individual.