Re-Construct The Fuel Supply Chain With On-Demand Fuel Delivery App

Re-Construct The Fuel Supply Chain With On-Demand Fuel Delivery App

Being a leading on-demand app development company, Startupmart’s chief motto is to elevate Startups and make them shine in the on-demand industry. With sophisticated on-demand app solutions, we make on-demand services more reachable at customer door steps over 10+ years of industry experience. Particularly, we are serving for the fuel delivery industry with the on-demand fuel delivery app. 


Fuel Delivery App Development


Fuel delivery app development - Provides digital solution through a personalized fuel delivery app for fuel and gas business owners which also lets customers to order fuel online anywhere and anytime without visiting  the gas station. This app helps in rendering quality fuel at your doorsteps with secure delivery model.

Startupmart furnish spontaneous fuel delivery app development services through which you can build your own consumer-centric on-demand fuel delivery app with multiple payment methods, security mechanisms, UI/UX designs, real time order tracking, delivery methods and much more astounding features. 

Must Have Features in On-Demand Fuel Delivery App


The following are the essential features that on-demand fuel delivery app must comprise


Diminishes Waiting Time:

Before developing your own app for on-demand fuel delivery, it is mandatory to ensure that the users don't have to wait for a long time and make sure that your customer gets the fuel by the closest fuel delivery vehicle.

Location Based GPS

The real-time GPS solution is the sole way to make your customers loyalists which should let them pin their exact location so that it is easy for the drivers to reach the precise location on-time.


High Quality Fuel


Come back of your customers happen, only if you offer high quality fuel. Delivering adulterated fuel will make you go out of the business.


Ease of Access


In the development of your fuel delivery app, keep in mind that your app should be simple for the users to access. Your app should be well designed UI/UX and trouble free for navigation.


Payment Methods:

This is the most significant feature in the app. Accepting all payment methods and cards will make your users to experience the easy payment.

Text & Call Options:

Your app lets the customers communicate with the delivery service providers which help them to know when they got their fuel. This makes the customers free from anxiety.for waiting.

Promo Codes & Offer


If you want to maintain your customers, keep buying from you, it is necessary to offer discounts and coupon codes for them. 

On the other hand, you have to undergo three categories in your on-demand fuel delivery app development.


Customer Features


The customer centric features comes up with the following:

  • Login/Signup (User Profile)
  • Request for Fuel Delivery
  • Price Evaluation
  • Payment Integration
  • Digital Receipts
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Push Notifications
  • Order History
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Referrals
  • Support & Assistance


Driver Features


The driver focused features are the following

  • SignUp/Login
  • Customer Information
  • Active Status - Online/Offline
  • Dashboard
  • Real Time Features
  • Location Navigation
  • Payment 
  • Digital Signatures
  • Help & Support


Admin Features


The admin-centric features are the following.

  • Login
  • Dashboard
  • Fuel Pricing
  • Managing Drivers’ and Customers’’ Profile
  • Notification
  • Order History
  • Fuel Tankers


Key Benefits of On-Demand Fuel Delivery App


Here are the chief benefits of fuel on-demand apps.


1. Time and Cost Efficient


With this app, travelling long to the fuel station and pausing in an extended queue to fuel your vehicle can be avoided, whereas your needed fuel can be delivered to you at your doorsteps with the same cost. 


2. Eco-Friendly


There is no adulteration or fuel spills with the usage of fuel on-demand apps. As well,it is also an environment friendly choice.


3. Managing Emergency Circumstances


These apps resemble a savior in emergencies. For instance, if a person is in the middle of an unknown place, one can order fuel for his/her vehicle and ride ahead.


4. High Quality Fuel


An authorized mentor always guarantees for the quality. Likewise, your fuel supply should be quality which earns goodwill to your service.


5. Convenience


User convenience is the main motive behind the fuel on-demand app development. All they need is simply a smartphone and Internet to order their fuel anywhere at any time.


6. Low Maintenance


Through saving the huge amount of costs and surges, you can enhance your profit level with low maintenance and investment.


Things Required to Provide Fuel Delivery Services


The following are the things for a successful fuel delivery services


  • License and regulation
  • Fleet forming
  • Association with fuel providers
  • Hiring trained drivers
  • Developing software solution


Factors Influencing the Cost of Fuel On-Demand App Development


The factors that influence the cost of your fuel delivery app development are platform type you used to build the app, your add ons on the admin panel, features you add on your app and so on. Here are some of the factors.


App Platform


As we know there are two platforms, one will concentrate when it comes to developing mobile applications. That is iOS or Android or both. Thus, the overall cost of development of fuel delivery apps varies on factors such as app platforms and target audience.


App Design & Designer 


To attract more audience and convince them to use your app, you should design an app with flawless user experience by the designers who are experienced,qualified and proficient in developing app at attractive design and affordable cost.


App Size


The size of your fuel delivery app which depends on complexity and features of the app also impact the cost of the app.


Basic & Advanced Features


An on-demand fuel delivery app should possess features such as compatibility,ease to use,various payment options,easy navigation features to monitor time and location of the gas provider along with the elaborative list of gas providers around the end user.


In the same way, the development cost of fuel on-demand apps is based on the several factors and features involved in the development progress. If you are having a notion to build your own on-demand fuel delivery app, verify your team has absolute knowledge and experience like us to take your business to an extent with the app. The best  choice for you to build your own fuel on-demand app development is the leading on-demand app development company, Startupsmart. We gratify your business needs as per your requisites more than you desire.


Final Takeaway


While going through the entire progress of the fuel delivery app development, hope you have got an idea to build your own fuel delivery app. Then reach out to us and build your own fuld on-demand app now. 

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Fuel Delivery App FAQ's

Yes, we give complete documentation of your on-demand apps solutions for your online business.

Is My Fuel Delivery App Development Be Transparent With You?

Yes, being an authorized on demand solutions provider, our services are transparent to you and free from hassles.

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Yes, we will. We. are covered under NDAs and confidentiality clauses.

Yes for sure, You can test your app thoroughly, since we possess an in-house tester. Besides, you can provide any feedback at the same time.

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