On Demand Multi Services App - The Finest way to Attain All in All with All in #1

On Demand Multi Services App - The Finest way to Attain All in All with All in #1

Acquire what all you need with all in #1 so called multi services app. The finest way which makes it possible to run multiple on demand businesses smoothly is achieved with multi services app development. 

Multi services app development - An on demand app solution that let you run any on demand businesses like taxi booking, online delivery, handyman services as well as many other services like courier delivery, food delivery, grocery delivery and so on within a Single App. In short, it is an efficient and simplest mobile app solution for small businesses and startups to make their business mainstream and play in front of the market leaders. Why still waiting? Get our multi services app development services and start your smart business.

Multi Services on One Platform

Our multi services app development is splitted into three modules.

1. Ride

The ride services category comprise the following.

  • Taxi Ride
  • Moto Ride
  • Car Rental
  • Moto Rental

2. Deliveries


  • Food Delivery 
  • Grocery Delivery
  • Courier Delivery
  • Logistics Deliveries
  • Medicine Delivery
  • Flower Delivery
  • Fuel Delivery 
  • Plant Delivery

3. Other Services


  • Plumber
  • Beauty Services
  • Car Wash
  • Electrician 
  • Fitness
  • Handyman
  • Car repair

Features of Multi Services App

1. Multiple Currencies

Currency should not restrict you from doing so, while launching your international multi services app. With our multi services app development services you can enable the use of any currencies.

2. Privacy

Your app is completely yours. We strictly undergo the non-disclosure policy, hence your app or branding will not be revealed by us forever.

3. Added Languages

Don’t let language act as your business barrier. Launch your app in any language for a wider market reach.

4. User Friendly Design

Our user friendly and responsive design works well and fit on all devices such as mobiles, laptops and tablets.

5. Website Installation

We will provide your business with a website in addition to the app.

6. Licensed Source Code

We furnish you with the source code through which you can customize your requirements as whatever you want. 

7. White Labeling

You can utilize your own branding and logo with this white labeled app. You will be the owner with absolute rights to your application.

8. Android/iOS

With the considerations of all regulations and ensurement, we launch your app in both Android & iOS platforms.

Significant Aspects that Makes Multi Services App To Get Succeed 


  • No user will like to fill their smartphones with more apps for their required on demand service. Such people can get satisfied with these multi services apps. 
  • While using the same platform for all the services, the incurred cost is less when compared to a single services app.
  • The user can experience seamless navigation in the app.
  • Users have a wide range of options to choose from; more services across several cities are the part of the app.

Market Statistics of Multi Services App Development

The market that on demand multi services app has captured is enhancing progressively. 

In 2019, the 7.6M people who used the on demand multi services app.

Multi services app market is expected to flourish by 18.5% in the next 5 years. The market is expected to hit 161.74 billion by 2023.

Why to Launch Multi Services App?

Humans always find new ways to make our lives secure, safe and comfortable. With the rapid rise in the smart utilization and digitization, mobile apps are turning into savior because of multi services apps. 

People started to prefer multi services apps because of its benefits and features. Using the on demand multi services app much useful is like providing the multi services app to utilize is much beneficial than it. Build your own multi services app! Build your app with the leading On Demand App Development Company, Startupmart

Why Startupmart for a Multi Services App?

Building your multi services app with us remains ease for your business lifeline, since we let you for the complete customization with the admin panel phase of the app which undergoes the following functions.

(i) Advanced Analytics

In our on-demand multi-service app, our adroit developers will pay special and unique attention that has been inbuilt in an admin panel. With this advanced analytics report, it will help you to track your business performance and can alter the required services that need to be changed in order to make your services more popular among your business customers.

(ii)  Managing Drivers/Service Providers

With the utilization of our admin panel, you can easily add or remove drivers/service providers and it is very simple to manage the service requests. If any customer feedback or review goes negative, you can handle everything using a single dashboard by removing it from the system in the admin panel.

(iii) Launch Special Promos 

You can promote your own on-demand multipurpose app business through the integration of special offers & user specific deals in the admin panel. Using this your users can utilize the offers and get free or discount in  riding .

(iv) Manage Rate Cards

Use rate cards to offer services and set charges by just running a business through a web portal . Manage the type of services all in one application along with the rate cards.

Our Ready made multi services app development solutions

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Multi Services App Development FAQ's

To launch a successful multi services app, many factors are needed to contribute. However, we deliver your app within 3 weeks as per your requirements.

Absolutely,  We understand the needs of your users and provide multiple payment gateways  in your app.

Of course, you can customize the app as per your requirements.with the dashboard which allow you to make customization and modifications in the app.

You can reach us via mail: or Whatsapp/Call @ 6384301100. Also, you can stick with us through our website chat.

Yes, our coding sections are simple to understand as well as easy to modify as per your customization needs.

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