Dating App Development - A Solution To Find and Connect With People Online

Dating App Development - A Solution To Find and Connect With People Online

Dating App Development

A matchmaking application to make online dating easy and accessible for all smartphone users. Smart phones and its users are not two distinct nowadays, as people and technology have become inseparable. Without the best dating app, there will be no profiles to swipe through and no people to connect with. Whereas, without Startupmart, there will be no best dating app. 

Alright, when seeking to design a dating app, there are certain key questions that knock your mind to get into the business.Here are the everything you want to know about the dating app development.

Market Statistics of Online Dating App

Though the online dating industry may have emerged earlier, it worth more than $2,2 billion in 2015 and continues over year to year. This results, online dating app as a lucrative business in front of entrepreneurs

Later, in 2019,


""Nearly 30.4 million users accessed online dating services in the U.S""

where 25.1 million  were smartphone dating app users. With the wide reach of the service,

The industry revolutionized and reached 117.9 million users in 2020

which showcases the rise of on-demand dating apps all over the world. 

In 2022-2025, the industry is expected to attain the unexpected reach with its features and perks and the way of serving the users. 

The Principle of Dating App Functionality

Usually, dating apps belong to the social apps family. Hence there is special attention to support human interaction and connecting users’ specific needs. As well, there are no identical dating apps. Each  app has its own functionality principles, features, benefits and work flow. 

Choose the best dating app for your business! Choose the best On-Demand App Development Company, Startupmart. 

Many of you want to know how much it cost to build an online dating app. Solely, it depends on the features and functionalities the app upholds. 

Essential Features of the On-Demand Dating App Development

Generally, the convenient dating app should let the users create their own profile, adding their photos, look at the pics of other users and review their profiles and so on. 

Additionally, it permits the users to like other users pic, share comments and send end-to-end encrypted private messages. In the same way, there should be the option for the one to blacklist a user, filter user and search partner based on their location.

The following are the must have features that on dating app should contain

Private Chat

Your app should contain a private chat option,so that the users can interact with each other's needs.


Not only for the online dating app, it is a must have feature of the general mobile applications. Here, the user should get notified when other reviews, like and comment their profiles.

User Profiles and Matching

Users must have full freedom to view other users' profiles and know their match with the profile details. 


Dating apps aggregate potential matches based on geographic proximity. With this feature, users can have a view the location of the profiles a  pick their partner in their nearby location.


Through this, the users can schedule their date as per their desire which will be notified for the users on the scheduled date.

Matching Algorithms in Dating Apps 

A function in a dating app that derives from a set of attributes that is most important for a dating app is known as a Matching algorithm. To create your own dating app, you must choose proper matching algorithms from the following options.

1. Using Geodata

A most important aspect to consider in dating app development is geolocation which offers a vast range of benefits such as an algorithm which offers users dates in their immediate vicinity, if that is the date they want, and also if any user is having a thought to move, he will be more interested in  acquaintances around their new destination.

2. Mathematical Algorithms

This algorithm-based matching works on the basis of analyzing the user's information that they provided in their profiles and through various surveys, which involves, Physical state  such as height, physique Compatibility of interests such as music taste, hobbies, personality characteristics involve age, gender, and more.
This mathematically-based matching is more popular but imperfect, as users update fake information about themselves. Thus, to receive better results use behavioral analysis.

3. Behavior Analysis

Behavior Analysis is more complicated when compared to mathematical matching, but it is possible by the use of Big Data solutions. This analysis relies on individual's real digital footprints.

4. Advanced Matching (AI & AR)

Like Netflix and Amazon, a dating app can also rely on its recommendations on complex data analysis such as biological data use, behavior analysis, Facial recognition and more. Use dating apps regularly to connect with preferred people by creating clear filters within the app.

How to Build your Own Online Dating App?

Before building your own online dating app, keep the following things in your mind.


  • Understand the needs of your targeted users
  • Make a deep analysis of your competitors.
  • Scrutinize the features needed to involve in the app
  • Deliver the matchless matching platform with the matchless solutions provider

Building a revenue generating business is important whereas building the business with the right choice is much more important. Build your own online dating app with us

Our Unique Solutions for Online Dating App

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Technology Stack We Use to Build Our Dating App Development


  • Android Studio
  • Kotlin
  • Swift
  • Java
  • JetPack 
  • Ionic
  • React JS
  • Flutter
  • Codeigniter
  • MongoDB

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Dating App Development FAQ's

Yes, we provide free consultation and clarify all your queries before step in to your project.

Yes for sure, You can test your app thoroughly, since we possess an in-house tester. Besides, you can provide any feedback at the same time.

Definitely, you own the complete rights of your app, since you are the owner of it. We provide you the complete source code with customization features.

Yes, it is our pleasure to provide support after your app launch.

Yes, we work on the agile methodology as per your project goals and requirements.

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