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Grab end-to-end video streaming app development services and furnish impeccable TV viewing experiences to your users over frictionless channels. Fit all your VOD (Video On Demand Platform) business requirements with our OTT app development solutions which offers you scalable video streaming applications for fabulous OTT platforms like Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and so on.

OTT App Solutions Provider

As vast service providers may offer OTT solutions, but delivering unique solutions to their customers truly matters. We are specialized in developing robust, interactive, and scalable video streaming apps for popular OTT platforms to embellish the viewer experiences with adequate content delivery models.

Being a predominant video streaming app development service provider, we are responsible for all your requirements filled OTT app which also upholds CDN integration, cloud integration & hosting, and much more to furnish better experience to your users.

Our splendid live video streaming app with stunning features impact your users by giving them a colossal benefit along with the optimal performance. The agile methodology we undergo will make your business dream to reach an extent with a high ROI.

You are in perfect time and a perfect place to kick-start your on-demand video, audio, messaging, VOIP streaming business to run a smooth journey.

Netflix Clone App Development Company

OTT App Development Services We Provide

OTT App Development

We develop an OTT app that is highly functional and customization can be done as per the requirements of your business

Exceptional UI/UX Design

We provide a smooth UI/UX design that offers seamless streaming experience to your users including best viewing experience

OTT APP Management

Our technical experts consistently update your apps with innovative tools/technologies to ensure your app that meets current market standard

OTT App Testing

We do manual & automotive testing for your OTT apps regressively to ensure the functioning of apps every time for all use cases

OTT APP Navigation

To offer an updated browsing & streaming experience to the users, we provide a complete navigation of OTT apps

Optimal Performance

We optimize & enhance the performance of the TV streaming app to ensure that the OTT app is running smoothly and offers a seamless experience to users.

Outstanding OTT App Features

  • User profile

    The place for the users to filled their details where users can change content preferences under viewing history basis

  • Multilingual support

    Multilingual support lets to enhance your business worldwide by enabling users from several geographical areas.

  • In-app purchase

    The mandatory trait to develop OTT apps like Netflix and Hulu. Users can pay their bills simply through multiple payment gateways.

  • Wish list

    The most significant trait of OTT video streaming app which let the users to add their favourite videos on the list for the later watch.

  • Screen Mirroring

    Through this, users can watch their favourite videos on desired screens like TV, Desktop, or any other screens.

  • Social Features

    This lets the users to share their viewpoints on their social media that makes other users to watch the video content.

  • Search

    Users can search or filter their desired videos through building OTT apps with genre options

  • Rating & Review

    Users can rate & review the app individually which lets the admin to enhance the app performance if there is any shortcoming.

Netflix Clone App Development Company

Admin Features

Android & IOS Platform

The video streaming apps we provide support both iOS and Android. Being an admin, you can offer your OTT apps to your users on both Android and iOS platforms.

Powerful Admin Panel

Our OTT app video streaming upholds a powerful admin panel which lets the admin for the superior control over the user, account and content. 

Integrated GPS

The OTT app you buy from us is GPS integrated, with this the admin has control over his hand to restrict the viewers from the specific regions and countries.

Videos, Category and Users Management

Admin can manage the videos, category, and users easily as it is highly scalable and user-friendly

Multiple Payment Gateway

Through this multi-payment gateway, the admin let their users to pick their desired payment gateway to pay their bills.

Custom Requirements

We deliver your video streaming app with all the stunning features. As well, we are ready to include any traits, if you need to fit your requirements.

User Management

With this, the admin will have constant supervision of their user profiles as well as the efficient management of the customer database.

SEO Friendly Design

Your OTT app will show up on the first page while searching. as it is configured in an SEO-friendly manner.

Records and Statistics

With this feature, the admin can simply analyze their app’s performance through the generated report of the app.

Technology stack for VOD Platform Development

Development Steps of OTT(Over-The-Top) App Solutions

Requirement Gatherings
We analyze the OTT app solution requirements and set up the team to build an app after finalizing the contract
We develop an app using a scrum methodology in order to deliver an app at stipulated time
We conduct multiple testing processes on each module of the OTT app development to ensure the bug-free OTT app

We deploy OTT app after the testing process & ensure that your OTT app is fully-fledged
we monitor the server regularly and fix the bugs then and there. Also, you will get regular updates from our technical experts

Benefits to work with us

Startupmart is a frontrunner offering a wide range of on-demand business solutions at an affordable cost without compromising quality. Some of our benefits include

On time
Highly-personalized App
Powerful admin panel
Smooth UI/UX design
Result-driven approach



Over the top provides a TV & film content on your favorite device with a speedy internet connection instead of cables or satellite providers.

The cost depends on the following factors,

  • Feature you are included in the video streaming app
  • Number of Platforms OTT app works for
  • Based on your partnered geographical location

It relies on what type of business model you are preferring. If you intend to build a video app like Netflix, TVOD, or SVOD monetization model is opt to acquire a stable revenue flow every month.

SVOD stands for Subscription Video on Demand. Users have to pay a specific amount to see the range of videos and series. TVOD stands for Transactional Video on Demand. Users need not to pay while login but payment is required to pay for the video series they love to watch. AVOD- It's absolutely free for every user. It is based on the ads as it is an ad-centric digital video service. The advertisement revenue acquired on this model is used for offsetting production, hosting, and content monetization.

There are three primary OTT video streaming monetization strategies named SVOD, TVOD, AVOD.

OTT video apps supersede the traditional cable and antenna service provider with its supreme features like in-app purchases, stream mirroring including cost. This not only avails the benefit of mass reach but also sees an accelerated rise in revenues behind the well-structured business models

Yes Of Course! The live streaming app provides the best HD quality video which replaces the traditional media services and it is proved here, As of 2019, it is detected that 21.9 million American houses have cord-cutting cable services. And by 2023 it is expected to reach 34.9 million.

The cost depends on the following factors,

  • Extremely Targeted Advertising
  • Customer Fragmentation
  • Enhanced Efficiency

Once after filling your form, we will ask for an average period of 3 business days to launch your live broadcast app. If there are any additions required apart from the terms included in the report, it takes a bit more time to complete it.

When we speak about mobile messaging, the number of messages sent through OTT apps outweighed traditional SMS. Actually, OTT messaging traffic tends to transcend 32 trillion each year, whereas SMS slows down to 7.89 trillion

OTT refers to Over the Top - which is the third party service accessible on a user's smartphone away from the control of mobile carriers.

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Disclaimer: Startupmart neither represents nor has command over the trademark of Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Voot, etc. We are not doing any promotional activities and we use the term only for understanding our product. Our motto is not to harm any organization or individual.