The Growth and Impact Of OTT Apps During COVID 19 Pandemic

The Growth and Impact Of OTT Apps During COVID 19 Pandemic
It is a bitter truth,  the outbreak of the pandemic COVID-19 has changed life for everyone. Not only the life of every individual, but also the businesses of every sector, the pandemic has revolutionized the world solemnly which remains all the ancient habituals of our culture. As it deviates all the life of every industry, the entertainment industry is not an exception in that. 

On one hand, work from home became a new way of life, on another, many businesses came to a stand still. In the beginning as a dark era and now as a glorious movie-making era, Yeah, the impact of coronavirus is unprecedented. 

Due to lockdown and social distancing, the out-of-home entertainment becomes reel so far which tempts everyone to turn towards OTT for entertainment.

OTT Platforms Managing Remarkable Success Amidst the Pandemic Stress

The OTT has experienced a noteworthy growth in this present 
period and it is projected to continue its trend in post coronavirus pandemic. This rapid growth in the market is acquired with the enhancing implementation of AR and VR on smart devices for gaming applications which delivers a real time experience for players while playing. 

To mention, this factor is projected to increase the demand of OTT services which results in ample growth in the global market. 

Besides, the next generation cellular network services like 5G technology is expected to impel the adoption of OTT services for entertainment in the upcoming years. 

These network services are expecting to deliver reliable and faster cellular data speed to provide better streaming video quality such as 4k video streaming. With all those aspects and expectations, the OTT in feature becomes an essential in everyone's life.

Reason Behind the Majestic Growth of OTT 

As a matter of fact, OTT market has revolutionized the way content is created, distributed and streamed. This is why people are in constant need of variety of content and OTT caters to this demand magnificently with the lasting additions of varied content. 

As a result, the lockdown has inadvertently made the people realize the convenience of OTT which already reached its extent in the way the content is consumed on a day-to-day basis.

1. Video Content with High Quality
The users have an option to view their video in their desired quality like 2k,4k 720p or 1080p
2. Wide Audience Potential
Video streaming will reach a wide audience with its time convenient, device, and display.
3. Multilingual with Subtitle
The availability of multilingual subtitles make online video streaming a majestic one.
4. Ease and Convenience
With the availability of cross-platform availability and internet accessibility, online video streaming service is easy and convenient to use.
5. Choose What to Watch
Users can select and watch their desired movies, documentaries, web series in their desired time. 

The Utmost Risk of Out-of-home Entertainment

The outdoor entertainment phases such as events, films, theme parks and so on are prolonged in the recovery cycle of COVID-19 which is due to the “risk aversion” where consumers will have towards large public gatherings.

The norm social distancing has destroyed the footfalls and ticket sales of event venues, multiplexes and children’s parks and so on. As well, the film box office is headed for a disaster due to COVID19 which not only slowed down the theatrical chains expansion but also shutted down the various outlets as rental costs pinched the bottomline. 

OTT Apps - The Rocking Solution To Overcome Risks In Outdoor Entertainment 

The only solution to recover the entertainment industry from these sorts of burdens is “OTT”. 

At present, the more people across cities and ages become familiar with OTT which is an additional advantage for this sector's potential. In the same way, the 24/7 availability of umpteen movies and shows with the simple navigation interface has results in more users to go for OTT 

The fast-changing viewer experience and the behaviour of streaming trends let OTT is here to stay. As a result, this sector has remolded the entertainment industry and will continue to be ever-evolving with its enormous potential for consumer-centric & customized content. 

Hope you have attained a lot about OTT and its impact during COVID19. Not only for the user phase, it remains beneficial for the producers phase too with high revenue and wide reach. Are you an entrepreneur with streaming thoughts for live stream business? Then it's time to build your own OTT app with the best OTT app development solutions provider, Startupmart. Stuffed with amazing technologies and sophisticated trends, we caught your thoughts and made you meet your requirements with our service.

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