Custom Grocery Delivery App Development For Grocery Chains and Supermarkets

Custom Grocery Delivery App Development For Grocery Chains and Supermarkets

Grocery Delivery App Development

Grocery Delivery App Development is a process of building a personalized app for running a grocery business. We Startupmart offer robust grocery delivery app development solutions for entrepreneurs and enterprises who wish to start their own grocery delivery business. We help our customers to take their existing grocery business online and also operate as the bridge between the users & grocery delivery service providers.

We help businesses to succeed in their goal by building an efficient grocery delivery app for them. The solutions that we provide are white-label, ready-made, highly customizable. This makes it easy to suit the customer's business needs. 

The Rise Of The Online Grocery Delivery Market

The grocery delivery apps experienced a sudden up graph in this quarantine season. In 2019, the Online Grocery Delivery Market size exceeded 190 billion dollars. Also between 2020 and 2026, it is expected to reach 28% CAGR. The factor for this unstoppable growth is the rising urbanization and the flourishing e-commerce sector. 

  1. The revenue generated by the online delivery platforms in Uk 2020 is 5 billion dollars.
  2. The number of users using grocery delivery apps increased from 200,000 to 350,000 within a week.
  3. Since February, the download rate of the grocery delivery platform exceeded 100%.
  4. Compared to last year, the usage of on-demand applications has been increased by 9.8%.
  5. Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, the average customer tips increased by 30%. 
  6. Instacart, an online grocery delivery platform experienced 300% demand rise in the last few months.
  7. Walmart Grocery, another online grocery delivery platform, experienced 160% increase in daily downloads.
  8. BigBasket, an online grocery delivery store, reported 84% growth in the number of customers after the outbreak. 

The above facts make it clear that grocery delivery apps are booming. People feel these applications are convenient and flexible.

Launch An On-demand Grocery Delivery App Like BigBasket, InstaCart, Walmart Grocery, etc

Even before the pandemic, people were visiting grocery stores to purchase their basic goodies. Due to the technology improvement and coronavirus, people started ordering groceries online. People do not visit grocery stores anymore because of the development of on-demand grocery delivery apps that allow them to buy online and get them on their doorstep. The industry will continue to grow and never seems to fade anytime soon. This led many businesses to join the band for taking the existing business online and building a new marketplace to connect both customers and the provider. 

We at Startupmart, help you to launch your own grocery delivery app. Make the most out of this opportunity, you can start offering grocery delivery services in your desired location. Get to know all about our grocery delivery app development services in detail below.

Types Of Grocery Delivery App Solutions That We Develop

There are three types of grocery delivery app solutions, they are as follows,

  • Grocery E-Commerce Solution
  • In-Store App Solution
  • Individualized Grocery App Solution

Grocery E-Commerce Solution

Like Grofers, we develop on-demand grocery delivery apps that allow your users to select their needed goods and choose their slot for delivering their products to the doorstep enabling convenience to your users.

In-Store App Solution

To ensure the quality of the products listed on the app, we build grocery delivery apps included with a virtual tour of the grocery store and its products. Users can view the products and their specifications.

Individualized Grocery App Solution

This type of grocery delivery app is built to enhance the shopping experience of the users. This app enables your users to create a list of needed goodies and share it with the store. Later they will pack all the needed goods and deliver them to the user’s doorstep.

Personalized On-Demand Grocery Delivery App Solution For All Business Models

Single Store Grocery App

Build a grocery delivery app that helps to take your traditional retail grocery business online. You can list all your products available and allow your users to shop efficiently. This app helps you to reach customers easily and increases your sales. 

Grocery Store Chain App

The grocery store chain app helps you to effectively manage grocery stores located in multiple locations under the brand name. This allows users to order groceries from the store located nearer to their location and this store chain business helps to earn high ROI.

Grocery Stores Aggregator App

Launch a grocery store aggregator app that serves as an online marketplace connecting many grocery stores with end-users under a single application. In this platform, you can display the list of stores available and allow users to order from the grocery store of their preferences. 

Essential Features Of Our Grocery Delivery App Development Solution

We offer four app solution in our grocery delivery app development service, They are as follows,

  • User App
  • Delivery Personnel App
  • Store Manager App
  • Admin Panel

Let us now know about the essential features of our grocery delivery app development solution in detail.

User App

  1. Easy Onboarding
  2. Advanced Search
  3. Add To Cart
  4. Multiple Payment Gateways
  5. Schedule Delivery
  6. Order Tracking
  7. Ratings And Reviews
  8. Order History
  9. Reorder
  10. Offers And Discounts
  11. Push Notifications
  12. Help And Support Section

Delivery Personnel App

  1. Registration
  2. Document Verification
  3. Availability Toggle
  4. Accept/Reject Requests
  5. GPS-Enabled Navigation
  6. Status Update
  7. Earnings
  8. Push Notifications

Store Manager App

  1. Login
  2. Manage Products
  3. Manage Categories
  4. Inventory Management
  5. Receive Orders
  6. Manage Orders
  7. Payment Tracking
  8. Earnings Reports
  9. Real-Time Tracking
  10. Customer Support

Admin Panel

  1. Powerful Admin Dashboard
  2. Verify Delivery Executives
  3. Manage Stores
  4. Manage Customers
  5. Assign Orders
  6. Track Orders
  7. Manage Payments
  8. Manage Offers And Discounts
  9. Advanced Reports And Analytics
  10. Manage Disputes

Advanced Features In Our On-Demand Grocery Delivery App

In In-App Communication - In case of any queries the delivery person can call or chat instantly with users.

Wishlist - Users add the needed goodies in the cart for later billing. 

Shopping List - The users can share the list of groceries needed and schedule a delivery date, time, and location for their convenience. 

Compare Spending - To help the users in managing the monthly budget, the app allows them to compare their monthly expenditure on grocery shopping.

Alerts/Reminders - To remind the users of their monthly grocery shopping, the users themselves can set reminders or alert notifications.

QR Code Scanning - By scanning the barcode, the users are able to see the product details such as pricing, ingredients, etc.

Workflow Of A Grocery Delivery App Solution

Below is how a fully functional grocery delivery app works, 

Italian Trulli

Key Benefits of Our Grocery Delivery App Development

Going for our grocery delivery app solution can yield you a number of benefits. Some of them are:

  • 100% Customizable, White-Label Solution
  • Multi-Payment Options
  • Fits All Business Models
  • Multi-Currency And Multi-Lingual
  • Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Third-Party Integration
  • Intuitive UI/UX
  • Cost-Effective, Time-Saving

How Do We Build - The Best Hyperlocal Grocery Delivery App Solution?

Understanding the Needs

We collect all the requirements of our clients, before building an app to satisfy their expectations.

Development Strategy

We do R & D to choose the strategy to build an app that meets both client's expectations and market conditions.

Front-End Personalization

We create user-friendly mobile apps that suit the branding expectations of our clients and to be convincing for the end-users.

Back-end Setup

We build robust back-end sections of the apps where all the processes are handled and all the needs are met.

Rigorous Testing

We are known for delivering the best mobile apps as we undergo different testing at each stage to make apps free from errors and bugs.

How Much Does It Cost For Grocery Delivery App Development?

One needs to know and understand the development cost involved in the process of purchasing and customizing the application according to business needs before getting into the app development process. So that this will help an individual to prepare for the budget and also reduces the financial difficulties faced while midway through the project.

The customization of software solutions varies from company to company. They determine the development costs based on various factors involved in the project. They are:

  1. Number of developers involved in the project
  2. Features and functionalities integrated into the application
  3. The technology stack used in the app development
  4. The time is taken to complete the project
  5. Resources allocated for the project
  6. The app design
  7. Number of app platforms on which the app has to be launched

As said earlier, each company has its own costs. If you wish to know the exact cost to get the app/software for your business developed, it is suggested to reach out to our support team right away. They will understand your needs and share the costs to customize our white-label app as per your business model and requirements.

Why Choose Startupmart’s Grocery Delivery App Development Solution?

  1. Support Round The Clock
  2. App Rejection Support
  3. Native App Solutions
  4. Complete App Scripts
  5. Free Server Installation
  6. On-Time Delivery
  7. Cost Estimation
  8. Post-Launch Bug Support
  9. App Submission Assistance

Our Ready-To-Launch Grocery Delivery Clone App Solutions

We, at Startupmart, an on-demand app development company offer the best grocery delivery app development service. Our development process begins from scratch and it is included with all the features and functionalities like BigBasket, Instacart, Grofers, Walmart, Amazon pantry, etc. According to the feasibility, we may also provide clone app solutions of these above-mentioned grocery delivery apps and customize the apps that match your business model.


Grocery Delivery App FAQ

No, Our Grocery delivery app development does not uphold any hidden charges. We explain the development cost to our clients as per their desire for their grocery delivery outlet. Apart from that, we never charge for anything.

Yes, with our adroit professionals, we are expertise in developing the grocery delivery app like Instacart and shipt.

To launch a successful grocery delivery app, many factors are needed to contribute. However, we deliver your app within 3 weeks as per your requirements.

As per our norms, we provide your 2 months support from your purchase and we are delighted to support till you need.

Yes we provide app customization services as per your requirements to ft your business needs.

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