ZocDoc Clone App - A Ready To Launch Doctor Appointment Booking App

ZocDoc Clone App - A Ready To Launch Doctor Appointment Booking App

ZocDoc Clone App

ZocDoc Clone App is an On Demand doctor appointment booking app which effectively connects patients with well qualified doctors all over the world. The ZocDoc clone app is splitted into three modules: admin module, doctor module and patient modules with its specific features that revolutionized the healthcare industry in recent days. Besides, the doctor appointment booking app has its significant part in revenue generation as similar to the other fabulous on demand  businesses. The technologies and software used in the doctor appointment booking app is the reason behind its massive growth. Hence, Getting into the doctor appointment booking app is one of the right business choices nowadays. 

ZocDoc Clone App let the patients to search and book local doctors on-demand with its beneficial traits. As a matter of fact, there is a great welcome for the online doctor appointment booking app among the peoples. The reason behind the utmost preference of ZocDoc clone app are the following.

1. Find and book the local doctors on the basis of other patients' reviews

2. Finding the match doctors through scanning the insurance card

3. Choosing the way of consultation as per you need (video calling or visit to local doctors' office)

ZocDoc comes with all sorts of therapies as well as therapists which signifies ZocDoc clone has no restitctions while connecting doctors. From general care doctors to crucial surgician,  pediatricians to dermatologists, allergists to dentists, urologists and psychologists, ZocDoc guarantees you to find your healthcare provider as per your need.  





The days of waiting for long with patience in the doctors’ clinics and queuing in the pharmacy have gone with the arrival of the prestigious ZocDoc clone app. To fit with the technology enhancement, the healthcare industry has also taken its part with serving mobile applications which makes the doctors and patients interact and receive medications on time. This is not only convenient but also helps to save time, money, and more importantly, lives. In short, the ZocDoc clone app is the right choice to start your doctor on demand appointment booking business.

Features of ZocDoc Clone App

1. Easy Login
It is simple for the users to access the platform through login with their mobile number, email address or any other social media accounts. 
2. Book/Cancel Appointments
Simple to book and cancel appointments without any hassles.
3. Digital Prescriptions
Patients and doctors can interact and access prescriptions digitally with absolute privacy and security.
4. Effective Matching
The patient-doctor matching is done according to their requirements where patients can search for doctors as per their specialties, localities and much more.
5. Electronic Health Records
Patients can preserve their health records electronically that is visible to healthcare professionals and aid more while diagnosing.
6. Scheduling Events
Patients can schedule their monthly routine checkups or medicine shipment whereas the doctors and pharmacies can also remind the patients of their service. 
Other Features of ZocDoc Clone App

  1. Virtual consultations

  2. Interactive admin dashboard

  3. Telemedicine services

  4. Advanced filter options

  5. Content management system


The ZocDoc Clone App is splitted into three modules such as Admin panel, doctor panel, and patient panel.
Admin Panel: The simplest way for the admins to handle all the essential operations in their doctor appointment booking  business smoothly since the panel comes with one stop solutions for all the functions to organize that includes

  1. Doctor Management System

  2. Patient Management System

  3. Content Management System

  4. Revenue Analytics Tool

  5. Push Notification

  6. SMS/Email Alerts

  7. Encrypted Security Protocols

  8. Treatment History

  9. Digital Marketing Tools

  10. Advanced Dashboard

Doctor Panel: The Doctor panel comprises absolute information about the doctors and their specialities, achievements as well as localities which lets the patients to observe who they are and what they are specialized for. Here are the following.

  1. Doctor Portfolio

  2. Availability Status

  3. Patient Management System

  4. Appointment Booker

  5. Email Notification'

  6. In-Built Video Chat

  7. Patient Tracker

  8. Revenue Analytics Tool

  9. Content Managemeny System 

  10. Integrated Chat

Patient Panel: With the simple login, patients can hold their electronic document, treatment records and choose doctors as per their requirements for consultation

  1. Electronic Document 

  2. Treatment Records

  3. Easy Login

  4. User Profile

  5. Payment Gateways

  6. In-Built Chat

  7. Location Tracker

  8. Appointment Booker

  9. Reminder

  10. Doctor Database

How ZocDoc Clone App Works?

The working progress of the ZocDoc clone app is more efficient. The working progress is accomplished with the patient app features and doctor features. 
1. Register/Create Profile - Both the users and doctors need to register in the app to create their profiles.
2. Doctors’ Availability - Doctors can set their own times when they are available for consultations. 
3. Users’ Information - Users need to fill out relevant data such as age, gene=dr, height and weight and so on that are viewable to the doctor. 
4. Search for Doctors - Users are let to search for doctors as per their requirements as well as the specialties and locality of the doctor.
5. Doctors’ Profile - The patients can perspect the profile of the doctors and gain information about them such as their career, accomplishments and so on.
6. Book an Appointment - The patient can book an appointment as per the allotted timings, once they have chosen the doctor for their treatment.
7. Virtual Consultations - The patients can consult with their respective doctors through video conferencing at the appointment time.
8. Digital Prescription - After the consultation, doctors can prescribe the essential medicines digitally in a secure manner.
9. Telemedicine Services - The patient can order their medicines with the app which depends on the app features.
10. Payment - Payment is estimated as per the services rendered. The patients are offered multiple payment methodologies including electronic payments, cards and much more.

The Monetization Features of ZocDoc Clone App

The monetization of ZocDoc clone is achieved through various ways
1. Commissions

This is the most fantabulous revenue stream of healthcare applications. The admins are credited with a certain percentage of the consultation fee paid by users to the doctors which can be determined by both the doctors and the admins.

2. Featured Listing

Admins can charge for featured listings that provide preference to doctors who have availed this service. With enormous doctors booked for the patients' consultations, the admins can offer a great inducement with the featured listing and doctors can attend more patients.

3. In-App Advertisements

In-app advertisements, one of the fabulous ways for market applications to make their money. Earning revenue is possible by letting space for other businesses to advertise on your app. From healthcare products to consultation therapies everything can be advertised. 

Key Benefits of ZocDoc Clone App

There are several key benefits one can acquire while utilizing the ZocDoc Clone app. Here are some of the following.

1. Easy and effective healthcare

While Considering to the real time doctor-patient consultation, online healthcare services with the ZocDoc clone app become more easy and efficient with its stunning features and functionalities. 

2. Efficient monitoring system

ZocDoc clone app development assists patients a lot in chronic disease monitoring, follow-up consultations and updating the prescriptions.

3. Availability at remote areas

Nowadays, the internet is everywhere, but the skilled doctors are not in remote areas.  People who are living in remote areas can connect with the specialists easily and recure their illness with proper remedies. 

4. 100% data security

Patients can engage with the healthcare providers through chatting to check their healthcare in real-time. 

How to build a ZocDoc Clone App?

If you want to build your own doctor appointment booking app like ZocDoc, Join your hands with the leading on-demand app development company, Startupmart and kick start your business smoothly. Our Zocdoc clone app solutions take your healthcare business to the extent with the latest in app development technology and benefits.

Benefits of Building your ZocDoc Clone App with Startupmart

1. White Labeled Services - Our Solutions are white-label which symbolizes that the ownership of the product is under our control.
2. Customizable Design - We never let your requirements down, and always let you develop any unique features as per your desire.
3. Cost-Effective Solutions - Creating a ZocDoc clone app with us let you launch a market-ready platform with feature-rich functions.
4. Experienced Team - The team of industry experts and adroit app developers we make you grab your obligations with our service. 
5. Pocket-Friendly Pricing - Our services fit your business requirements which are also budget-friendly and reliable. 
6. Analytics - Admins and doctors are offered useful analytics that let boost their operations smoothly.
Hope, you have gained absolute knowledge about ZocDoc Clone App, its features and benefits. Right? Why delay? Just step into the relay of the healthcare industry with us!

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ZocDoc Clone App FAQ's

Yes, there is a demo for our ZocDoc clone app where you can examine all the features and functionalities of the app. We support add-ons and  customization as per your requirements.

No, there are no restrictions. You can connect local doctors and specialists all over the world.

Yes, our apps are fortified with security features to enable privacy and safe users transactions which comprise 2FA, OTP authentication, email verification and more.

Yes, Our services are absolutely customizable which let you modify the product as per your business growth.

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