Taxi Booking App Development: An Automated Solution To Kick-Start Your Ride-Hailing Business

Taxi Booking App Development: An Automated Solution To Kick-Start Your Ride-Hailing Business

Taxi Booking App Development

Taxi Booking App Development provides automated and robust taxi booking solutions that allow users to book taxis swiftly. It helps the users to book their ride within a few swipes, and the taxi picks them from their doorstep. It also helps the drivers to earn more by providing the best ride for the customers. Similar to the leading hide-haling apps, our app development process will include all the features and functionalities. 

Start an On-Demand App Development Company, helps entrepreneurs and enterprises who wish to enter the ride-hailing industry. Our Taxi Booking App Solution can be personalized to suit various business verticals of the taxi industry, such as ride-hailing, ride-sharing, car rentals, corporate cab services, bike taxis, fleet management, and many more. 

The Future Of Ride-Hailing Industry

The on-demand economy has gained huge attraction among users worldwide. The leading sector among them is the hide-hailing business. Many businesses are shifting to this industry due to the advantages the industry offers. The traditional taxi booking business is also entering the online market to capture more customers.

There are several taxi booking businesses in the on-demand industry, But still, there are a lot of opportunities for the emerging businesses that are willing to offer better and safer taxi services. Join this line now to make massive profits in the long run!

Statistics Proving The Growth Of On-Demand Taxi Booking Business Worldwide

  • The profit of the ride-hailing and taxi booking sector is expected to reach 192 billion dollars by 2021.
  • The revenue of the ride-hailing sector is expected to show a CAGR of 17.5% from 2021 to 2024.  As a result, the market volume will rise to 365 billion dollars by 2024.
  • By 2024, the user penetration is projected to hit 20.6%. It was 19.3% in 2020.

Top Taxi Booking Mobile Apps Across The World

  1. Uber
  2. Lyft
  3. Ola
  4. Gett
  5. Grab
  6. Curb
  7. GoCatch

Why Invest In A On-Demand Taxi Booking App Development

The taxi booking applications have kept on growing significantly in recent years and there is no doubt in the exponential growth of taxi booking apps in the coming year as well. This is one of the industries that can never stop functioning as it offers so many advantages to the passengers and the drivers who make use of this application. It was around 36,000 million dollars worth of the taxi booking app market in 2017. As said earlier it is expected to rise at a CAGR of 17.5% by 2025, taking the figures up to 126,521 million dollars. 

For example, let us consider Uber. This business has experienced leaps and bounds in recent years and in several countries, the app is used effectively. Because making use of taxis is the best option instead of using cars. Uber has reached this place in less than 10 years and has a market value of USD 72 billion. 

Take a look at some statistics of Uber:


  • From almost 80 countries, Uber has 75 million active riders.
  • Up to today, the total number of completed rides by the company is over 5 billion.
  • Uber has generated USD 12 billion gross bookings in the quarter of the year. 

Importances of On-Demand Taxi Booking Apps

  1. Leverage automation at a low cost
  2. Effective market reach to bring in new customers
  3. Real-time updates along with communication transparency
  4. Higher ROI
  5. Reinforced driver ability
  6. Higher brand visibility


Business Models for Taxi Booking App Business

There are two business models in the on-demand taxi booking application. Let us discuss it in detail.

1. Individualized Taxi Booking App Solution

This solution is built for the existing taxi businesses that own a fleet of cars. What the owner has to do is get the customized app that is specially built for them and launch it on the app stores. By promoting their business and application they will get many new customers. This helps them build a huge user base. They can effortlessly manage their existing customers and get even more revenue by making new customers.

In this business model, the user nook their ride through this app, and the taxi owners should share the time, location, and price of the ride with the users. Then they have to make the taxi available for the passenger in a short time span.

2. Aggregator Taxi Booking App Solution

The aggregator model is similar to Uber and Ola. This model acts as the platform for the various taxi companies and personal taxis. The taxi owners need to simply register them under this app. In this model, the users need to install the app from the app sites and book their ride through the app itself. The user needs to enter their pickup location and destination. After this, the app calculates the time and cost of the ride and displays it. If it is convenient for them, the user can book their ride. Once the ride is complete the user can make their payment. 

Our AddOn Services We Offer

Outstation Ride Services:

An outstation ride service is a ride to another city/town away from the customer's city/town. Here the user needs to book the car by providing the details of the journey that includes the date, time, and pick-up and drop location. This feature comes with two options: a single trip, and a round trip.

Car Rental Services:

The car rental service is renting the car for some specified duration. For the rental rides, the driver books the car by giving all the ride details that include the date of rental, the pick-up-location, and the rental time.

Corporate Taxi Services:

Corporate cab service is nothing but, the admin creates a portal with the name of the company and adds the name of the company as like the users. The employees can make use of this service. The company pays for the service in postpaid or prepaid.

Carpooling Services:

In this service the customer books for a ride and requests a carpooling service. The number of people who can share the same ride depends on the number of seats in the taxi. Irrespective of the pick-up the user who wants s to travel on the same route can also send a request. Accepting and rejecting the request depends on the driver. If the pick-up location is irrelevant to the driver, he/she can reject it.  

Key Features Of Our Taxi Booking App Development Solution

We offer five platform solution in our taxi booking app development service, They are as follows,

  1. User App
  2. Driver App
  3. Admin Panel
  4. Dispatch Panel
  5. Taxi Booking Website

Let us now know about the essential features of our taxi booking app development solution in detail.

User App

Make users feel the taxi booking process simple and effortless with our feature-packed taxi app.

  1. Request rides
  2. Flexible payments
  3. In-app wallet
  4. Live tracking
  5. Rate & Review
  6. Schedule rides
  7. Book for others
  8. Invite & earn

Driver App

With our driver app features, drivers can effortlessly accept ride requests and offer their services.

  1. Link bank accounts
  2. Toggle availability
  3. Accept/ Reject rides
  4. Route navigation
  5. Generate invoice
  6. Earning report

Admin Panel

This is developed to assign rides to the drivers and manage fleets effectively.

  1. Driver Verification
  2. Trip Report
  3. Sub-Admins
  4. Earnings Report
  5. Payment Details

Dispatcher Panel

Build to effectively track and control both the passenger app and driver appease by the service provider with ease.

  1. Dashboard
  2. Accept phone bookings
  3. Automated dispatches
  4. Track drivers

Taxi Booking Website

The Website allows customers to book their rides via the website.

  1. Schedule rides
  2. Provide details
  3. Process payments
  4. Real-time tracking

Advanced Features Of Taxi Booking App Development Solution

  1. Driver/User Authorization
  2. Driver Queue Algorithm
  3. Surge Pricing
  4. Zone Pricing
  5. Heat Map View
  6. Phone Number Masking
  7. Loyalty Programs
  8. Automate Driver Payment
  9. Multi-Lingual Support

Our On-Demand Taxi Booking App Development Process

  • Analyzing your needs
  • Scrutinizing market trends
  • UI customization
  • Setting Backend
  • Quality Testing
  • Launch!

How Much Does It Cost For Taxi Booking App Development?

The cost involved in developing a potent taxi booking app differs from project to project. It is influenced by several attributes like technology stack, features and functionalities included, team size, the time needed, and the location of the development company. It is the best option to reach out to us and discuss your requirements with our efficient support team. Our team will provide a detailed cost estimation at cost estimate at a pocket-friendly price.


Launch An On-Demand Taxi Booking App Like Uber!

If you are a budding entrepreneur or an enterprise and wishing to start an on-demand taxi booking business, then make use of our robust taxi booking app solutions. With our taxi app solutions, the future is favorable and is assured to earn you fruitful rewards.

Our Taxi Booking App Development Solution:

Why still waiting? Take your shot at it without further thought.

Taxi Booking App Development FAQ's

Yes, We provide the complete code ownership of your taxi booking app since our services are transparent and highly secure.

We assure the security of your ride hailing app through undergoing coding standards to prevent data breach. We ensure that our source code is clean and error free that makes your app secure and stable.

Yes, Our taxi booking app development is inbuilt with multiple payment gateways like debit/credit cards, net banking and so on.

Usually, our development team takes 2-3 weeks to build your taxi booking app. It may change as per your requirements.

You can easily add,edit and delete the app content from your dashboard within minutes. For any custom changes, you will get assistance by our team as per your requirements.

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