On-Demand Food Delivery App Development - A Complete Guide for Startups

On-Demand Food Delivery App Development - A Complete Guide for Startups

Food Delivery App Development


Startupmart - Being a reputed on-demand app development company, our goal is to uplift startups and make them successful  in the on-demand industry. We make on-demand services more reachable at customer door steps via providing enriched on-demand app development services for 10+ industries, and we have  picked the food delivery app development as one of the primary on-demand  app solutions. 

At startupmart, we provide instantaneous food delivery app development services so that you can build a customer-centric on-demand food delivery app with advanced payment methods, UI/UX design, delivery methods, security mechanisms, real-time order tracking, and much more features that will help restaurants and hotel to serve food fast and hot at customer doorsteps. 


Why to build your own food delivery app?


Having an idea to start a on-demand food delivery business, then It's time to turn your ideas into action. Being a food delivery startup, it's your duty to figure out successful app development steps, compare your idea with the best food delivery app, target audience, Market Statistics, app validation and get professional consultation from a reputed on-demand app development company.

Developing a own food delivery app has become more popular among restaurant owners. The main objective of the food delivery apps is to serve peoples in a short span of time. It is important to develop and deliver a flexible food delivery app, whereas making it successful is also more important as well as the development. This can be accomplished simply through acquiring food delivery app development services from the best on-demand app development company like Startupmart.


Market Statistics of Food Delivery App:


From the beginning to till date, food delivery apps have the best impact among the users, restaurant owners, admins as well as the drivers. 

As of 2019,


"The overall user base of the online food delivery market is approximately 63%"


Later, it started to increase gradually even in the rural and urban areas with its wide reach and awing features, since ordering food online is easy to handle, saving time and energy of home cooking. 

In 2020 (so called the year of Covid19), the food delivery market has seen massive growth during the pandemic lockdown.


"Similar industry verticals have revealed that food delivery app has reached its 2022 goals in this covid crisis which signifies the growth rate of the sector in 2020."


In 2021, the online food delivery segment is expected to reach US $11,666 Million whereas the annual revenue growth rate is going to increase evidently of 7.9% in CAGR 2021-2024 results in the market volume of US$14,670m by 2024. 


Features of Food Delivery App


The feature of the food delivery app is categorized into three modules. The food delivery app becomes more preferable through integrating the following features. 


1. Customers’ App:


Customer app comprises the features of:

A. Search Filter: Let your app users examine cafes, restaurants and bars by cuisine and location. 

B. Simple order Placement: Let the users place their orders with simple steps.

C. Real time Tracking: Assures customers on their package delivery through food order tracking with geolocation.

D. Payment Gateway Integration:  Build your app which lets the users pay for their orders by credit/debit card as well as applicable to multiple payment options.

E. Real time Availability: This abid your users to check tables availability in their desired restaurants with the food delivery app.

F. Review and Ratings: The must have features to know the users’ thoughts about your food delivery app. 


2. Delivery Drivers’ App


A. Signup or Login: All the phases (Users, Admin and Drivers) should accompany sign up and sign in. Build your app with the simple signup and login procedure simply  through mobile number, email and social media networks, so that the drivers can authenticate the app easily.

B. User Profile: Through this drivers can maintain their profile which indulges name, avatar, contact number, email address and other significant data.

C. Notification Alert: Drivers can receive notifications for the orders they are assigned for . Also, they will get a sound notification even when the food delivery application is closed.

D. Multiple Deliveries Management: This lets the drivers to manage multiple orders simultaneously and respond to all the requests.

E. GPS Map Integration:  To make a last minute on-time delivery , the driver searches for the fastest route. This feature let them reach the correct destination on-time for the order delivery.


3. Admins’ App (Dashboard Panel)


The admins’ app comprises the following features. 

A. Performance Monitoring : Data related to the drivers such as deliveries, order rejection and schedules can be easily monitored by the admin in the dashboard panel.

B. Mange Orders: This feature lets the admin in monitorize every activity from pickups to dispatch. 

C. Real-Time Updates:  With this, admins can receive real-time updates and notifications when the restaurant owners and drivers made changes in the availability.

D. Payment and Commision Management: Let owners to set payment and commission fee directly from the admin panel. 


Benefits of Food Delivery App


The following are the benefits of food delivery app

  • Consumer and customer friendly
  • Simple procedures to order food
  • Food at door steps
  • Check restaurant availability
  • Real time tracking
  • Multiple payment options


Steps to Build a Successful Food Delivery App


The following are the steps to build a successful food delivery app


  • Endorse your food delivery app idea
  • Set a food delivery model
  • Requirements of the aggregator model
  • Fix the major features
  • Pick the precise tech stack 
  • Derive UI UX design
  • Pick the right development partner


All those things can be accomplished simply with the last step, Pick the right development partner. Yes, the best food delivery app development company like Startupmart gratifies all your requisites easily. We observe the best, we build and deliver the best of best. We, Startupmart, a leading on-demand app development company is the right choice to build your own food delivery app.


How Much Does it Cost to Build a Food Delivery App?


The cost to build a food delivery app is based on the requirements of the app. Depending on the tools and technologies required to build your food delivery app the development cost may vary. As well, there will be the customization cost, if you require any add-ons. 

Technology Stack That We Use To Build a Food Delivery App


  • Android Studio
  • Kotlin
  • Swift
  • Java
  • JetPack 
  • Ionic
  • React JS
  • Flutter
  • Codeigniter
  • MongoDB


Our Ready Made Food Delivery App Solutions


Being the  best on-demand app development company, we are having ready-made on-demand solutions for the food delivery sector. They are the following.


Why still delay? Build your own food delivery app with us for the wide reach and high revenue streams. 


Stick with us!

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Food Delivery App FAQ's

You can easily add,edit and delete the app content from your dashboard within minutes. For any custom changes, you will get assistance by our team as per your requirements.

No, there is no hidden charge or fees, Since Startupmart is known for its complete transparency.

Of course, you can customize the app as per your requirements.with the dashboard which allow you to make customization and modifications in the app.

Yes discounts, coupons and loyalty programs are built in the app for the customers.

Yes, You can set Geofence in your app and fix the radius of your food delivery services.

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