Blablacar Clone Script-Get Ride-Sharing Mobile App Like Blablacar

Startupmart provides impressive mobile app and website clone scripts for start-ups and entrepreneurs to start a productive Blablacar like ride sharing business. Amazing feature and unique functionalities of our solution enhances the standard of your brand in market while generating revenue

Blablacar Clone App Development Company

As mobile phone made people life more simpler, today even a ride is shared with another stranger via mobile apps. As convenient rides at cheaper cost is highly on demand in the tough world, car pooling business like car sharing business has become highly profitable business. The Blablacar is a car pooling business, which has become a prodigious transport service provider, availing affordable services to the customers at their own place. Budding entrepreneurs can start a business like Blablacar with our clone script.

Startupmart offers end-to-end white label clone script of successful business like Blablacar for entrepreneurs and start-ups to start a business instantly. Our turnkey product has all-inclusive web and mobile application which let’s you to dominate the transportation industry. Blablacar clone script by us has user friendly interface and provides advanced and most essential features such as full admin control, real-time tracking, in-app payments, easy schedule, feedback, selecting co-traveler, messaging system, user conditions and more. Get Blablacar clone script from us and give the best ever riding experience for your community

Salient Features of Our Blablacar Clone

  • Admin Features
  • Users Features
  • Security Features
  • Dispatch Panel

    Admin Panel & Dashboard

    Admin gets a rich and friendly dashboard to manage the site features, settings, users, ride, discounts, seasonal offers, and view revenue earned


    Content Management System

    Admin gets the credentials to view, edit, add and delete any of the inappropriate content from the site, users profile, blogs and newsletters


    Additional Revenue

    Beside the default revenue, admin can earn additional profit via banner advertisements, membership plans or commission based revenue module


    Homepage Customization

    Admin can create impressive banner with relevant image and text, customize description in homepage and link social media accounts to the footer


    User Profile

    The user’s information such as name, profile image, email address, contact details and social media login are recorded to identify the user


    Offer Ride / Book ride

    Any users can offer/book a ride via the web or mobile app, by filling essential details such as destination, route, date, time, and no of seats


    View Bookings

    Users can view the booking history and get update of upcoming rides with info like time, location, passengers detail, car name and car number


    Manage Account

    Users can edit their account details such as name, mobile number, e-mail, manage notifications, change location and also maintain privacy


    E-Mail Verification

    Users can edit their account details such as name, mobile number, e-mail, manage notifications, change location and also maintain privacy


    Secure Coding

    Our coding structure exclusively prevents SQL injections and XSS attacks and keep the code secure and impossible for the hackers to hack



    Span registrations and entries are prohibited as captcha in the sign up form stops unrecognized people from entering the site or mobile app


    Password Recovery

    Admin and users can change passwords constantly and when a user forgets password, it is recovered easily through e-mail or SMS verification


    Manual Bookings

    Assign bookings manually to cab drivers whenever required and enter info such as destination, payment method, vehicle kind, etc upon taxi dispatch system


    Bird’s View

    With this feature, the rider can view on-demand & scheduled taxi jobs, online & offline drivers, individual phone battery percentage, etc


    View each Taxi Status

    With in-app notifications, admin can view the individual status of taxi or transportation booking and their several jobs


    Manage Booking

    View all your bookings in an individual dashboard and manage all taxi dispatch requests easily

Key Features of Our Blablacar Clone Script

Sign up & Login

The users and admin can instantly sign-up or login to their account either using e-mail ID, mobile number or using their social media account

In-App Payment

Our script is induced with secure payment gateway to protect the transactions done with debit card, credit card, net banking or any other method

Instant Alert

Admin as well as the users will be notification when someone offer/book a ride, add car, add passenger, changes in conditions and ride details.

Locate Your Car

Our script is linked with the GPS navigation so that people involved in the ride can track and share the location of the car via SMS or social media

In-app Message

The latest messaging software in our script allow the riders to interact with the other user via mobile app without sharing personal contact details

User Agreement

Admin and the user who offer ride can set conditions like no smoking, no alcohol, etc, so that other users can book ride based on these conditions

Outstanding features of BlaBlaCar

Social Media Register

Despite entering details manually, rider can register and log in with social media like Facebook, Instagram, and others

Discover Ride

This feature lets rider search their ride and enter the destination point under the desired time

Extended Search

Riders can search their ride which is available near to them based upon their requirements. They can pick out either shared taxi or individual ride

Manage Ride

Admin can dispatch the cars to specific pickup points through managing all kinds of rides incorporated into an app

Instant matching

Passengers who reserved for ride-sharing matched instantly with the drivers based on their takeover routes

Alert notification

Both riders and drivers get alerts about the destination, trip info, and some other applicable information


Drivers can drop off the co-riders to their respective destinations who were picked up on the way using this exclusive feature

Ratings and Review

Passengers can share their ratings and ride experience about drivers once the ride is completed. Also, drivers can rate passengers

Payment Gateway

Passengers can pay with credit/debit cards for their undertaken rides using in-app stripe payment gateway

Multiple Languages

Passengers can change the default language of the app to their native tongue to easily access the app better and book a service

Real-Time Tracking

Passengers can lively track the driver/taxi location with Geo tracking, likewise, drivers can also track the passenger’s pick-up location

Generation of Invoice

Once passengers trip got over, an invoice is automatically generated, it includes a breakdown of the bill for the trip

Data analysis 

Admin can analyze the data easily with the dashboard that contains various statistics and charts

Co-passenger Preferences

Passengers can choose their co-passengers based on age & gender while booking their ride for a better journey experience

How does BlaBlaCar works

Identify a ride

Pick your ride simply saying your heading and leaving points with desired time 

Book your ride

Book your ride at one tap and you can communicate with drivers for detailed info

Pay online

Once your seat got confirmed, you have to pay it

Travel Together 

Enjoy your ride and review for your ride experience

Business model of BlaBlaCar 

Technology Stack

Technology Parts We wrapped

Extendable Architecture

Grow demand with our extendable technology - no need to reconstruct it from scratch.

Tailored Business model

We tailor the business model to render a higher value at low cost.

Field Expertise

Our unique domain experts provide faultless code to enhance your business brand

Manage Bigdata

Using our cost-effective dynamic analytic, big data is operated seasonably

Quick go to market

Our scalable architecture guarantees a fast go to market ETA


Strong technology backend with ready-made constituent saves time and project cost

Why to leverage BlaBlaCar clone app from startupmart?

24/7 Technical Assistance
Smart Dispatch system
Advanced Features
Robust platform
100% Customizable
Turnkey Solution
Scalable Design
Integrated payments

Our Unique Features

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Highly Responsive

All our web and mobile apps solution are responsive to all mobile devices and platforms. This feature will help in engaging more users for your website and mobile apps, thereby easily reaching wide group of audience


Our web and mobile app provides exclusive options like in-app banner advertisements, subscriptions, premium packages, multiple add-ons and more. Through this, you can gain additional profit instantly with zero effort

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We usually have an impressive existing features to your portal. If you require any additional features to include in your portal, our services will extend for the free add-ons to admit your required attribute towards it.

Enhancing Ability

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Bug Free Support

Our sole services ensue for the bug free support that denotes our development service fit to your preferred platforms without any hassles and highly responsive as well as user friendly to both mobile phones and systems

Disclaimer: Startupmart neither represents nor has command over the trademark of "Blablacar". We are not doing any promotional activities and we use the term only for understanding our product. Our motto is not to harm any organization or individual.