Uber Eats Clone

Uber Eats Clone

In this contemporary world, people’s life is getting busier and they prefer to order food online rather than going out to hotels. Providing an high-class online food ordering options is a must to meet the demand of today’s on-the-go customer. From Chinese to Italian food, people are ready to taste anything at a lower cost and fast delivery services.

Budding entrepreneurs who are very interested to start their own online food delivery web and mobile based applications, can start their Uber eats like business with our The user can view a detailed profile of the restaurant vendor’s location, years of experience, their special menu, price details, customer reviews, ratings, feedback and other information. script. Our Food delivery script comprises advanced features and numerous options for the admin, restaurant vendor and the users. Our script consists of features like restaurant management, content management, in-app wallet for easy payment, GPS linked dashboard to know food delivery status, a gallery to display hotel menu and price detail, customer review, customers feedback, etc. Its the time for you to make a change and lead the market.

Our hotel booking script satisfies both the tycoons and end users with the above mentioned traits and we make your business to stand out from the crowd for the sake of your uniqueness.

Key Features of UBER EATS Script

Script Features
Secure payment

User will be able to pay online for their orders. Enhance customer’s trust to do online financial transaction, by integrating with secure payment gateway like PayPal, CCAvenue, etc.

Push notification

The admin will be notified when they get new orders and the users will be notified when they get special offer, coupon code and order details at time of ordering to track their order.


At the time of registration, the restaurant vendors and customers will be verified by entering OTP sent to their registered mobile number and e-mail ID to avoid fake requests and users.


Using Geolocation, the customers can find the nearest restaurant and track their orders without complication whereas the restaurant vendor and driver can find the customer location at ease.

Schedule Order

The user will be able to place their orders anytime and schedule a time when they need the food to be delivered. They also have an option to cancel their order without and hassels.

Restaurant vendors profile

The user can view a detailed profile of the restaurant vendor’s location, years of experience, their special menu, price details, customer reviews, ratings, feedback and other information.

Our Portfolios

  • Restaurant Panel
  • Admin Panel
  • UserPanel



Our Unique Features

User Friendly SEO

A strong and user friendly internal link is an useful tool to attract the users attention towards your website. We provide reliable SEO services to index your website top position in the search engine and become accessible for the users, that would enhance your customer base.

Usage of Advanced Technologies

The users can use the service through any medium like website or android mobile or iPhones or tablet. With usage of new and latest technologies, we design our scripts in such a way that it supports various web and mobile platforms.

Customizable Solutions

We provide splendid services to customize our script based on your requirements. All our products comes with unique design and we make changes to the theme, logo and design as per your logo design and colour.

Free Add-ons

We usually have an impressive existing features to your portal. If you require any additional features to include in your portal, our services will extend for the free add-ons to admit your required attribute towards it.

Enhancing Ability

Our unique features let for the enhancing ability that might exclude the desired needs of our clients in an efficacious way. Our exclusive will enhance your ability that benefit the admins for the high ROI and the end users to comprehend their obligations elaborately.

Bug Free Support

Our sole services ensue for the bug free support that denotes our development service fit to your preferred platforms without any hassles and highly responsive as well as user friendly to both mobile phones and systems

Software and Server requirements

Multi Language Support

We provide multilingual support, if you desire to make your hotel booking portal more localized

Mobile App Custom Re-branding

We furnish an unique branding to your mobile app and also let for the custom mobile app re-branding based on your expectation.

Website Custom Re-branding

We aid for the website custom re-branding with mastered layout stuffed with precise information that fit well to the PC’s and smartphones.

Assorted Payment Gateway

We construct new payment gateway rather than the stripe, paypal, authorize.net and so on as per the requirements of our client.


we create blogs for your site excluded with your granted data, that let your users to acquire information about you.

Invite Friends

Through this, every user can invite their friends with the invite option, and the invitees obtain an email with referral link.

Cross Browser Compatible

Our Product completely build on Cross browser compatible. Its supports any device and view-able experience

SEO Friendly support

Our Product completely we deliver seo friendly website, Its compact-able for all Meta tag and we build completely optimized according to google friendly

24/7 support

we have a routine team of support team, ready to work for your concern and sort out immediately. Team will work continuous 24/7

Within 48 Hours Delivery

Once initiation, our top priority to deliver the whole file to your server within sort span of time. give complete demo and installation documentation

Server Deployment

For server deployment, you have to provide your own server, Our team will deploy the files on your server and pointed on your domain

Fully Customizable

Our Product is Completely customize, we will provide 100% source code and any coders can customizable future


  • Uber Eats Review

    The standard of staff they provide is extremely high and they have made a big difference to our company .

    - Pedro

  • Uber Eats Review

    If you're concerned about developing a stable and high-quality product the team can deliver the goods. The service is fast and lots of care and attention to detail.

    - Breanna

  • Uber Eats Review

    Professionalism and dedication is quite frankly second to none. They have been with me at every step of the journey and they are a true partner.

    - Amari

Do you charge fee for installation ?

No we don’t get additional money for installation. It is completely free. Look out the server requirements that we have mentioned at our website to install the script.

Does your application support iOS platform too?

Yes, it supports iOS platform. Our Uber eat script is designed in such a way that it is responsive to every platforms.

Will you provide technical support even after purchase ?

We do extend our technical support like customization, fixing bugs, etc even after purchase of script.

If I am not satisfied with your script, can I get refund ?

Product once sold cannot be returned back because we give you a complete information about our script in our website through overview, features and various demo. We do not give refund after sale of the script. For further information, read our privacy policy.

What are the payment gateway that our script supports to secure online transaction ?

Our Uber eats clone script comes with PayPal payment gateway. Apart from this, we also integrate with other payment method like Authorize.Net, Stripe and much more.

Do you have multiple payment option?

Yes we do provide multiple payment options for users. They can make payment either through debit card or credit card or net banking or in-app wallet.

Does the restaurant have the option to track drivers location?

The drivers location will be shared with the restaurant as well as the customers, to know the exact location and time to deliver the food.

Extra time offer

Most of the food shop owner got worried about much more food is wasting if they wont sell. At this moment we gave their solution to Install Uber Eats for the feature “Extra time offer” and no one is wasting their food now…

As an online platform is entirely dedicated to improving the process and experience of food order and delivery.If you get connected in this app, You can also sale your food even in the extra time when your shop is closed, In your shop you will sell the food for the particular time. If in that time if all foods not sell means, You can connect with uber eats where they sell all the remaining foods with an special offer during untime. But you will reward with same amount which you sell in your shop. So even in untime you can sell your food via Uber Eats without wasting the food.

Order from where ever you need

Yes, Most of the customers worried that cannot able to order their foods in other location, So we suggested them to user this offer, To order foods even they are in different location.

By using this app one can able to make their order from the place where they are. They need to just place their order in the destination column along with the delivery person name with their details and food will reach in that mentioned place without any worry.So there is no necessity of the person to come out and need to a buy a food this app is much more enough. Moreover, you can even specify the path you would want to deliver your food. By this feature customer Install this app count will increase and also get a good reputation from customers too.

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