E-Learning App Development - A Solution to Reinforce The Education System Through Online

E-Learning App Development - A Solution to Reinforce The Education System Through Online

E-Learning App Development

E-Learning App Development helps to launch an online learning management system like Udmey, Byjus, Coursera, etc. With everything going online, the traditional education system is also transforming and people started gaining more knowledge without going anywhere. The pandemic was the main reason for this drastic transformation and huge attention. 

Dive into the world of digital education with our leading-edge e-learning app development services.  We Startupmart, an on demand app development company offer you an ideal e-learning app development solution through which you can provide the power of uninterrupted learning to your users.

E-Learning App Development Services - Enhance The Education Industry To Go Digital!

As we all know, the users joining online courses are more and there is no doubt that it will continue to grow. As to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) report in 2019, the number of enrollees for distance education courses raised when the overall rate of college-going enrollees dropped. This is because of the growth of online courses available for colleges and universities. There are a lot of driving forces that will make the online education system grow to more heights.

Due to the lockdowns during the pandemic, the e-learning system has gained more demand. It gave the best solution for the traditional education system in the global lockdown state. The system is going to get even more traction in the upcoming decades. Education technology is playing a major role in converting the paper-pen system into e-books.

The projected value of the e-learning market by 2025 is $305.3 billion. This is a growth from its value of $107 billion in 2015. This is not just a number, this exponential growth is due to the technology development in smartphones and the wide adoption of the internet. Are you wishing to witness a grand position in the e-learning industry? At Startupmart, we deliver the best e-learning app development services. Make use of our digital technologies to enhance digital education. 

E-Learning App Development Solutions

E-Learning Solution

With the efficiently developed and greatly interactive application, one can bridge the gap between education and institution. It helps in situations like covid19 lockdowns.

Remote Learning Website Solution

By facilitating e-learning website solutions for remote education, the user's distance and accessibility can be improved. It is integrated with splendid learning tools, live chats, live streamings, etc.

Organization Management Software

This solution will help to manage the institute chains for instantly updating the digital record, results, attendance, notifications, payroll, etc in a single panel.

Virtual Classroom Solutions

Experience the best classroom-like environment by virtualizing a large number of students. It comes with a huge number of exciting features like a whiteboard.

What Do We Offer In Our E-Learning App Development Solution?

Our E-Learning App Development Solution comes with the following  technology stacks,

  • Trainer App
  • User App
  • Admin panel

Trainer App

This helps the instructors to upload courses, lessons, and videos to the platforms in a very easy manner. This makes teaching a very easy task.

User App

This helps users to know about the number of courses registered, stages of courses like the progress of a course and completed the course and many more details in a single app.

Admin Panel

Keeping track of your business is very important. This master admin panel helps you to have a god's eye view of your business. 

Key Features Included In E-Learning App Development

  1. Video Streaming
  2. Digital Classroom
  3. Admin Panel
  4. Multi-Lingual Support
  5. Content Protection
  6. Online Assessment
  7. Immersive UI
  8. Numerous Courses

Essential Features Of E-Learning App Development Solution

User App

  1. Easy Registration
  2. Course Catalogue
  3. Wide Search Bar
  4. Quiz
  5. Forums
  6. Multiple Payment Gateways
  7. Course Completion Certificate
  8. Reviews And Ratings

Trainer Panel

  1. Instant Registration
  2. Trainer Profile
  3. Create/ Upload Courses and Lessons
  4. Tutoring
  5. Create Quizzes
  6. Sharing Files
  7. Course Goals Addition
  8. Answer Queries

Admin Panel

  1. Centralized Dashboard
  2. Users Management
  3. Courses Management
  4. Payments Management
  5. Promotions Management
  6. Roles Management
  7. Support System

Advances Features

  1. Multilingual Support
  2. Advanced Analytics
  3. In-App Chat
  4. Content Management System
  5. Multiple Payment Gateway Integration
  6. Performance Assessor

How Does An E-Learning App Works?

  • User Registration
  • Browse Courses
  • Select Course And Start Learning
  • Course Completion 
  • Certification 

Benefits of E-Learning App Development

  1. Reduced Cost
  2. Quite flexible and Convenient
  3. Increases Productivity and Performance
  4. Easy access to Information
  5. Provides Real-Time reviews and feedback
  6. Improves the retention capacity
  7. Ongoing Instant Access to Resources
  8. Reduces fear of failure of employees
  9. High Scalability
  10. Consistent and Standardized Training and Learning Sessions

Make Learning A Smooth Experience With E-Learning App Development

Wake up the entrepreneurs in you by dominating the digital edtech world! Generate high revenue by selling world-class content and courses in the e-learning market.  We build a classic e-learning app with trending -edge features with herculean functionalities

Ready-made E-Learning App Development Solutions We Offer:

  1. Udemy Clone App

E-Learning App Development FAQ's

Of course you can, As our services are transparent, we deliver you our valuable and creative suggestions at every stage of development.

To launch a successful e-Learning app,, many factors are needed to contribute. However, we deliver your app within 3 weeks as per your requirements.

No, there is no hidden charge or fees, Since Startupmart is known for its complete transparency.

Of course, you can customize the app as per your requirements. with the dashboard which allow you to make customization and modifications in the app.

Yes, our coding sections are simple to understand as well as easy to modify as per your customization needs.

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