Taxi Booking Portal

Taxi Booking Portal

In this fast moving world,the desire of every humans is to move agile to the rapidity. In those days, if peoples wish to travel anywhere, they used to rent the taxi directly and made transportation in it. Nowadays, it becomes more simple with this taxi booking portal. This facilitative agent simplifies the manpower as well as their precious time and so on. To mention, the direct taxi booking peoples are not capable to attain these facilities. Through this online taxi booking portal, the customer can book their preferred taxi from anywhere at anytime.

The amazing feature of this taxi booking portal is, both the admin and customer can track the driver location effectively and this aid for the customers to identify their current location while travelling. Besides, a map attached with the portal help the drivers and customers to intend how far the destination is, as well as the time taken to reach their destination. Altogether, this online taxi booking portal present amazing perks for the customers

Key Features of Taxi Booking Script

Script Features
Ride Details

Through the online taxi booking portals, it is simple to acquire ride details that displays when the taxi will reach its destination as well as the route to reach the destination.

Driver and Wage Module

This trait aid to both the admin and customers to gather the drivers’ data and the wages they required for the certain distance. The admin can effectively handle their drivers’ data.


The online taxi booking portal provides the distinct knowledge about taxi booking features to the customers that helps them to book for the service reliably.

Location Tracking

The location tracking feature in portal tracks the current location of thee driver as well as the customer efficiently. So, if a customer books for the service, it display the countdowns until they acquire the service.

Communicative Portal

Through this communicative feature, the customer can easily communicate to the drivers and also to the admin. This enhances the trust of the customers about your service.

Secure Payment Gateway

Taxi booking portal development comprise secure payment feature for the booking and it remains confidential to the customers. it holds simple transaction techniques that helps everyone for the easy transaction.

Our Portfolios

  • User Panel
  • Admin Panel
  • Driver Panel

Taxi Booking Script - User Features

Taxi Booking Script - Admin Features

Taxi Booking Script - Driver Panel

Our Unique Features

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Software and Server requirements

Custom Re-branding

Our team of designers can customize theme design as per your requirement.

Cancellation Policy

The host can include cancellation policy in their panel, to let the customers know about the policy before reservation.

SMS Notification

Admin can customize when and how the SMS should be sent to the user and the host.

Multilanguage Add-On

We provide multilingual support, if you desire to make your Car rental portal more localized.

Payment gateway Add-On

We construct new payment gateway rather than the stripe, paypal, and so on as per the requirements of our client.

Invite Friends

With this add-on, the user can invite friends through referral link. When the friend join through the referral link, the user will get some discount in their next ride.

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What is your refund policy?

Since our product is intangible digital product, we do not refund the product once sold. Before you purchase, have a look at our demo in the website to clarify your doubts regarding the product.

Can I hire your team for installation of script?

We do provide our professional team for free, to help you with installation of script, when you buy our product.

If I find any bug, will you fix it for me?

We make sure that the product is bugs free. In case if you find any error in the, we would fix the bug to ensure flawless service.

Client Overview

The client was providing taxi for rental in Florida . He decided to change his business model so he hired some drivers and provided the cab to them and created a brand for the on demand service.. He asked us to develop an mobile application in which he can provide the services. We developed them both Android & iOS application and admin panel to manage it Read more


This taxi app is one of the best on-demand taxi apps that help you to avail fast and comfortable rides within minutes. With smooth signup process and uncluttered UI, it won't take much time to avail your first ride. Set your pickup and drop-off location, select car type from available options and you will get ride confirmation within few seconds. Once your trip ends, you will get a payment invoice and pay the fare by cash. After the ride, you can also share your ride experience by giving reviews and ratings to drivers.


Signup/ Login:

Signup with basic details. After signup, a six digit pin is sent to the rider's mobile through SMS. The rider can login in the app using pin and password.

Get Ride:

In order to avail ride, riders need to select pick-up and drop-off location, and ride type. Afterward, the ride request is sent to the multiple drivers. After acceptance of ride request, a rider is popped up with fare estimation and estimated time to reach towards the destination.

Ride Later:

In order to organize future rides, you can choose “ride later” option. All you need to do is just select pickup and drop-off location and preferred date and time and your ride are scheduled. In case of any adversity, riders can even cancel the ride.

Message & Call:

Riders can communicate with the driver using application inbuilt messaging and call system.


Once the trip is over, riders are notified with ride invoice where they can check their ride details.
The ride invoice includes: Pick-Up And Drop-Off Location
Driver Name
Car Type
Fare Amount

Ratings & Reviews:

After completion of the ride, riders can share their overall experience by giving rate and reviews to drivers.

Map Access:

In order to access map for navigation, Google Maps API is integrated.

Ride History:

It shows the list of completed, canceled and pending rides. Selecting particular ride Id will redirect users to ride detail page.


Riders are notified in the below scenario:
When drivers accept/decline ride request
During driver arrival
During start and end of ride


Signup/ Login:

Signup with basic details
Login with username and password

Add Documents

To avail service as a cab driver, they need to attach below documents
Driving License
Vehicle Registration Card
Vehicle Inspection Report


To change availability status, driver can toggle between two: Online/Offline


Drivers are notified in below scenario
New ride request
When riders cancel the ride
Ride payment


After completion of the ride, are paid ride fare amount by cash. They receive ride invoice which includes
Pickup And Drop-Off Location
Time And Distance
Riders Name And Car Type
Ride Faredrivers

Ratings & Reviews

After completion of the ride, drivers can share their ride experience through ratings and reviews.


Drivers can view and edit their profile.

Ride History

Drivers can view their completed, canceled and pending ride history.

Map Access

Integration of Google Maps to navigate from pickup to drop-off location.

Admin Panel

Staff Management

View, add, edit and delete staff list
Active/Inactive staff

Rider Management

View, edit and delete rider details
Active/Inactive rider
Search rider
View rider's location in map

Driver Management

View and add driver details
Active/Inactive driver status
Filter drivers by country, province, city and car type
Search Drivers
Export driver details to excel
View driver's location in map

Car Management

View, add, update and delete car type details
Filter car type by country, province, and city
Search car type

Country Management

Add, update and delete country details
Active/Inactive country details
Search country

Province Management

Add, update and delete province details
Active/Inactive province details
Search province

City Management

Add, update and delete city details
Active/Inactive city details
Search city

Challenges Faced

Cost Estimation:

In order to avail ride, riders need to select pick-up and drop-off location, and ride type. The issues is that on the trip the map shows the shortest distance while the drivers their convenient rides. So the fare estimation will be tougher because of the changes in the distance

Optimized Solution

We only calculate the driven kilometers.


We developed the mobile application. Testing was done by us as well as client’s technical team. Respective of the load test results the client agreed the completion of the application. Then we uploaded the application to the respective stores. Now the client is serving his services online by providing live exercises and live support

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