Handyman Services App Development

Handyman Services App Development

Handyman Services App Development

Applications rule our life. We love to get all the things we need on our doorstep. Nowadays people go online starting from buying food to shopping.  Likewise, handy services are nothing but similar to food delivery services. Here it allows the users to call electricians, plumbers, mechanics, beauticians, etc by using this app/web for doing their work to their place. To start a handyman services business online, one needs to build an application that assists their handy services business. 

Startupmart, an on demand app development services provider helps entrepreneurs to start their on-demand handy services business instantly by offering the best handyman services app development.

Handymans Services App Solution

Among all other Industries, the On-Demand services industry is rapidly growing fast and gaining a tremendous amount of users. Imagine when your car is repaired and you just call a mechanic who is nearby using an app. Cool right!!!. These applications make human life very easy with its unique features. We are living in an era of Demand. In today’s lifestyle, you need to take your business to the customers as there are many competitors for you. So what is the best idea for taking your business to the customer’s consideration? Despite other things, Mobile applications take any of business to a higher level.

Giving your business an online presence is not enough. It is also equally important to service your customers with remarkable user experience by top-notch features.  What if people were able to call a plumber, electricians, mechanics, etc by using an app? Yes, it is possible!! Why don’t you take it as a business idea? On-demand mobile apps and webs are the faces for the next decades.  So, this the best business idea for the future. 

Fundamental Features Included In Handyman App Development

The complete feature of the application is listed and differentiated under the following three categories,

  1. User App 
  2. Service Provider App
  3. Admin Panel

User App

  • Easy Registration
  • User profile
  • Push Notification
  • Excellent Search Bar
  • Booking Service
  • Cancel Service
  • Schedule Service
  • Offers

Service Provider App

  • Instant Registration
  • Accept or Reject Service Request
  • Toggle Availability Button
  • In-App Notification Alerts
  • Geo-Location
  • Revenue Management 
  • Profile Validation 
  • Support

Admin Panel

  • Uncut Dashboard
  • Heat maps
  • Customer Management
  • User's Service Request Management
  • Revenue Management
  • Service Provider Management
  • Manage Promotions 
  • Commission Administration
  • Payment Method Monitoring
  • Statistics Report Generation

Advanced Additional Features Of A Handyman Services App

In-App Chat - Customers and the service providers can effortlessly get connected to each other in case of any queries. The communication is internal and secure.

Price Maintenance 

Admins have the power to fix and vary the price of any service based on the business. This helps in maintaining the profit of the business.

Digital Wallet

For making in-app purchases rechargeable e-wallets are available exclusively. 

Multiple Service Location

The users can set multiple service addresses in the application. All they need to do before requesting a service is setting their current location as their primary address.

Categories Administration

Admins can change the services into many categories and subcategories for easy visibility and accessibility.

Promo Codes

Admin is provided with the power to create promotional coupon codes and can give exciting offers to the customers. This helps in increasing the loyalty of customers.

How does it Work?

If a person needs any sort of on-demand services like plumbers, electricians, and mechanics, he/she initially needs to download the app and register in the case of the first time. The registration process completes by getting the user’s contact details and payment mode. Then we need to select for a handyman who is looking for and specify the problem for which he calls the handyman.
After that, the user should mention the time when he needs the service. Right after completing all these steps an estimated quote is displayed with the nearby available handyman. Before selecting the user can have look at the handyman’s profile, reviews, etc. And the selected handyman is notified with an SMS and email with all the work details.
The customer is allowed to contact the handyman for the track purpose or forgetting any details after he accepts the job. When the handyman starts his work he marks the status as ‘Started and after completing the work he changes the status as ‘Complete’. Then he initiates an invoice and then both of them receive a copy through the mail. Then finally the payment can be done through multiple gateways. Both parties are allowed to ratings and feedback to each other.

WorkFlow Of Handyman Services App

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Industries involved in Handyman Services

Almost all the industry have handyman services. Let us know about the Industries involved in Handyman Services. Food, Real Estate,  Sports, Transport, Education, Healthcare, Banking, Entertainment, Business, Dating, Travel, Job/career. 

Some of the Handyman Services

Plumbing Services
Electrical and Electronical Services
Mechanic Services
Furniture Assembling
Food Services
Pet sitter
Baby Sitter
Health care services
Laundry Services
These some of the on-demand services. There so many services we need in our daily life. On-demand applications for these services bridge the gap between the customers and the service providers. Through the applications for these services, each individual gets the best experience. The services reach out for each and every one of the public as these are the very common and highly needed services.

Cosmic Benefits Of Launching  A Handyman Services App For Entrepreneurs And Startups

  1. With this growing popularity of on-demand business models, business owners can generate high revenue.
  2. The startup cost is less when compared to starting other businesses. 
  3. As it is a tech-powered business, it is easy to use and operate.
  4. There is a high chance of getting a terrific volume of profit. 
  5. Handyman service providers also get more recognition in their profession and earn more profit. 
  6. Professionals can work as per their availability.
  7. The business can easily become a brand and the services can be offered worldwide. 
  8. Open up the door for multiple revenue streams like commissions, appointment fees, convenience charges, etc.

Monetization Strategies

Ads With In Application 

Admins can get advertisement fees from businesses. Within the application, the admin can stream the ads like banners, videos, podcasts, etc. 


Admin gets commission fees from both service providers and users. The users and the service providers pay commission for using the application.

Freemium and Premium

Adding several users to the premium packages will also increase the revenue. The premium users will get some offers, discounts, etc.


The users can pay and subscribe to the application, using this the users can use the application and services for several time duration freely. 

Top listing

The service providers can pay for listing them first in the search result. As a result, more users will click and send requests to that service provider.

How Much Does It Cost For Handyman Services App Development

There are several factors involved when it comes to understanding the app development cost. The app development can vary for the following reasons, 

  1. The platforms you want to develop - Android, iOS or Web
  2. The development time needed to develop or customize
  3. The number of features included in the application
  4. Design complexity
  5. Backend development
  6. Product management

These are the reasons why the cost varies for the handyman services app development process. The price may add up if there is any complex need in your app development. Finally, the cost of the development process mainly depends on the number of experts, professionals and technologies involved. It is better to contact our team to get a complete quotation. 

What is the Better Way to Reach Customers?

Your interest in starting a business alone will not help you in reaching your customers. Creating a strong online presence is the first investment that you are going to invest in for your business. Which is going to big a huge revenue back to you in return. Here are some benefits of building an app for your handyman service business.
          - Affordable Cost to reach out to all sorts of customers.
          - Generates more revenue
          - Reach your targeted customers
          - High Security 
          - Control over your business 
          - Created an excellent user experience
So, instead of losing your business over time, it is better you create a strong application/web which will act as a backbone for your business.
Summing Up
Take your business to the fingertips of the users by building a mobile application/web. It is very hard to reach out to the customers in this competitive world. But we Startupmart provides the on-demand handyman services app/web with unique features that support both iOS and Android. We are a prominent On-demand clone mobile app/web development company delivering excel on-demand clone mobile app/web to various universal clients.

Handyman App Development FAQ's

You can do it with the admin dashboard which lets businesses to add promotional and referrals and enhance your business credibility and growth

Yes, We can. With years of experience and a skilled development team, we build fully functional apps based on your website.

Yes for sure. Since customer satisfaction is our motto, we add additional services in the app as per your requirements.

We use pHP, Laravel, Swift, React JS and flutter technologies in our Handyman services app development  for better UI and appealing designs.

Yes, we provide free consultation and clarify all your queries before step in to your project.

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