The Increasing Demand For E-Learning Apps Amid COVID 19

The Increasing Demand For E-Learning Apps Amid COVID 19
Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, almost all the public gathering places are being closed for nearly five months of the year 2020. Among them, all the Schools, Colleges, and other educational institutions are included and remain closed.  

“Education is the key to unlock the golden door of Freedom’ quoted George Washington Carver.

Education is an essential element in today’s world. But due to this COVID19 Pandemic, education to the billions of students across the world is in danger. This led to the indefinite closure of schools and colleges by the government. Now Students cannot go to schools or colleges; they cannot access their teachers. Then how are the students going to learn about their lessons and other courses? With situations worsening, students are reaching out to alternative ways of gaining Education.

In this Internet era, it is now possible for the students to learn their lessons from home. This application world is having a variety of apps available in the market. Thereby to enhance the knowledge, students are approaching the E-learning App like Udemy open in the market. In this blog let us know about the why the demand increasing for e-learning apps, Statistics, Benefits followed by the cost of building an e-learning app like udemy.

Why the Demand Increases for E-Learning?

Before knowing the statistics of e-learning platforms let us know why the demand increases for e-learning in this pandemic season.

- Online Education is the only safest way to educate students in this pandemic season. This knock out the contact and both the teachers and the students are protected from the deadly virus contractions. 

- The wards can learn their lessons under the parent’s guidance. Parents have got this boon that they always wished for.

- The trust in e-learning and digital guidance has grown and will evolve to replace all the conventional ways.

- Around 61% of parents across kids of all the ages subscribed to e-learning in this period.

- The ongoing COVID19 crisis will change the dimensions of education and the way we spend time on it. The impact of this crisis is long term and parents, children will have to embrace modern technology, the digital world for education and career guidance.

- According to the reports, 92% of students are showing improvements in academics by learning through e-learning platforms.

Statistics of E-Learning Platforms

- Since 2000, the global e-learning industry grew by 900%

- The e-learning industry is expected to triple its size from now to 2025

- According to Insights, The Global Online Soft Skills Training Market is valued at USD 6,947.0 million in 2018 and by 2027, it is expected to reach the market value as USD 22,689.4 million. The estimated CARG will be 14.12% during the forecast period.

- Over the years from 2020 to 2024, The education app sector is expected to grow over $46 billion.

- The Statista also estimates that the e-learning market will increase by 92% in 2022.

- In the app store, the E-Learning related applications are going to be the third most popular one.

- The US e-learning market could grow by $12.81 billion between 2020 and 2024.

- This is proof that consumers are looking tech-driven ways for education in this pandemic season. And so this became the reason why on-demand e-learning platforms are getting hit.

Benefits of E-Learning Platforms

- Ability to record sessions: Students can record the live sessions and make use of it later anytime when they need them. And also, notes will be available on the platform all the time.

- By analyzing the rating and feedbacks of a course, students can decide to select the courses.

- After completing each lesson, a student can test their knowledge by attending a quiz session.

- A wide range of courses is available on a single platform.

- Optimized course content such as video lectures, audio lectures, text lectures, PDF files.

- Learners can learn their lessons anywhere and anytime according to their comfort.

Start an E-Learning Platform Business

In this pandemic, students are learning some courses by using the e-learning platforms. Students are enrolling for various courses and started adapting to the new education system and finding it easy for learning. These e-learning apps will be highly on-demand not only in this quarantine period but also expected to extend further. 

If you are having an idea of starting an online business, this can be an ideal market to enter the online education app market. You can capitalize on this time frame. Let us know about the cost of building an E-Learning application like Udemy. You can simply get the highly customized and white-labeled Udemy Clone App available in the market from the best clone app development company. 

Cost of Udemy Clone App Development

The Udemy Clone App Development varies from company to company based on several factors. The Factors that influence the Udemy Clone App Development cost includes:

1. The size of the development team

2. The technology stacked used

3. The number of features needed to be integrated

4. Time taken for the development process

5. Geo-graphical location of the app development company

It is very necessary to know the app development cost before getting in tho the app development process. So, you can keep your budget ready. 


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