Practo Clone App - A Simplified Solution to Launch Your Doctor Appointment Booking App

Practo Clone App - A Simplified Solution to Launch Your Doctor Appointment Booking App

Practo Clone App 

Practo Clone App is an on-demand doctor booking app that helps any healthcare centers, entrepreneurs, and doctors to instantly kick-start their on-demand doctor booking app venture. Our Practo Clone App allows them to provide healthcare services through dynamic and customized healthcare solutions. Our Practo Clone App allows users to search and schedule appointments with doctors, therapists, health consultants, and get the best healthcare services like diagnostic tests in hospitals within a few clicks on their smartphones.

The Practo Clone App is 100% white-label and highly customizable according to the branding requirements. The application can be built to adapt to any location, along with the integration of multiple currencies and multiple language features will make the venture successful. If you are a healthcare center or a doctor or an entrepreneur, who wishes to start an on-demand doctor appointment booking app business, Practo Clone is an effortless and cost-effective solution. 

Startupmart is here to provide Procto Clone App with cutting-edge technologies that help the business owner to engage with more audiences and offer the best medical services to the users anytime, anywhere. 


How Mobile Apps Is Helpling Healthcare Providers/Practitioners? 


The COVID19 pandemic has forced the healthcare industry to get increasingly digitized. Virtual doctor consultation is becoming a new normal as people are preferring safety as the first priority. According to a survey, 42% of people are preferring online doctor appointment bookings to the conventional method. For real-time problems, technology has always been a pillar in solving them by providing rightful solutions. Popular telemedicine applications like Practo, ZocDoc are successfully providing flawless virtual consultations with future-gen technologies. And since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, these healthcare applications have experienced unexpected growth. In particular, Practo increased its consultations by 500% since March 2020.

There cannot be a better time for doctors, healthcare centers, and entrepreneurs to capitalize on such a lucrative industry. Are you one of them who need to make a revolution in the telehealth industry? If so, here is detailed information to know during the Prato Clone App Development.

What Are The Doctor Appointment App Development Solutions That Comes With Our Practo Clone App?

  1. Online Prescriptions
  2. In-built VR Assistance
  3. Digital Health Details and Storing Medical Records
  4. Real-Time Appointments
  5. Virtual Consultation
  6. Constructive Suggestions
  7. Effortless Bookings
  8. Medical Services On-demand
  9. Matching Made Easier

Our Practo Clone Package

Our doctor on-demand app development solutions work flawlessly on all digital assistants like personal computers, mobile phones, and tablets on Android and iOS platforms with high responsiveness. 

Pacto Clone package has:

  1. Main Website
  2. Doctor Android App
  3. Doctor iOS App
  4. Doctor Web Panel
  5. Patient Android App
  6. Patient iOS App
  7. Patient Web Panel
  8. Admin Panel

Essential Features Of Practo Clone App Development

Our Practo Clone App features have been built by keeping in mind the scalability and other requirements of your business. The features of the Practo Clone App is categorized into the patient app, doctor app, admin panel, and advanced features. They are as follows:  

Patient App Features

SignIn/SignUp - Make the registration and login process very simple. Allow social media login for quick login. 

User Profile - Users can add or edit their personal details and medical records for future purposes.

Doctor Profile - All the details of the doctors like their qualifications, availability, location, ratings, and feedback will be available on the profile. Users can make use of this for their consultations.

Push Notifications for Reminders - With the push notification feature, users can get the upcoming bookings and other information easily. Besides, they can set alarm to get notified of the upcoming appointments

Appointments for In-Clinic Visits - Users can book appointments with the doctors as per their requirements and doctors' specialties and localities.

Other Features:

Appointments for House Calls
Medical History
Multiple Payment Gateways
Health Articles
Search & Filter

Doctor App Features

Master Dashboard - Doctors can view all the data about the clinics, the number of patients treated, appointments, etc using this dashboard.

Doctor Profile & Clinic - Doctors can add their details in the profile for the patient's preference. Doctors can also switch between clinics

Availability Toggle - Doctors can set their availability according to their convenience using the toggle option.

Accept/Reject Appointments - Based on the doctor’s availability they can accept or reject the patient's appointment request.

Digital Prescriptions - Doctors can prescribe medicines to their patients online in the case of any emergency.

Other Features:

Edit Scheduled Bookings
Patients Details
View Patients’ Profiles
In-App Chat
Feedback & Reach
Health Feed

Admin Panel Features

Secured Login - One login accounts for the admin to ensure the safety of the admin dashboard.

Maintain Doctors’ Profiles - Before approving a doctor’s profile, the admin verifies it to ensure its authenticity.

Maintain Patients’ Profiles - To avoid fraudulent transactions and bookings the admin manages the user profile and their activities. 

God’s Eye View - A master view is given to the admin for the maintenance of the business activities from a single window.

Maintain Records - All the health records, digital prescriptions, etc are maintained here. These data can be managed efficiently here.

Other Features: 

Create Sub-Admins
Share Informative Content
Ad Management

Advanced Features Of Our Practo Clone App


  1. Video Consultation
  2. Subscription Models
  3. Pharmacy Integration
  4. Laboratory Integration
  5. Upload Test Reports

Workflow Of The On-Demand Practo Clone App 

Here’s how our Practo Clone App functions: 

1. Onboarding and Profile Creation

The user should first register to enter the app by providing basic information like email ID, phone number, or social media accounts. After the successful registration, the user should update their health-related information for the enhanced app experience.

2. Search for the Specialized Doctors 

The user searches for the specified doctors based on their health issues. A list of doctors will be displayed. Users can search for their specialized doctors on that list.

3. Schedule Appointment

After surfing through a list of doctors, users can book appointments with a doctor for their preference.

4. Receive the Service Scheduled

After the doctor accepts the appointment request, the patient can avail of the service by house calls or directly visiting the consultants at the hospital.

5. Process Payments

After getting the service, users can pay the doctors through any secure payment gateway integrated into the app.

6. Ratings & Reviews

After successfully completing the payment process, the users can provide feedback and ratings on the availed service. So that it will help the other people using the application for making appropriate decisions.

Benefits Of Practo Clone App Development 

Ease Of Use

With a stunning and simple app structure, users experience easy navigation and trouble-free access to each feature of your application.

Effortless Scheduling

Effortless steps to book appointments with doctors and ease access to healthcare services made possible.

Secured Payment Gateway

Integration of various payment methods supporting credit cards to digital wallets makes the payment process streamlined properly.

Video Support

A decentralized way through which patients can access doctors from any nook and corner of the globe via video options.


Patients have the option to prefer doctors and also to personalize healthcare consultation and other health services.

On-Demand Service

With the use of the robust Practo Clone App, users can easily get healthcare services from specialized doctors instantly without any difficulties. 

Development Process 

On-Demand Doctor Appointment App development like Practo Clone is an emerging business venture. Hence we pay attention to developing a future-gen platform by incorporating high-end technologies, attractive UI/UX with rich features and functionalities to create a great app.

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How To Build A Practo Clone App?

If you have an idea of starting your business in the healthcare industry with Practo Clone App, join hands with Startupmart - a top-rated on-demand app development company in the market that offers the best Practo Clone App solution which comprises of all the exact features like Practo and also customizable features. 

Our Other Doctor On-Demand App Development Solutions

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Disclaimer: Startupmart neither represents nor has command over the trademark of "Practo". We are not doing any promotional activities and we use the term only for understanding our product. Our motto is not to harm any organization or individual.

Practo Clone App FAQ's

Our skilled and efficient professionals make sure that quality is not compromised with. Our QA (Quality Assurance) team makes sure that there is no chance of malfunctions in your app.

Absolutely, we do sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to assure your business plan will be safe and secure.

Yes, you can get a free demo for a Practo clone app at any time you want. Connect with our experts and get started right now.

You can reach us via mail: or Whatsapp/Call @ 6384301100. Also, you can stick with us through our website chat.

Yes, We provide app maintenance support as per your requirements till you required.

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