What are the Essential Features of the Dream11 Clone App?

What are the Essential Features of the Dream11 Clone App?
With the massive rise of Internet users, day by day people are getting addicted to certain things in which they have more interest. In particular, the addiction towards fantasy sports, online games, etc is increasing day by day. People are looking for unique, engaging and interesting games, sports apps/web. As a result, many business people and entrepreneurs are coming forward and giving their best to develop something new in-game/sports app development to attract users globally.  
Now, in this Internet era, fantasy sports are trending and became the most favorite for all sports/game lovers. Many gaming business companies are taking a step forward to build a fantasy sports app/web to earn more revenue and join the multi-billion-dollar business club. One of the multi-billion-dollar business from fantasy sports is Dream11 that offers Cricket, Football, Kabbadi, basketball, and Hockey. 
In my last blog about Dream11 Clone App, we have already discussed all about Dream11 covering its stats, history, emergence, legality, and future predictions. Here, in this blog let us see about some of the recognizable features of the Dream11 Clone AppWeb.
What is Dream11 Clone App?
Coming again, Dream11 Clone App/Web is inheriting all the features from the existing Dreram11 App and building a clone of the original app is called Dream11 Clone App. We can also add several new features according to one’s business need. 
The following are some of the identical and essential user-friendly features that the Dream11 Clone App must-have. 
Key features 
Features can be classified into three categories like,
                 * User Convenient Features
                 * Admin Convenient Features 
                 * Supplementary Features
User Convenient Features
Here are some of the user-friendly features of Dream11 Clone App.
The user who uses the app for the first time, he/she must signup by entering their basic details. Likewise, If a registered user needs to use the app he/she must SignIn using their username and password. This is the simple registration process.
2.Ultimate Display
Once the user logs in, he/she will land on the main page. All the information about matches, ads, and tournaments will be displayed here.
3.Contest Page
Entire details about all the contests and the different number of contests will be provided here on this page. A filter option is available to search out the details such as fees amount, winning amount, sports type and size of the contest.
4.My Profile
As you all know, this contains the details of the user. If the user wants to change some details, they can also update it. It contains all the basic details along with bank and pan card details. 
Here the app also displays user’s reward points, bank transactions, winning amount and payment management. 
5.My Contest
This part displays the joined contests and the details of the contest such as the size of the contest, contest joining amount and winning amount. The user can also able to view and edit their selected team players and can also use the filter option for searching.
6.Payment Methods
This section has multiple payment gateways so that the user can easily pay through their comfortable gateway. They can pay through online traction using credit/debit cards, net banking, e-wallet, or else with the bonus points. 
7.My Contest Details
By paying an entry fee, the user join their desired contest. It is totally based on the total winning amount and size of the contest
Let us discuss about the Admin Convenient Features and Supplementary Features in my next blog. Until then  stay in touch
Wrapping Up
There is no doubt that the future of fantasy sports like Dream11 is going to be unbeatable. Fantasy sports is going to create a revolution in the upcoming days. So if you are also having an idea of starting an online fantasy sports business, then this is the right time to begin. 
Startupmart is here to help you build an application for the business. We provide an efficient Dream11 Clone App containing all the essential features in it. If you are interested contact us for getting a free demo.

Disclaimer : Startupmart neither represents nor has command over the trademark of "Dream11". We are not doing any promotional activities and we use the term only for understanding our product. Our motto is not to harm any organization or individual.

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