Price Comparison Portal

Price Comparison Portal

Online e-commerce shopping is burgeoning day to day and it becomes the future of the digital world. Many prefers to buy the products via interne in an affordable cost by making the comparison of the products. For that, online shopping comparison websites enable with features to consumers like searching, comparing and finding the best products with required price, deals, and offer allowances for different products from various affiliate shopping merchants spread across the world.

The main significance of price comparison script is to guide customers by helping them to compare prices and features of ‘n’ number of products. Through this script, your users can review the key features and description of the buying products. This eliminates the customers struggle in selecting the product by manual comparison across multiple websites in order to buy online. As this kind of business websites increases revenue through affiliate or direct commission from segregated online retailers for a successful conversion or sales.

If you have an idea to develop an online price comparison website or to upgrade your existing website, then it is a great to start with us.

Key Features of price comparison

Script Features
Responsive Website

Price comparison script approves responsive design. Your website will appear and function of operation made perfect in desktop, smart phones and iPad. Apart from responsive websites, we afford mobile apps for Android and iPhone.

Advanced Search

The advanced search and filters permit the customers to engage and get delight by providing additional filter criteria, engaging with top searched items and trending results to make an easy decision making.

Product Category Mapping

As it offers the most distinguished price comparison script features, it is considered as the advanced mapping module in which you can segregate the categories based on your research.

Modern Report Builder

This strong comparison provider has an inbuilt details of its reporting and statistics that helps to analyze your projections, availability in market and planning of its future releases.

API Extractor

It shows the most important price comparison script features as it contains the capability of the extractor that mention about the automatic import of product from all those affiliates who provides API.

XML Extractor

It is another significant feature of price comparison script as it offers the XML or CSV based products and its process with description of import product feeds that traces the shopping from various locations.

Our Portfolios

  • User Panel
  • Admin Panel

Price Comparison - User Features

Price Comparison - Admin Features

Our Unique Features

User Friendly SEO

A strong and user friendly internal link is an useful tool to attract the users attention towards your website. We provide reliable SEO services to index your website top position in the search engine and become accessible for the users, that would enhance your customer base.

Usage of Advanced Technologies

The users can use the service through any medium like website or android mobile or iPhones or tablet. With usage of new and latest technologies, we design our scripts in such a way that it supports various web and mobile platforms.

Customizable Solutions

We provide splendid services to customize our script based on your requirements. All our products comes with unique design and we make changes to the theme, logo and design as per your logo design and colour.

Free Add-ons

We usually have an impressive existing features to your portal. If you require any additional features to include in your portal, our services will extend for the free add-ons to admit your required attribute towards it.

Enhancing Ability

Our unique features let for the enhancing ability that might exclude the desired needs of our clients in an efficacious way. Our exclusive will enhance your ability that benefit the admins for the high ROI and the end users to comprehend their obligations elaborately.

Bug Free Support

Our sole services ensue for the bug free support that denotes our development service fit to your preferred platforms without any hassles and highly responsive as well as user friendly to both mobile phones and systems

Software and Server requirements

Advanced Crawler

The price comparison script features includes an advanced crawler as another feature that is really capable of crawling every e-commerce website or its affiliated store.

Referral Module

This price comparison script approach a multi-level referral system. Here, using this an existing users able to refer others details and get extra beneficiaries on every purchase done.

Inbuilt Support System

This development gives an inbuilt support and dispute resolution system. Here, users can raise any doubts for their queries. So that you can able to get a notification for any necessary actions.

Automated Order Tracking

With several count of clicks and conversions made, manual tracking is the biggest deal. This feature ensure that all your orders are tracked and updated automatically in the admin panel.

Social Presence

Customers can utilize this feature to share their reviews and feedback to the social medias in order to attract and capture friends to your website and engage site traffic and encourage referral conversion.

Customer Enriched UI

This is one of the most important features of any development. We ensure the UI designed always increase customer engagement. It makes all your expectations about your business customers and make them live and saves time.

Cross Browser Compatible

Our Product completely build on Cross browser compatible. Its supports any device and view-able experience

SEO Friendly support

Our Product completely we deliver seo friendly website, Its compact-able for all Meta tag and we build completely optimized according to google friendly

24/7 support

we have a routine team of support team, ready to work for your concern and sort out immediately. Team will work continuous 24/7

Within 48 Hours Delivery

Once initiation, our top priority to deliver the whole file to your server within sort span of time. give complete demo and installation documentation

Server Deployment

For server deployment, you have to provide your own server, Our team will deploy the files on your server and pointed on your domain

Fully Customizable

Our Product is Completely customize, we will provide 100% source code and any coders can customizable future


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Price comparison case study

The increase in technology provides good opportunities to the seller to reach the customer in much faster, easier and in economic way. Online shopping is emerging very fast in recent years. Now a day the internet holds the attention of retail market. Millions and millions of people shop online.

We have a rich experience in creating a E-commerce website like Cashback, Hotel booking, Ticket booking and investment platforms. Read more

Client Problem

Our client from Canada had a existing e-commerce website with more number of product. And He Like to do the Price comparison for the each product in his website, And he not have that much knowledge on API integration for the price comparison. And came to us for a help to integrate API in his existing website for the price comparison.


The main goal of the project is to analyse the API in the market that will be use full for the price comparison


Need to add the coming soon page in existing website in initially. Analyze the API that available in market. And prepared the time chart for the integration.


Analyse the existing website and suggest to buy the API like Amazon, Flipkart, got the API for the store which need to be compared. Developed a coding for the compassion.


Price comparison site were developed by us and the site is working fine now. Additional to this product comparison also done by our side for the same client.

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