Combining Blockchain and Telemedicine - Benefits, Works, Challenges And Its Solutions

Combining Blockchain and Telemedicine - Benefits, Works, Challenges And Its Solutions

Telemedicine app development - A turning point in the healthcare industry that makes us realize the dire need for inventive solutions in the healthcare industry.  Imagine the scenario, It's 3 am now and you have woken up from your sleep with pulsatile pain in your abdomen. No one is there to take you to the 24/7 hospitals, then where do you get help in such hard times? Is it possible to get help in such cases?

Say thanks to telemedicine apps, which is the sole thing to overcome those circumstances. On the other hand, the covid-19 pandemic has turned the view of the healthcare industry upside down. In this tough time, the chief concern of the healthcare sector is telemedicine since they wish to furnish healthcare services to patients from a distance that accompany social distancing.

Combining Blockchain and Telemedicine 

In the defiance of convenience of telemedicine, the blockchain technology  enhanced enormous potential security concerns. If the patient-doctor connection is unsecure, then there are high possibilities for the leak of patients’ information and other sensitive data. 

Without the integration with Blockchain, the key impediment for telemedicine systems was centralization. Usually, centralized systems always result in the risk of a single point of failure as well as being highly prone to several external and internal data breaches and risking systems’ reliability. 

Now, blockchain technology has the ability to handle certain issues effectively which undergoes  a distributed architecture to supervise the health records’ shared ledger. 

To point out, the ledger copies are verified with every node combined with the Blockchain. 

Tracking of medications and drugs along with the supply chain, tracking the location of  patients, verifying the credentials of physicians’ and maintaining health records are the key challenges addressed by Blockchain.

Risks in Aggregator Telemedicine System

The privacy risks in the telemedicine stem from the data sharing as well as the lack of security controls over the collection.  

With the intrinsic features of blockchain, overcoming all those challenges of telemedicine becomes simple. 

How Blockchain Works In Telemedicine?

The blockchain in telemedicine is primarily for dual purpose. 

  • Digital health registration and authentication
  • Data access authorization

Digital Health Registration & Authentication

This manages the following

User request for registration
⇔ Request forwarded
⇔ Encryption keys created
⇔ Downloaded keys available for the users
⇔ Response to the registration
⇔ Login request and request forward
⇔ Identity verification and verification response
⇔ Response forwarded and response displayed

Data Access Authorization

⇔ Request forwarded
⇔ Server requests for the patient’s public key
⇔ Return requested key
⇔ Log generated token
⇔ Patient requests access and request forward
⇔ Server requests for tokens access to patients
⇔ Return requested tokens
⇔ Request to update and display data sources links
⇔ Display links

What Opportunities Does Blockchain Offer To Telemedicine?

Blockchain based telemedicine telemedicine services gratifies the challenges with the following traits.

⇔ Patient consent management 
⇔ Tracking in-home medical kits and devices
⇔ Tracking remote treatment
⇔ Accessing personal health records securely
⇔ Automatic payment methods
⇔ Elderly care services with trustworthy monitoring

Benefits of Blockchain in Telemedicine

1. Improved Healthcare

Healthcare services like remote patient monitoring, automatic payments, efficient data management, distant treatment, whatever the functions may be, Blockchain aim to improve healthcare services.
Better Data Management

The blockchain integrated telemedicine system lets doctors, patients and healthcare workers to efficiently handle highly confidential patient data in a secure manner.

2. Self-custody

Blockchain serves patients through furnishing absolute control and access to handle their data access. In such a manner, patients have their data custody control for the accessibility of their personally identifiable encrypted data.

3 Secure data sharing

Blockchain enables secure data sharing in encrypted format. Both patients and doctors can exchange ledger’s personal copies securely, which symbolizes no single party will have absolute data control.

4. Transparency

Generally, blockchain’s accuracy and transparency are unrivaled. With the integration of Blockchain in telemedicine, the possibilities of insurance fraud and data breaches have dramatically diminished.  As well,, the decentralized nature and the smart contracts can increase the transparency of the new

Bringing blockchain to telemedicine has significant and massive benefits which also let us experience the sophisticated and secure telemedicine system. Being an entrepreneur with an innovative mind, hope, you have now desired to build your own blockchain based telemedicine app. Right?

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