Best Live Streaming Apps to Revolutionize the Video Streaming Industry in 2021

Best Live Streaming Apps to Revolutionize the Video Streaming Industry in 2021
Due to the arrival of video streaming apps, the shine of VCRs, CDs, and DVDs are faded away. Video streaming is replacing the slow death of the old means of video content by enhancing internet accessibility across the world. The days where the users need to stick to a timeline to watch their favorite program or movie in a television were gone. Aye! It’s the time to stream your favorite series and shows online without concerning the time. You can stream your video and watch it later when you desire. 
Stay tuned and explore the list of some best video streaming apps for Android and iOS. Now have a look at the perks of video streaming.
Advantages of Video Streaming
1. Video Content with High Quality
The users have an option to view their video in their desired quality like 2k,4k 720p or 1080p
2. Wide Audience Potential
Video streaming will reach a wide audience with its time convenient, device, and display.
3. Multilingual with Subtitle
The availability of multilingual with subtitle make online video streaming a majestic one.
4. Ease and Convenience
With the availability of cross-platform availability and internet accessibility, online video streaming service is easy and convenient to use.
As a matter of fact, online video streaming services have grabbed more attention among the users as well as huge popularity over the massive competition. To point out, services like Netflix, Hulu, and others are furnishing original content with 4k, HDR, Subtitles, and multi-audio channels support along with attractive pricing.
Here’s the list of best video streaming apps to watch movies and shows sorted with salient features of each app.
 Best Video Streaming Apps
1. Netflix
Netflix, the world’s widest online streaming service with massive content availability which upholds the various range of titles with multilingual support 
To point out, Netflix content supports HDR, 4K resolution, Dolby Vision, and subtitles. The streaming service can be streamed on Micracast, Chromecast, Smart TVs, and Game Consoles. On the other hand, it upholds parental support for the filtering of unsuitable content to the children. It also lets to watch TV episodes and movies without streaming through downloading. Netflix plans vary for the country to country and furnish attractive plans.
Key Features
A. Content with high quality
B. Multilingual with subtitles
C. Parental controls
D. Constant content updates
E. High-quality movies
2. Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime Video, other video streaming services throughout the globe which comes with a lot of content, comprising thrillers, drama, action, romance, and some other genres. On the other hand, there is a great selection of local content too in Amazon prime video which furnishes movies for every genre and language. To point out, the later watch feature in Amazon prime is more simple than others even with the unavailability of internet connection. Likewise, there is also an astounding feature that lets to add suggested titles to the watchlist for later watch.
Besides, with the Amazon Prime membership, the users will grab free access to movies, music, and other chief services of Amazon. The multiple audio tracks, subtitles, and 4K content are some of the advantageous traits of Amazon Prime Video.
Key Features:
A. Regional content
B. Recent blockbuster movies
C. Multi audio tracks and subtitles
D. Amazon originals
3. Hulu
Generally, Hulu is massively used in the US. Dissimilar to other streaming platforms, Hulu not only streams live TV video but also other streaming content which upholds old TV shows, movies, anime, and others. On the other hand, this is the sole service that offers over 50 channel options. To point out, with the same roof, the user can also watch episodes and browse shows.
Hulu furnishes six personalized profiles that serve everyone in the family to browse shows, movies, and networks. In the same way, the users can also illustrate the content by adding shows to favorites for rapid access. The app is available for tablets, smartphones, and TVs. Moreover, it also offers a feature of premium discover networks that let search shows from fabulous streaming services like HBO, CINEMAX, SHOWTIME and others.
Key Features:
A. Live TV support 
B. Users free plan
C. Chromecast support
4. HBO Now
It is chiefly for the US readers, who love to watch big premieres on TV or other devices as per their desire. The app comes with non-restricted access to all the HBO content across EPIX Now, STARZ, and other channels that have individual streaming apps.
The HBO new brings new movies, talk shows, comedy specials, news, documentaries, and several special events every week. The user can utilize the account on the phone, tablet, TV, or Laptop. In short, it is the home to the biggest hit movies.
Key Features:
A. Weekly new content
B. Availability of biggest hits
C. Casting support
5. YouTube TV
Usually, YouTube TV is the home to several of the video content which upholds plenty of features. For past days, several entertainment channel has propped up to offer quality content for the users with some subscription fees or free. Moreover, YouTube TV furnish an option of infotainment sops, news channel and excellent live sports.
Like Amazon Originals, YouTube also got some Original episodes for some people. Rather than prime content, YouTube is home to tutorials, music, and movies too. In addition, with several features, the content is compatible up to 8K resolution. Similar to other video streaming platforms, Youtube TV also has native apps for smartphones, smart TVs, and tablets on various operating systems. 
Key Features:
A. Seamless videos
B. smart devices support
C. Cross compatibility
D. Vast content
Hope, you have amazed by these video streaming apps and its features. Right? are you an entrepreneur and desire to start a video streaming business? Then keep in mind that, delivering high-quality video streaming apps will grab more customer attention. So, make shine your video streaming business through joining your hands with us. Acquire OTT app development services from startupmart and kick start your video streaming business like Netflix, AmazonPrime, Hulu and so on. We hear your requirements and make you deserve your business dream. 
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