How does the Gojek Clone App Works?

How does the Gojek Clone App Works?
Gojek is an On-Demand Multi-Services App that provides 30+ services in a single platform. The user also prefers this application as all the on-demand services are available in a single app, the user doesn't need to download much application. Startupmart offers the Best Gojek Clone App called “Kojek” for your multi-services business. Engage more customers to your business with our Gojek Clone App having trending features, attractive portfolio, user-friendly action, and customized functionalities. Get to know about the workflow of our Gojek Clone named “Kojek”.

Working of Our “Kojek” - Gojek Clone App

Gojek Clone App is an assembling of all the services which are needed in day to day life on a single platform. It allows the user to experience the complete functionality and user-friendliness. The workflow of our Gojek Clone App can be classified into three categories for better understanding. They are: 

Transportation Service workflow:

Initially, the user must sign in/signup into the application. A user can also get into to app using social media accounts. After the successful registration, the user can select the desired service. It can be one among the following services:

- Taxi Service
- Car Rental
- Two-wheeler Service
- Two-wheeler Rental Services
- Packages and Movers 

After selecting the service, the user needs to book a particular transportation service. Before the booking confirmation, the estimation of the fare details will display on the screen. If the user is okay with the fare, he/she can confirm the booking. The Driver who is in the nearest location will accept the ride. The driver finds the location of the user which is displayed on the driver’s screen on the map. Using the map integrated into the app, both the user and the driver feel easy to find each other's location. Then the user enjoys the ride. After the completion of the ride, the payment process can be done by payment gateways. We offer multiple payment gateways so that the user can pay easily. Finally, the user can give feedback, ratings about the ride to the driver. This helps to maintain the standard of the application.

Delivery Service Workflow:

One can send packages of any size from one place to another. No matter what the item is, it can be delivered in the correct address. Various delivery services can be offered to your customers, they are:

- Food Delivery
- Flower Delivery
- Grocery Delivery
- Courier Delivery
- Alcohol Delivery
- Common Delivery

To experience a delivery service, the user needs to as usual sign-in/signup into the application. Then the user needs to choose a required delivery service from the list. It can be food delivery from the restaurant or a user who needs to send a courier to another place, etc. The user needs to select the required item for delivery and confirm the order. The restaurant/store will accept the order. Once the restaurant accepts the request, the nearest driver will accept the order and picks it from the restaurant/store and delivers it to the user’s doorstep. The payment can be done using multiple payment gateways. Reviews, feedback, can be given to the driver and the restaurant/store.

Hire Services workflow 

All the other services come under this hire services. The service provider can register and other services so that the customers can book for the services easily. The user can pick up any of the 30+ services such as: 

- Beauticians
- Plumbers
- Mechanics 
- Electricians 
- Doctors
- Pet Care
- Baby-Sitters
- Fitness Trainer
- Maid Services

There are still a lot of services available. To book the service, the user first needs to register in the application. Then he/she can book for a service with date, time and location. The available service provider can accept the request and arrives at the location at the given time and date. After completion of his/her, the user can rate and review their work. 


This on-demand services world is filled to its peak with many on-demand apps and as a result, the all-in-one super apps have gained attention as it comprises of all the services in a single application. Get the powerful Gojek clone App from Startupmart and take your venture to rake in success. Contact our team of experts and build a well-rounded and future-gen app and give your competitors a run for their money.

Disclaimer : Startupmart neither represents nor has command over the trademark of "Gojek". We are not doing any promotional activities and we use the term only for understanding our product. Our motto is not to harm any organization or individual.

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