How To Create a Food Delivery App Like Swiggy - Complete Guide

How To Create a Food Delivery App Like Swiggy - Complete Guide

Food delivery apps like Swiggy are extremely popular and in trend now!! It gives customers worry-free food and generates huge revenue not only to the app owners but also for the restaurant owners too.  These food delivery apps like Swiggy, UberEats, Zomato, GrubHub, etc are considered to be a blessing in the busy running world.

You might be an entrepreneur or a business enterprise who is looking for building an app like Swiggy.  The primary thing you would require to start a food delivery business like swiggy is a “Swiggy like app” or a “swiggy clone”.  Let us have a look at “what a swiggy clone””, and how to build an app like swiggy with just a 5 step process.

Swiggy Clone

Swiggy Clone is a Ready made online food delivery app that works exactly like swiggy, that  connects restaurants and customers at one single online food booking application, where customers can select and order their desired food from the desired nearby restaurants or hotels.  Restaurants can register to deliver the ordered food at customer door steps, within a short span of time. 

Here, Customers can add their address, phone number, online payment options, so that the restaurant can easily find the customer details in order to deliver the food to the right person. Also the restaurants can list their entire food menu, payment method, delivery boy details, phone number inorder to provide a peaceful customer experience.

The Swiggy - The Short Story

Soon after the launch, Swiggy in 2014 it started getting the love and support from the customers. The heroes behind the success of the story are two young graduates and entrepreneurs namely Pilani Sriharsha Majety and Nandan Reddy. Along with Rahul Jaimani they kick-started Swiggy as a hyperlocal online food delivery and ordering business in the august of 2014. Slowly it completed 1000+ daily orders.

Swiggy established its presence in 7 big cities like Bengaluru, Chennai,  Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Kolkata. The huge popularity and wide reach made it possible to partner up with many firms. Partnering with ICICI bank and Flitkart’s Phonepe helps customers to experience a trouble-free payment.

Here are some of the unique programs done by Swiggy which made it a huge hit in the market as a remarkable food delivery start-up.

1. Plan and order meals in advance - “Swiggy Schedule”

2. Monthly and quarterly Subscription Plans  - “Swiggy Super”

3. Curated single-serve menus for 200 rupees - “Swiggy Pop”

4. Gives free loans to the restaurant partners - “Swiggy Capital”

5. Post mid-night (till 2 Am) delivery services in Delhi and Hyderabad

Steps to Build a Food Delivery App like Swiggy

1. Attractive and User-friendly Interface

Building an app is not a simple and easy task. You cannot do it just like that because you are changing the whole hotel procedure into an app! And also it is not a waste of time. The food delivery app that you build should be simple to use by any user, clear, quikly navigable, attractive, etc. 

2. High Performance in All Device

The app should give its best, wherever it is opened. Ensure easy ordering of foods, and make your customers do further orders in your app and your’s only. Some will place their orders on a website, some in tabs and some in smartphones both android and iOS.

3. Full Fledged Package of Data

The crystal clear information is the heart of a food ordering and delivery app. Users should get to know all the details in every stage of ordering. Even a small confusion may lead them to discontinue the ordering process. So, data about the various restaurants, menus, delivery time, details about delivery executives, payment details, etc should be given clearly and highlighted in the app. This  makes them feel easy and simple to complete their order.

4. Secure and Multiple Payment System

The major factor in a food delivery app is payments at ease. Various payment methods should be integrated so that the user feels about the flexibility of your platform. Long-term relationships with the customer will be established only when they feel safe about their confidential details. 

5. Give Away Offers and Coupons

Every customer oves to purchase when there is a reasonable price and additional offers. It makes them happy and takes them back to you the next time. Nowadays customers are attracted to the rewards and offers which benefits the users, restaurants and app owners. Provide budget-friendly plans and frequent offers, this will help you to engage more users to your app and order more.

Delivery App Models

1. The Aggregator Model

This aggregator model is followed by Zomato and UberEats. Wondering what an aggregator model is? Let me clear you. It is the traditional delivery model in which a single website or an application provides access to various cuisines and restaurants. This is governed by the aggregators who act as mediators between the local hotels and customers. 

Once the user is done with the registration process he/she can start exploring the online menus and order their favourite food from their favorite restaurant. The order is passed to the restaurant by the aggregator and the delivery service will do it with the restaurant.

2. Logistics Focused Platforms

This model is followed by Swiggy. Restaurants can focus on customer needs and stuff to satisfy them. Owners can skip the process of tracking drivers, paying them and the vehicle maintenance costs. A third party logistics support can be partnered with the restaurants. It can be very beneficial and profitable to the restaurants.

Swiggy Clone - Technology Stack

Let us have look at the various technical stacks which make up to an awesome food delivery app

Platforms: iOS, Android, Web

Data platform: Druid, Snowflake, Flume, Hive, Spark, Storm

Database: Postgres, HBase, MongoDB

Payments: e-wallets, Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, net banking

Navigation: Google maps

Push notifications:, Twilio

Cloud Environment: Azure, Google, AWS.

Monetization Strategies

Monetization Strategies - It is a plan to generate high ROI for your food delivery app business like Swiggy. There are several monetization strategies of food delivery apps. It is not any fixed plan, it can be any. It should be flexible enough to develop your business in the market. There are also several monetization plans for food delivery app business such as:

1. Advertisements

2. Delivery Charges

3. Surge Price

4. Fixed Commission

Popular Food Delivery Apps

Below are the some of the leding on-demand online food delivery and ordering apps which are very popular, trending, and widely used among the people  

UberEats - Provide its food delivery services in the large cities around the world.

Swiggy - Popular and biggest online food ordering and delivering app platform

Zomato - It is a very popular food delivery platform among people with its unique features.

Deliveroo - Without any individual delivery system, it makes services in a limited radius.

GrubHub - It is reputable for its increased regular customers

How Much Does It Cost to Build an App like Swiggy?

It requested features and functionalities will make up with the estimation of the cost of your online food delivery app idea. There are also other factors that determine the cost of building an app like Swiggy. They are:

1. Type and number of platforms

2. Integration of multiple payment gateways

3. Size of the app development tem

4. Complexity

5. Geo-Location of the app development company 


There is going to be more demand for food delivery apps, keeping this increasing demand you can also start planning to build a food delivery and ordering apps like Swiggy, UberEats, Zomato, GrubHub, etc. If you are an entrepreneur/enterprise with an excellent app idea and in need to execute it in a best way, then you can join hands with us and build your own online food delivery app like Swiggy

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Swiggy Clone Development

Explore the frequently asked questions on swiggy clone app & website development

We are the prominent on-demand app development company providing Mobile Apps, Web App, Admin Dashboard, 100% Customizable Solutions and Multiple Payment Gateway Options, and much more jaw dropping features.

The factors that determine the development cost of Swiggy like apps are Geo-location, features and functionality included, Size of the development team, etc. 

Yes, the real-time tracking feature is integrated across the restaurant, customer, delivery executive and admin panels for a seamless experience of the app.

We offer 3 types of app and 1 admin panel:

- User App
- Delivery agent App
- Restaurant Owner App
- Admin Dashboard

Yes,  we are providing a free demo of our swiggy clone script and swiggy clone app, you can request a demo of swiggy clone by filling the form here,  our representative will reach you within 15 minutes, or else you can instantly contact startupmart team via whatsapp : 9751265651

Swiggy clone is a ready made full featured online food delivery clone app, that functions exactly like swiggy, where customers can order their food from desired nearby restaurants, and restaurants can register to deliver the order food at customer door steps. At Startupmart you can get ready made swiggy clone app and swiggy clone script, with which one can start a food delivery business like swiggy.

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