Top 7 Business Benefits of Airbnb Clone App

Top 7 Business Benefits of Airbnb Clone App
The three basic essential things in everyone’s life are food, clothes, and shelter.  Now all these three things can be ordered online. Development in technology and the emergence of smartphones has made it possible. Everything we need can be bought at our doorstep by an app. These apps act as a connecting bridge between the people and the sophisticated life. 

Working of Airbnb

The services providers in the industry will offer a platform so that the property owners who have houses, villas, resorts, etc can list them for vacationers with all basic details like rent amount, address, photos, videos, etc. The holidaying users will choose the perfect place for a particular time to spend their vacation. Then the payment is done using multiple online payment gateways. Airbnb is available almost everywhere across the globe. It is very popular among travelers. 

Here is the Demo video of our Rentisto - An Airbnb Clone App, which clearly explains the workflow of user app and provider app.

A place to stay during your vacation or a quick refreshment time before a corporate meeting, everything can be done using an app with few taps and swipes. 

Benefits of Airbnb Clone

Shared Room Option

Here the host has the control to set the number of persons to share the room, the listing is not closed until the desired count is booked. This is one of the unique benefits of the Airbnb clone.


Allows multiple payment gateways and so supports all international currencies and conversions. So, it is very easy for the guest to pay the charge instantly.

A Wide Range of Options

The registered host can list out various types of properties such as a boathouse, resorts, beach house, single room, multiple rooms, apartments, farmhouse, etc over this Airbnb Clone App/Web.

Free Listing

The host after registration can list their properties with a small description, photographs of the property, videos, rent amount, etc without any amount. So that it will easy for the user to find the desired place. And also the user can also create a profile completely without charge.

Personalized Pricing Structure

This the most important benefit for the host. Because they can fix the amount for the property based on the guest’s daily or weekly or monthly stays. Here the payment need of the host is fulfilled. 

Elite & Special places

Not only rooms, houses but also unique places like a treehouse, castle sleep, etc can also be registered in the Airbnb Clone App. If there are a huge number of members need to stay in a place, big apartments can also be found. The amount can be shared among them instead of hotel rooms.

Occasion Plan

This is beneficial for the guests. Because the price will remain the same even when there is a big event to be held in the city. But, the hotels will raise their price as the demand increases.

Advanced Search Option

The Guest can search by various types of categories such as type of property, price, language, date and time, etc. This advanced search option lets the user search for the desired place.


We all know that business will grow faster and better with the digital presence. And it is expected that the rental business is going to reach a greater level in the next few years and stay strong for decades. It is the perfect time to start a vacation rental business with our Airbnb Clone App. Startupmart is an avant-garde vacation rental script/software solution provider who assists you to run your reservation booking platform that helps people find accommodations for a fee.

Build Airbnb Clone App/Web which will be engaging, attractive, unique and approachable for your vacation rental business right here at Startupmart!

Disclaimer: Startupmart neither represents nor has command over the trademarks of Airbnb. We are not doing any promotional activities for them and we use these terms only for understanding our products. Our motto is not to harm any organization or individual.

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