Features of Our Gojek Clone App

Features of Our Gojek Clone App

Gojek Clone App

Gojek Clone App is an authoritative and feature-rich multi-services app which lets the entrepreneurs serve their respective customers with all their requisites in a single app. Starting a multi services app like Gojek is not a successful thing, Instead of starting the app with the right features as exact as Gojek matters. With our readymade Gojek Clone app solutions, one can kick start their multi services app like Gojke smoothly.

Hope you knew why to start a multi services business like Gojek is the right choice, Its obviously because of it features and benefits. Similar to the other on demand businesses, Gojek also is beneficial for both the service providers and end users. The following are the benefits of our Kojek app  (Gojek Clone App).

  1. Supports all services in a single app
  2. Cashless payments like credit card, debit card and wallet
  3. Appointment scheduling for the required product
  4. Services are open for the drivers for all services i.e food delivery, grocery delivery

User App Features of our Gojek Clone App

  1. Access Multi Services
  2. Call to Driver/Provider
  3. Login/Signup
  4. Schedule Service Request
  5. Payment Option
  6. In-App Notification
  7. Invoice Detail
  8. Track Provider Location
  9. Handicap Accessibility
  10. View Available Providers
  11. Estimated Calculation
  12. Select Ride Vehicle
  13. Recover Password
  14. Add to Cart
  15. Chat History
  16. Filter Store
  17. Promo Code
  18. Transaction History
  19. Manage Profile
  20. Child Seat
  21. Cancel Order
  22. Manage Card
  23. Invite Friends

Driver App Features of Our Gojek Clone App

  1. Get Multi-Service Order
  2. Login/Signup
  3. Manage Profile
  4. Select Vehicle
  5. Earning Reports
  6. Vehicle Details
  7. Manage Document
  8. Get Ride/Order Request
  9. Cancel Ride/Order Request
  10. Update Ride/Order Status
  11. Invoice Detail
  12. Manage Bank Details
  13. Customer Feedback

 Store App Features of Our Gojek Clone App

  1. Check Orders List
  2. Online/Offline
  3. Manage Order Request
  4. Earning Reports
  5. Update Order Status
  6. Manage Store Offer
  7. Minimum Order Amount
  8. Estimated Delivery Time
  9. Order History
  10. Delivery Service Radius

Provider App Features

  1. Modify Service Package
  2. Remove Services
  3. Manage Profile
  4. Update Order Status
  5. New Order Lists
  6. Earning Reports
  7. Change Password
  8. Manage Order Request
  9. Set Service Radius
  10. Map Navigation

Why is our Gojek Clone App the Best?

Our Gojek Clone App comprises all the exact features like Gojek. On the other hand, we not only serve the above mentioned features, but are also ready to offer the add-ons as per your requirements. With the splendid dispatcher, promising technical support, we deliver the best service and make you to experience the wide reach in your multi services business.

The Bottom Line

Our Gojek clone app solution is the right choice to build your own multi services Business.  As a result, Our Kojek App offers flawless payment options like cash, card or wallets to the users. This guarantees for getting the food, grocery delivery at the door-step and even the services at the intended location.

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