Telemedicine App Development - A Digital Health Solution For Doctors and Patients

Telemedicine App Development - A Digital Health Solution For Doctors and Patients

Telemedicine App Development

Telemedicine App Development is a process of developing smart healthcare mobile applications that connect patients and doctors. The application is used to schedule doctor appointments, access real-time health data, medicine data, monitor health, etc within a single click. Telehealth App Solutions will simplify your journey in the healthcare industry. With our ready-made telemedicine app development solutions one can start an online doctor appointment booking app business like Practo, ZocDoc, Doctalk, Docttocare, etc.


We Startupmart provides you the best and robust doctor on-demand app development services which hold both Websites and as well as mobile applications for Android and iOS.


As a matter of fact, the outcomes of technology advancements have deviated the lives of humans in a smooth way and make everything easy as their desire. From food delivery to grocery delivery, eLearning to entertainment, the world is covered with the wrap called, “Technology” In this way, the health sector is not an exception in it. Connecting with a doctor easily with telemedicine apps.


Telemedicine app development - A turning point in the healthcare industry that makes us realize the dire need for inventive solutions in the healthcare industry.  Imagine the scenario, It's 3 am now and you have woken up from your sleep with pulsatile pain in your abdomen. No one is there to take you to the 24/7 hospitals, then where you get help in such hard times? Is it possible to get help in such cases?

Say thanks to telemedicine apps, which is the sole thing to overcome those circumstances. On the other hand, the covid-19 pandemic has turned the view of the healthcare industry upside down. In this tough time, the chief concern of the healthcare sector is telemedicine since they wish to furnish healthcare services to patients from a distance that accompany social distancing.

The statista says,

“The market size of the telemedicine industry
may increase up to 41.2 billion by 2021.”

This is to note that, it is the best time to invest in telemedicine app development because the niche is still unfilled and such services’ demand is enhancing and endure to rise. In short, telemedicine is an ultra-modern and stylish way to offer clinical services remotely for the patients remotely.

Let me uncover the in-depth information on telehealth development and make clear how to start your project. Below are the following which makes you comprehend distinctly the significance of telemedicine.

(i) Benefits of telemedicine app
(ii) Technologies used in telemedicine apps
(iii) Telemedicine app features for patients
(iv) Telemedicine app features for doctors


Benefits of Telemedicine App


First of all, it is important for everyone to maintain their health in a good state. Telemedicine with its trends and features benefits and supports the healthcare system across doctors, patients, and medical establishments. To point out, the chief goal of telehealth services is to give remote doctor visits and enhance the efficiency of medical service. The following are the factors to embellish the efficiency of the medical services.

1. Convenient and time-efficient medical care
2. Individual patient management and monitoring system
3. Facilitative of administrative operations
4. Medical record keeping


Technologies Used in Telemedicine Apps


The telemedicine apps which have a great impact nowadays undergo the following trends.

Artificial Intelligence - Nowadays, artificial intelligence has been endorsed by most telemedicine applications. AI with its chatbots, voice recognition, language processing, and machine learning deliver a new experience to the healthcare sector.

Big Data - In healthcare, vast amounts of information are generated and processed. Even though, it is simple to collect and classify the data and maintain Electronic Healthcare Records (EHRs) with the utilization of healthcare computations. This data assists to enhance treatments furnishes more accurate diagnoses, organizes medical research, and specifically cuts costs.

Blockchain - This technology cuts out healthcare data loss and opposes paper records. Blockchain furnishes an opportunity to store and transfer medical data securely.

IoT -  The part of IoT plays a vital role in telemedicine app development. The equipment of telemedicine comprises digital cameras, tablets, smartwatches, and so on. The IoT commits to treatment suggestions, vitals tracking, built-in emergency response system, diagnosis, and much more. The integration of both medical hardware and software delivers better patient care through telemedicine app solutions.


Telemedicine App Features for Patients


The following are the beneficial features for patients in telemedicine app

1. Registration - A patient can authenticate to the app via social network, email, or mobile number. The app needs a high level of protection because the app deals with sensitive data. Hence, it is recommended to utilize two-factor authentication, which undergoes voice, SMS, and phone verification.

2. Patient Profile - In this place, a patient necessarily needs to update their healthcare records and mandatory information. One can do it simply and this procedure won’t let you a long-form to fill out.

3. Search - A patient can search for a medical specialist on the basis of one or more principles such as doctor rating, proximity, and specialization.

4. Appointments and Calendar - Patients need to have an appointment list on the basis of doctor availability and also the possibility to edit or cancel the appointment as per their convenience.

5. Communication - In the case of real-time consultation, the process can be done through audio or video. Photo-based consultation is available for the dermatologists in a simple format.

6. Geolocation - The patient can integrate with the practitioners through appropriate license eventually the app gathers the location with the assistance of google maps or similar services.

7. Payment Integrations - The monetization of telemedicine apps can be achieved through payment integration gateway systems which also let patients to outlook the history of their transaction easily.

8. Instant Push Notifications - Instant push notifications and relevant reminders assist the appointments tracking.

9. Reviews and Ratings - This is a mandatory feature in place of the doctor-patient aggregator. This function assures proper quality services based on the gathered feedback.

10. Personalized Dashboard -  It is a complex feature. but it is a useful feature to inspect treatment progress or something identical.

11. Medication Tracking -  The app can advise the patients to take medicines regularly and obtain refills.

12. Secure Chats - The great communication channel between doctor and patient is one to one messenger. This feature is simple to implement and gives high-level security. For Instance, the app uses the end-to-end encrypted messaging protocol to protect the communications and ensure no occurrence of attacks.


Telemedicine App Features for Doctors


The key features of the doctor app of the telemedicine apps are the following.

1. Doctor Profile - This place advises the practitioners to list their precise information about their education, experience, and specialization since it is possible for the patients to check their license and medical capabilities proof.

2. Scheduling and calendar - This feature lets the doctor set their convenient availability, receive consultation requests, and manage appointments filled calendar.

3. Communication -  The interaction of the patient-doctor should be identical. Also, the implementation of video conferencing for more detailed medical examinations is also available in the app whereas, if you have a small budget, it is better to use one-to-one messenger and consult based on photos.

4. EHR Review - The doctors should check the patients’ records with their profiles, hospital database, preliminary filled questionnaires, or other methods.

5. Medical Prescription - Doctors place their digital prescription then the patient can get the prescribed medication from the pharmacy. This is a more efficient way for patients with chronic diseases.

6. Video or Audio Session Recording - This features let to save or download the consultations since those files assist for the treatment tracking progress and for accurate referencing.

7. Dashboard and Analytics - Doctors have certain dashboards to make the essential adjustments to their treatments and prescriptions.

8. Pharmacy Databases - It is possible to integrate the app with drug stores to serve essential medicines on time for both doctors and patients.

How Telemedicine Applications Can Be User For Monetization?


The monetization for telemedicine apps comes in a wide range of ways which indulge, in-app purchases, sponsorship, advertising, subscription model, crowdfunding, and much more. One of the ways to build revenue in telemedicine apps is accomplished through fees. Identical to the revenue model of uber, it is possible to receive some percentage from a service. For example, when the on-demand doctor app charges a 25% fee for the patient, it can be modified according to the doctor's specialization, specifics, and duration of consultation or other metrics. To point out, telemedicine app development can undergo the following monetization models.

(i) Membership
(ii) Pay per consultation
(iii) Franchising

How to Build a Telemedicine App?


The telemedicine app development process is simplified into two significant categories, the discovery stage, and the development stage. Both the stages have their unique associate process to implement. Business analysis, software architecture planning, UI/UX designs come under the discovery stage. The development stage includes early planning, development, quality assurance, and testing, and so on. Being an entrepreneur with an innovative mind, hope, you have now desired to build your own telemedicine app. Right?

Obviously, it is better to build your telemedicine app, make it best with us. We, Startupmart, a top-rated on-demand app development company specialized in delivering on-demand app solutions build your telemedicine app with all your required features, and make you deserve more than you desire.

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