Uber Freight Clone: A Feature Rich Uber Like App For Trucks and Logistics Business

Uber Freight Clone: A Feature Rich Uber Like App For Trucks and Logistics Business
Uber Freight Clone 
Uber Freight Clone is an Uber For Truck Clone app for trucks and logistics management that could facilitate transportation, shipping, and committed to keeping freight moving even in all the critical times. It is specially designed for truckers and shippers to find their counterparts. This uber like app for trucks, allows shippers to book, price, and track loads online, day/night. The Uber for Trucks app solution is built to transport the delivery trucks to the right place at the right time and it can to make revolutions in the logistics sector.
Uber In Trucks and Logistics Management : Overview
Uber was a Huge Hit in the On-Demand Industry. Uber’s success was evidence of the fact that the on-demand business model is the future.  The On-demand services are inevitable from today’s lifestyle. And it is proven that In the future everything is going to be dependent on this on-demand industry. Many interpreters have stepped forward and started investing heavily in this industry. 
Uber for Trucks and Logistics was the latest addition to the uber’s on-demand economy. The world’s logistics industry is expected to reach 12,256 billion dollars by 2022 with a CAGR of 3.48%. There are many on-demand trucking platforms like Uber Freight that are looking to get hit in the market and get a huge share in the industry. Let’s understand it deeper in this blog.
On Demand Trucks & Logistics  Apps - The Game Changers Of Shipping & Transportation 
There are several on-demand freight startups in the market like Uber Freight, Convoy, Cargomatic, uShip, Truxpp, QuickLoad, Doft, and Porter. They are successful and globally running trucking business. These trucking marketplaces are playing a major role by effectively streamlining existing trucking operations and wiping out the intermediaries between truck driver and shippers. This also helped in increasing truck occupancy, lowering freight costs and improving the businesses.
We Startupmart, an on-demand app development company offer the best Uber for trucks and logistics app development solutions to help startups to enter the logistics and transportation business. We will give you the best trucking aggregator platform by offering you a consultation, technology, and continuous support. Our solutions are built with high-end features that are customizable as per your requirements, scalable architecture.
Types of Business Models in Uber like App for Trucks
Freight and Trucking Business: Automated fleet management and dispatching of truck operations with truck dispatching system.
Logistic Aggregators and Startups: Enact flawless connection between shippers, truck drivers, and carriers with apps like Uber Freight.
Packers and Movers: Customers can find movers, packers, and transport goods easily and comfortably. 
Tiny Statistics
To transport 10.55 billion tons of cargo in a year, approximately more than 3.468 million heavy-duty Class 8 trucks and 3.5 billion truck driver are needed. Therefore without trucks, America halts. 
It is not about Just America, but also for all the countries worldwide. The contribution of the trucking industry to the global economy has its own worth. The transportation and logistics business has quite a good scope in the commercial world. 
Benefits of Developing an Uber-Like App for Trucks and Logistics 
When you come to choose the development of an Uber-like app for trucks, which is having an end to end shifting solutions for all the trucks and logistics business, then you should know the benefits of the business. 
Benefits of the Business:
i) Productivity and Efficiency are Boosted
ii) Digitization of your Business
iii) Master Control Over your Business and Real-Time Tracking
iv) Greater Expansion of your Business
Benefits of Truck Drivers:
i) Easy Bill Processing
ii) Accurate Payment and Performance Tracking
iii) Enhance more new Requests
iv) Access to Inclusive Information Updation
Benefits of Shippers:
i) Better Shipment Tracking
ii) Rating and Review System
iii) Secure payment Processing System
iv) Simple Truck Booking System
How To Make Money from Uber For Trucking and Logistics Apps?
The best way to get revenue from your application is to provide a fee system. But the fact is, the charges that you apply should be affordable for all the truckers and shippers.
- According to the load, one can set free for the drivers and charge for the shippers.
- From the estimated cost of the cargo, one can demand up to 10-20% for payment.
- Premium services can be offered. 
You can choose several ways to generate revenue from your platform. But the thing is the deal should be more attractive for the shippers and the drivers. If the charge is reasonable you will find more and more individuals trying to use your services. 
Other Possible Transportation App Ideas 
Our Uber for truck solutions can be implemented in new and interesting use cases for moving goods and things around. Here are some of the ides to start with:
1. Truck Dispatch
2. Tow Truck
3. Courier Services
4. Local Delivery
5. Garbage Collection
6. Moving Services
7. Container Truck App
8. Shipping Truck App
Premium Features of Uber Freight Clone
Easy Registration and Login: Shippers can easily register or login by providing basic information like name, mobile number, email, etc. 
Browse Trucks: This module allows us to browse through various truck types(PTL, FTL) on an inbuilt map in real-time.
Book Shipments: Simply by providing the pickup, drop location, shipment schedule, and load details, the shippers can book loads.
Manage Shipments: All the processes like ongoing, upcoming, and past shipments requests can be viewed and managed by the shippers.
Track Shipments: The shippers can have a bird’s eye view on their bookings in real-time and stay updated with the status. 
Schedule Bookings: Scheduling can be done for the shipper’s preferred time to pick up the load/cargo.
Booking History: This element is used to, mange all the past, ongoing, and upcoming booking requests.
Notification & Alerts: Using this module shippers can get real-time updates throughout the shipment via emails, SMS, Push Notification, etc.
Hassle-free Payments: Secure and flawless in-app payments can be done using this module. There are many payment options available, by choosing one, shippers can make the payment.
Ratings & Feedback: Shoppers can share their feedback and rate the service once the shipment is completed.
Our aim is to enlighten you with the mushrooming idea of our Uber for trucks and logistics app development and also with its growing demand worldwide. Most of the local and international owners are stated opting for the app solution to enhance efficiency, productivity, and customers as well. So what’s on your mind? Are you in an idea of developing an Uber-like app for trucks and logistics? No worries you are at the right place. If you think this will the correct app solutions for augmenting the trucking and logistics business, then get in touch with us.

Disclaimer : Startupmart neither represents nor has command over the trademarks of "Uber". We are not doing any promotional activities for them and we use these terms only for understanding our products. Our motto is not to harm any organization or individual.

Uber Freight Clone FAQ's

We use pHP, Laravel, Swift, React JS and flutter technologies in our Uber Freight Clone App for better UI and appealing designs.

Definitely, you own the complete rights of your app, since you are the owner of it. We provide you the complete source code with customization features.

It is based on your requirements for your Uber Freight Clone, but in comparison with others, we deliver the best solutions with an affordable price.

Of course, you can customize the app as per your requirements. With the dashboard which allow you to make customization and modifications in the app.

With a holding of good technology stack, latest technologies and well versed industry trends, we provide excellent project delivery with affordable price and promise for a profitable ROI.

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