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ByDooTaxi - Get Online Taxi Booking Mobile App Like UberTaxi

BydooTaxi is the best Uber clone script for your business to reach wide audience. Our Solution contains all the standard features of Uber and extraordinary functionalities to provide better user experience for both the end users and service providers.

UberTaxi Clone App Development Company

In this fast moving world,the desire of every humans is to move agile to the rapidity. In those days, if peoples wish to travel anywhere, they used to rent the taxi directly and made transportation in it. Nowadays, it becomes more simple with this taxi booking portal. This facilitative agent simplifies the manpower as well as their precious time and so on. To mention, the direct taxi booking peoples are not capable to attain these facilities. Through this online taxi booking portal, the customer can book their preferred taxi from anywhere at anytime.

The amazing feature of this taxi booking portal is, both the admin and customer can track the driver location effectively and this aid for the customers to identify their current location while travelling. Besides, a map attached with the portal help the drivers and customers to intend how far the destination is, as well as the time taken to reach their destination. Altogether, this online taxi booking portal present amazing perks for the customers

Taxi Booking Script - Features

  • User Panel
  • Admin Panel
  • Driver Panel

    Ride Estimation

    Users can get a free fare estimate of the trip before the ride commences. Charges depend on the car type and the distance between the pickup point and drop off location.


    Instant Alert on ride Status

    Users will get instant alerts on every update of the ride. They will get updates in the form of notifications.


    Estimated Time of Arrival

    Customers can see the estimated arrival time of the driver instantly after the booking. They can check it before and after the completion of the booking.


    Track transactions

    Users can see their transaction history, ride history, invoices, etc.. The transaction history will also have route details, tips, tax details, billed amount, etc.


    Cash, Wallet and Payment Gateways

    Users can choose to pay from different available payment channels like Cash, Wallet, Debit card, Credit card, Paypal, etc..


    Detailed Ride History

    Ride history shows the complete details of pick up location, drop location, ride timings, waiting time, distance traveled, tips with entire fare break up.


    Full Optional

    Manage Sub-Admins, Drivers, Users, Rides, Operators, etc


    Safe and Secure

    Control both mobile and web application using advanced settings


    Processing Speed

    Set and verify the commissions earned


    Customer Support

    Site SEO and analytics settings


    Catchy Designs

    Create multiple car types, makers and models


    Easy Settings

    Create various cities and update the fare for each of them


    In-app payment details

    The drivers can see the status of their earnings within the app itself. It gets updated in real-time after every trip.


    Instant Alert on Ride Requests

    Ride requests are sent to the nearby drivers instantly. When a user sends a request to nearby drivers, they can accept/reject the ride request in a single tap.


    Go Online/Offline status

    Drivers can easily change Online/Offline status in a single click. Drivers will get a ride request only when they are online.


    Multiple Car Category

    The driver can accept rides from all users irrespective of the car category if the user opts for it. Thus the driver can get numerous trip requests.


    Driver Dashboard

    The driver can see his last trip details, everyday tips, earnings, ratings, car type, number, etc.. in the dashboard itself.


    Adding Bank Accounts

    Drivers can update their bank account details inside the app. The admin can transfer drivers earnings using those bank account details.

Our Key Features

Ride Details

Through the online taxi booking portals, it is simple to acquire ride details that displays when the taxi will reach its destination as well as the route to reach the destination.

Driver and Wage Module

This trait aid to both the admin and customers to gather the drivers’ data and the wages they required for the certain distance. The admin can effectively handle their drivers’ data.


The online taxi booking portal provides the distinct knowledge about taxi booking features to the customers that helps them to book for the service reliably.

Location Tracking

The location tracking feature in portal tracks the current location of thee driver as well as the customer efficiently. So, if a customer books for the service, it display the countdowns until they acquire the service.

Communicative Portal

Through this communicative feature, the customer can easily communicate to the drivers and also to the admin. This enhances the trust of the customers about your service.

Secure Payment Gateway

Taxi booking portal development comprise secure payment feature for the booking and it remains confidential to the customers. it holds simple transaction techniques that helps everyone for the easy transaction.

Our Unique Features

SEO Friendly URL

The URL structure for all our clone software is optimized, to help you with boosting rank and improving traffic in major search engine like Google, which as a result rapidly increases your business revenue and users count.

Highly Responsive

All our web and mobile apps solution are responsive to all mobile devices and platforms. This feature will help in engaging more users for your website and mobile apps, thereby easily reaching wide group of audience


Our web and mobile app provides exclusive options like in-app banner advertisements, subscriptions, premium packages, multiple add-ons and more. Through this, you can gain additional profit instantly with zero effort

Free Add-ons

We usually have an impressive existing features to your portal. If you require any additional features to include in your portal, our services will extend for the free add-ons to admit your required attribute towards it.

Enhancing Ability

Our unique features let for the enhancing ability that might exclude the desired needs of our clients in an efficacious way. Our exclusive will enhance your ability that benefit the admins for the high ROI and the end users to comprehend their obligations elaborately.

Bug Free Support

Our sole services ensue for the bug free support that denotes our development service fit to your preferred platforms without any hassles and highly responsive as well as user friendly to both mobile phones and systems