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ByDooEats - Get Online Food Delivery Mobile App Like UberEats

Streamline next-gen food delivery business with Bydoo Eats, the advanced clone of Uber Eats. It is highly secure, reliable and responsive web and mobile application with amazing features and customizable functionalities to give the best user experience to all the users

UberEats Clone App Development Company

In this contemporary world, people’s life is getting busier and they prefer to order food online rather than going out to hotels. Providing high-class online food ordering options is a must to meet the demand of today’s on-the-go customer. From Chinese to Italian food, people are ready to taste anything at a lower cost and fast delivery services. Budding entrepreneurs who are very interested to start their online food delivery web and mobile-based applications can commence their Uber eats like business with our feature-rich Clone script. Our web and mobile app script comprise ground-breaking features and numerous options for the admin, restaurant vendor and the users. Our script consists of features like restaurant management, content management, in-app wallet for easy payment, GPS linked dashboard to know food delivery status, a gallery to display hotel menu and price detail, customer review, customer feedback, etc. Now, it's your time to make a change and lead the market.

Essential Features of BydooEats

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    App Installation

    No fee is charged for your installation, configuration and upload services of said app and also for Google Play store and iOS AppStore services

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    Progressive Analytics

    Customers can view the detailed profile of the concerned Restaurant Vendor's years of experience, specialties, visiting fees and the nearest radius of the Restaurant Vendor with ease.

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    Advanced Records

    Admin can check the statistics of report, analyse the progress and plan different ways of marketing to increase total commission and profit

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    Extensive admin panel

    Restaurant vendors details, content, vehicle categories, offers, food categories, etc, can be controlled by admin through their dashboard

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    Manage account

    The admin can view, edit and delete any users or restaurant from the platform. They can also provide seasonal offers and coupons to engage users

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    Revenue Model

    Beside revenue, admin can get additional profit through features like banner advertisements, premium business plan, user subscriptions, etc

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    Referral Remuneration

    Users can freely invite their friends to take the services and gain some profit in the way of discount on next order based on their invited friends count

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    Categorized Searching

    Our script comes with advanced filter options and hence users can search hotels based on categories like location, cuisine, price, delivery time, etc

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    Highly Responsive Webpanel

    To cover the users of multiple mobile devices and platforms, we make sure that our web and mobile app is responsive to all the major platforms

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    Manage Orders

    The user has the option to place their orders, cancel any service or schedule the delivery time as per their convenience, if the restaurant vendor accepts

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    Locate Restaurant

    We integrate GPS into our solution so that the customers can find the nearest restaurant, track orders and driver can find the customer location easily

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    Multiple Payment Option

    Users can securely make payment either using debit card, credit card, net banking or even by simply scanning the QR code via paytm or other sources.

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    Availability Toggle

    Restaurant vendors can show whether they are currently available or not, and serve the customers during a period of their choice

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    Restaurant Vendor Profile

    Restaurant vendor can show their business to users via profile with details of address, gallery, offers, ratings, new variety of food and more

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    Accept/ Refuse Request

    Based on their availability, a vendor can either accept, reject or even sometimes transfer the service to another provider if they are committed

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    Verified Providers

    Trusted providers are available to serve the users with delivering the food promptly, on-time without creating a negative impact on the restaurant

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    Lifetime License

    We provide a lifetime licence and also render a revived licence plan with single payment to the restaurant vendors brand

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    Estimate Bill

    The script will automatically do the billing estimation as the user confirms the orders and makes it a simple process for the restaurant vendor

Our Key Features

Secure payment

User will be able to pay online for their orders. Enhance customer’s trust to do online financial transaction, by integrating with secure payment gateway like PayPal, CCAvenue, etc.

Push notification

The admin will be notified when they get new orders and the users will be notified when they get special offer, coupon code and order details at time of ordering to track their order.


At the time of registration, the restaurant vendors and customers will be verified by entering OTP sent to their registered mobile number and e-mail ID to avoid fake requests and users.


Using Geolocation, the customers can find the nearest restaurant and track their orders without complication whereas the restaurant vendor and driver can find the customer location at ease.

Schedule Order

The user will be able to place their orders anytime and schedule a time when they need the food to be delivered. They also have an option to cancel their order without and hassels.

Restaurant vendors profile

The user can view a detailed profile of the restaurant vendor’s location, years of experience, their special menu, price details, customer reviews, ratings, feedback and other information.

Our Unique Features

SEO Friendly URL

The URL structure for all our clone software is optimized, to help you with boosting rank and improving traffic in major search engine like Google, which as a result rapidly increases your business revenue and users count

Highly Responsive

All our web and mobile apps solution are responsive to all mobile devices and platforms. This feature will help in engaging more users for your website and mobile apps, thereby easily reaching wide group of audience


Our web and mobile app provides exclusive options like in-app banner advertisements, subscriptions, premium packages, multiple add-ons and more. Through this, you can gain additional profit instantly with zero effort.

Free Add-ons

We usually have an impressive existing features to your portal. If you require any additional features to include in your portal, our services will extend for the free add-ons to admit your required attribute towards it.

Enhancing Ability

Our unique features let for the enhancing ability that might exclude the desired needs of our clients in an efficacious way. Our exclusive will enhance your ability that benefit the admins for the high ROI and the end users to comprehend their obligations elaborately.

Bug Free Support

Our sole services ensue for the bug free support that denotes our development service fit to your preferred platforms without any hassles and highly responsive as well as user friendly to both mobile phones and systems