Airbnb Clone for X Rental Marketplace Business Ideas 2020

Airbnb Clone for X Rental Marketplace Business Ideas 2020
Airbnb is a successfully running vacation rental business, with 150 million users as of April 2019. Initially, Airbnb was only for the vacation rental business which connects guests and the host. People who have rental properties or extra room in their house can rent it to a guest who is in search of a place to stay. This is processed through Airbnb. Rental Owners add their properties in this app/web and the guest sees it and contacts them using the contact information added by the host.

But today, Airbnb has stretched its hands to many domains. Now Airbnb is available for any kind of rental business like Airbnb for cars, Airbnb for boats, Airbnb for foods, etc. In this blog, let us see how Airbnb works for other rental businesses 

Airbnb Clone for Car Rental

We all expect to go for a vacation or official trips in a comfortable way. The car rental is the fast-growing industry and the demand for the car rental business is also increasing day by day. It is raising as a promising business model that every entrepreneur can trust. International tourist arrivals have increased from 528 million by 2005 to 1.19 billion by 2015. It is estimated that the number will exceed 1.8 billion by 2030. As the tourism industry is expanding, the need for transportation is also increasing. Here the users can pick their suitable cars based on their requirements. A car rental business should be capable of providing a variety of cars, it can be for a vacation, official trips, etc. 

Airbnb Clone for Food

The love for food among us is always irreplaceable. We all love to taste new dishes from different regions of the world. Airbnb for food allows people to share their culinary with people around the world. This allows the users to experience the unique recipes, cooking classes with the hand-selected hosts. The guest can go through many delicious foods from all over the world, and then by selecting a destination, they can find good eating exposure. The user needs to select a date available and confirm the booking. The host who chooses the booking shares their food story with that guest can go explore through many new food cultures, new recipes and enjoys the food experience. Cool Business Idea Right? Yeah, it is a quite trending business idea among the energetic entrepreneurs.

Airbnb Clone for Pets

There is a huge demand for pet sitters. It is very hard for the pet owner to find safe sitters when they are in need. It helps the pet owners to go for a vacation for several days to the finest location and enjoy it to the core. Airbnb clone for pets is nothing but a market place that connects the pet sitters to the pet owners who are in search of a perfect place for their lovable pets. In this business idea, you are not going to handle the pets, but you are going to act as a coordinator between the pet owners and the pet sitters. The business has three kinds of needs from the pet owners. 

                    1. The pet owners leave their pets in the pet sitter’s place.
                    2. The pet sitters come to the pet owner,s place.
                    3. A pet sitter who is called on a daily basis.

Airbnb Clone for Spaces

This type of rental business includes all types of spaces such as office space rental, parking space rental, storage space rental, party space rental, etc. This space rental business generates more revenue. Here the space providers list the details of the space and based on the specific activity. By seeing the listings the event organizers will book the space for conducting the event. Then the amount is paid by the ever organizer including the commission fee. The Admin source of earning is from the commission fees. The remaining amount is sent to space providers. The procedure is followed for the storage space rental, parking space rental, etc.

Airbnb Clone for Camping Gears

It not possible for every common man to have camping gear. For some people, it feels economically high for buying it. And for some people, they will not buy it as they do not use it more often. In such cases, renting it will the golden option for them. Here the owners will list about their camping gears with all the details of it. By seeing the listing, a user will book it by seeing the availability of the camping gears.

Airbnb for Language

It is a versatile kind of business idea. Its concept is more interesting compared to other types of rental businesses. Here the host will offer rooms for the guest, in return, the guest should practice their mother tongue to the host. The Host will list their region and invite a guest from different parts of the world and get practiced to different foreign languages from their comfort zone.

Airbnb for Cameras 

This camera rental business idea is one of the unique ideas ever. We all love taking photos, videos of our life’s moments. It is important to take pictures when we go for a vacation as we can cherish those memories later by seeing those photos. Everyone cannot have a high-quality camera. What if there is a platform for renting a camera when we need it the most? Yeah, this is possible. You can start this super cool business by using Airbnb Clone for Cameras and help people who are in need of cameras.

Airbnb Clone for Music Studio

You can create a platform that allows an artist to book for the music studios. Here the studio owners list their studios and the technologies they have in their studio into this platform. The artist who is in need of a studio will book it. Then if the studio is available, the owner confirms the booking. The amount is sent to the studio owner after sharing the commission fees by the admin  

Airbnb Clone for Boats

Like other kinds of rental business ideas, here also the boat owners list their boats and the guest who is in need of a boat in that particular region will book the boat if it is available. The commission fees are paid by the boat owners for using the service. And the users also pay commission fees for using the medium.

Summing Up

You can start any of these rental businesses with our Airbnb Clone App/Web. Startupmart offers both mobile applications and websites for all kinds of rental businesses. Begin a rental business with our Airbnb Clone App/Web. As the rental business is flexible, the success is cent percentage assured.  Talk to our experts and get a free consultation now. 

Disclaimer : Startupmart neither represents nor has command over the trademark of "Airbnb". We are not doing any promotional activities and we use the term only for understanding our product. Our motto is not to harm any organization or individual.

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