TaskRabbit Clone Script - An Ultimate Solution To Launch a P2P On-Demand Services Marketplace

TaskRabbit Clone Script - An Ultimate Solution To Launch a P2P On-Demand Services Marketplace

What Is TaskRabbit Clone Script?

TaskRabbit Clone Script is the virtual platform linking millions of customers to the laborers who work as a freelancer. It is an on-demand handyman services app through which one can offer a wide variety of services like handyman, house cleaning, gardening, babysitting, plumbing, etc.

The customers are allowed to post their required services in the TaskRabbit Clone so that they can be fulfilled by the freelancers. They get the services after undergoing a rigorous bidding process. With the credit system in the TaskRabbit Clone Script, the on-demand services sector is allied. Aiming to develop an on-demand services app like TaskRabbit? connect with our experts now and know in detail about our TaskRabbit Clone App Development process. 

Launch An On-Demand Services Marketplace Like TaskRabbit

It is very essential to understand the rising technologies and business trends. Also making decisions to move towards the digital world will be meaningful. So many businesses are booming in this century. One of such lucrative businesses is on-demand services. Image if a platform has all the on-demand services available under a single application? This business idea is mind-blowing and will give a tough fight in the on-demand marketplace.

TaskRabbit is one of such businesses that connects users with freelancers and companies dealing with agents, who will be able to view jobs posted by the users on the app. 

TaskRabbit: Overview

TaskRabbit is an American-based online and mobile marketplace that connects freelancer labor with demands from the customers. This lets the customers find immediate help for their everyday tasks like cleaning, moving, delivery, and handyman work. It was founded 13 years ago in 2008 as RunMyErrand by Leah Busque. It serves 47 US cities, Uk cities, and Canadian cities. The company received 37.7 million dollars in funding up to date. And tens of thousands of vetted and verified "Taskers" in the application under a wide variety of categories.

Wide Variety Of On-Demand Services You Can Offer With TaskRabbit Clone App Development

Here are some of the on-demand services that are offered under the TaskRabbit Clone from a wide variety.

  1. Handyman Services
  2. Delivery Professionals
  3. Home & Office Cleaners
  4. Painters
  5. Fundamental Home Helpers
  6. Security Guards
  7. Mechanics
  8. Packers, Movers & Lifters
  9. Carpenters
  10. Car Washers
  11. Doctors & Nurses
  12. Mobile, Tv, Computer & Furniture Repair Technicians
  13. Plumbers
  14. Tutors
  15. Electricians
  16. Language Translators
  17. Layers
  18. Beauticians
  19. Spa, Massage, and Physiotherapists
  20. Psychologists
  21. Fitness & Yoga Trainers
  22. Pest Control Workers
  23. Cuddlers
  24. Baby and Pet Sitters
  25. Fire Fighters
  26. Catering Professionals


Essential Features In TaskRabbit Clone App

Advanced Search Options

There will be many on-demand services available on the platform in the selected region. To sort the best services, an advanced search bar is coded in the application with filtering capacities.

Peak Pricing

By knowing the service engagement modes, increase and decrease the prices and rewire them at your fingertips. 

Multilingual Support

Considering the regional and global users, the platform extends its services to support multilingual support. The user can switch to any of the languages available in the application.

Discover Jobs

The service providers can go through the wide range of tasks or jobs displayed on the platform and go for it. They can make money from similar jobs available on the application.

In-App Chat

The in-app chat option instantly connects the customer with the service providers in a secure way.  This removes the possibility of misconceptions.

Schedule Services

The customers can effortlessly schedule services in accordance with their timetable. By this, they can plan their daily tasks clearly without any hassle.

Multi-Currency Support

In accordance with the multiple regions and languages, the multiple currencies are also accepted by the customers to make them feel the user-friendliness of the platform. They can make payments using their local currency.

Availability Toggle

The service providers can switch between availabilities using the toggle button in the application. It helps them to plan their availability using a digital calendar.

How Does The TaskRabbit Clone Works?

Customer App Workflow

Customer Registration

Customers can register to the platform using phone numbers, email addresses, or social media credentials.

Browse Listings

After successful registration, the user can travel through the services available on the platform.

Book Service

After exploring the platform the user can book and request the services they require. The user gets the confirmation notification. 

Make Payments

After the confirmation, the user can make the payments securely using the multiple payment gateways available in the application. 

Service Provider App Workflow

Provider Login

The service provider will log in with their credentials.

List Services

After the login process, the provider should list information about their offerings, available timings, rules, etc of the service.

Approve Booking

The service provider should check for any request in the application. If any he views the customer profile and confirms the request.

Receive Commission Fee

Receives the commission fees is transferred to the linked bank account instantly. 

Premium Features Of TaskRabbit Clone Script

Customer App

  • Login/Registration
  • Budget Fixing
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Live Tracking
  • Invoice Generation
  • Service History
  • In-App Chat

Service Provider App

  • Instant Onboarding
  • Explore Jobs
  • Smart Navigation
  • Push Notification
  • Advanced Listing
  • Rating And Review
  • Earning Management
  • Multiple Earning Accounts

Admins Panel

  • Complete Dashboard
  • User Management
  • Service Provider Management
  • Service Management
  • Fee Management
  • Promotions Management
  • Commission Management
  • Watching Job Status 

Advanced Features

  • Payroll Management
  • Accounting Integration
  • Master Analytics
  • Zone Management


TaskRabbit Alternative: Revenue Models

Commission Fee

The commission fee is the most stable income source. For all the services that are completed using the application, the app owner will get a fixed percentage of commission. 

Promotion Fee

The service providers can pay the app owners to display their names in the first place when the users search for a particular service. Both the business owner and the service provider will get benefited.

Trust And Support Fee

At the time of booking a service, the app owner can impose a basic charge of trust and support fee to the customer. Through this also the business owners can generate revenue.

Surge Pricing

Knowing the heat areas and the market demand the business owners can raise the pricing plans and when the demand increases, more customers will engage in the platform which will give the app owner a handful of profit.

Promotion Fee

The app owners can make use of the blank spaces in the application to display ads. The third parties will offer money to advertise and promote their businesses even with Google Ads.


These are all the essential details one should know about the application. No need to wait and think no longer to develop a TaskRabbit Clone App. Get in touch with our experts and become a top entrepreneur in the on-demand handyman services marketplace. 

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