Benefits Of Launching an On Demand Multi Services App Like Gojek

In a world surrounded by on demand mobile apps, everyone well knew about the Gojek app? Right? The Infinite benefits of Gojek app simplify the people's need through serving multiple services in a single solution.

As well, the fame of Gojek clone app has tempt a lot of on-demand service providers to dive into the trend and build their own Gojek Clone with the precise qualities of Gojek.

Top 10 Benefits Of Launching an On Demand Multi Services App Like Gojek

Benefits to Customers

  1. Empower those without a smartphone or iPhone to directly call the business thus making it more convenient for them to receive the services.
  2. Simplify their needs through offering more than 52+ services from a single app.
  3. Maintaining the security and safety of the user with call masking feature
  4. Lets the users to track the service providers’ location to know the delivery or service status.
  5. Customers can prefer their desired language with multilingual support.

Benefits to Businesses

  1. Transformed into a brand through offering 52+ on-demand services.
  2. Maintain Customer loyalty through feedback and reviews provided by the customers
  3. Lets keep updating their services as per the received feedback.
  4. Temp to provide new services on the basis of apps used by users.
  5. Generate huge revenues and profits by earning commissions on every service offered.

Features that delivers the Utmost Benefits Of Gojek Clone App

Simple and Single Touch Login

Enabling  the easy registration of the users to operate the app with single touch login.

Licensed source Code
To customize and modify the app as per the changing requirements of your customers and business.
For empowering your customers to handle the app across different platforms such as Android, iOS, PC, laptop etc.
Multi Payment Options
Convenient payments for the users with the availability of multi payment options like debit/credit card, wallet or cash.
Real Time Tracking
To track service providers location
Multi Language and Multi Currency
To serve your users to utilize the app in their comfortable language and make payment with the desired currency they want.
White Labeled 
To ensure that your logo and brand name is present in every page of your Gojek Clone to deliver your identity.
Seamless Interface
Letting the users to view clearly all the services category wise.
To notify the users regarding new services, deals, offers and discounts.
Bug free
To ensure the app functions efficiently without crashing.
Why is Gojek Clone App Best for Multi Service Business?

It is a known fact, no one likes to have hundreds of redundant apps on their smartphones when they have an opportunity to grab multiple services in a single app. For that Gojek clone app is the best solution for that through they can call taxi, order food from restaurant, buy groceries, hire an beautician, massage therapist and so on and almost 52 diverse types of service providers with just a click.

To point out, this is a huge benefit for the users as well as the service providers in various sorts where the service providers can grab multiple revenue streams available for them. For instance, if a taxi driver is waiting for a long time and could not get any rides, then he or she can start to deliver food or other parcels when they desire.

As a result, the multi services business is on the rise since more and more people are migrating towards a single app to acquire multiple services.  If you too have a notion to start a multi service business, then Gojek Clone App of Startupmart is the right option for you.

Why Startupmart for Gojek Clone App?

The astounding features by the stunning resources let us deliver the best Gojek clone app that catches your dream and meets your requirements.

With the android and iOS app developers, content writer, system analyst, database analyst, quality analyst, business analyst, research team and deployment team,  we have delivered the best and unique services for multi service business like Gojek. Rhea exent in your business through being our next client.

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