How Much Does it Cost to Build a Multi-Gaming Platform App like MPL, Hago and Winzo?

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Multi-Gaming Platform App like MPL, Hago and Winzo?
As we well knew, the mobile gaming industry has grabbed 50% of the gaming market. Having any idea on how much does it cost to develop a multi-gaming platform app like MPL, Hago and Winzo? If yes, proceed to enhance your ideas and if no, let me describe you distinctly. Not everyone has an Xbox, PlayStation,PC/Laptop with them, quarter half of the people in the world have smartphones in their hands. Obviously, this is the reason behind the enormous growth of the mobile gaming industry. 
Besides, both the play store and the app store is stuffed with tons of games. Still, there are games that you have not played in your lifetime. But, those game lovers longing to play such games once in their lifetime. All these are because of games that are fun and help us relax. Can I ask you a question, what will you prefer for shopping, a shopping mall or roadside shops? I believe most of you prefer a mall where you can get your whole requirement package in a single place, whereas in the roadside, your shopping is like a store to store. The same tactics are applicable in the gaming industry too. Give everything to the consumers that they want in one place and make them yours forever.
What is a Multi-Gaming App Platform?
A Multigaming platform is identical to a mall, also we can say it as a gaming mall where you have huge games to compete and win with your family, friends, and strangers. To point out, multi-gaming platforms like MPL (Mobile Premier League), Hago, and Winzo furnish various games that let you play on your smartphones by simply downloading a single app. Pick your preferred game, play it in competition with online players, and earn real money. Amazed right? Yeah! The games which let you earn money is like getting a diamond for the gold order.
As a matter of fact, deviations in any industry lead to the make or break of a business. In such a way, the mobile gaming revolution was initiated with the snake and ladder game on the Nokia phone. Later, companies were able to earn a lot in this industry. Again the change has hit the mobile gaming industry. It’s time for the multi-gaming platforms to dive into this industry with the best impact by having a multi-gaming platform like MPL, Hago, and WinZo.
Factors That Influences Multi-Gaming Platform App Costs
The below are the must-have features of the multi-gaming app
1. Astounding UI/UX
Everyone well knew the proverb, “The first impression is the best impression”, which is not true for everything when it comes for the mobile app, it is absolutely true. Everyone loves their smartphone and hesitate to fill the space with useless things. Yeah, your app must give a good look to feel to sustain in your users' smartphone. Hence, it is more vital to indulge the best UI/UX for your app to deliver the best first expression for your users. In such a way, Startupmart is fabulous for its elegant designs which entirely covers the considerations of your users.
2. Coin-Cash System
People will play for real money when it comes to the multi-gaming platform, but it is natural for the multi-gaming to have a coin-cash system. Do you know about casino? This is just similar to it instead of chips/tokens, the app will furnish coins to the users against real money. Also, it is notable that, avoid creating a complex coin system and go for the simple method. If the system is complex, there is no way for convincing the users to buy coins where all your efforts will be wasted. Hence, it is a key thing to keep in mind for the simple and smooth coin-cash system. Alright, the parents think their 5 years old child is soo intelligent when he/she is using a smartphone easily. To point out, it is not about the child intelligence, whereas the intelligence of the developer lets even a 5-year-old child utilize the smartphone apps easily. Yeah! In this way, be conscious of choosing the best mobile app development company to develop your multi-gaming platform app. 
3. Simple & Secured Payment Integration
As it is well known to everyone, the prime reason why the users have downloaded your app and playing games is to earn money. For that, the transaction process should be simple and wind up with three steps. Besides, the users will work hard to defeat the opponent, don’t let them feel hard to have the hard-earned money on their hands. It is more crucial to be in conscious with payment integration because it delivers a wrong impression when your coin-cash system is simple and smooth and the cash withdraw process is hard and running a 10 miles marathon. In short, the game experience of the users is they can play their preferred games, earn money through utilizing their skills, and withdraw their money easily.
4. Illuminated Game Rules
“Be simple and be a sample”, yeah! You are not developing the games for scientists so your games should be simple and comprehend which lets your users refer your games to their friends and family, thus make you a sample. To mention that, the best game is the one which is simple to understand, but it should take some hard work and skills to master it. Hence stuff the game format and rules as simple as possible.
Note that, the rules should be precise and displayed in the rule options in the setting. It should be on the game screen, while the user is playing the game for the first time. When it bounces often, the user gets irritated and never plays the game again as well as tutorials are much appreciated here. Do not describe the rules in lengthy texts which can bore the user. Well, don’t you have any notion about the rules, no need to worry much, the game app solutions provider like startupmart will do it efficiently for you. 
 5. In-Built Chat Option
If there is no interaction with the other players while playing, then there is no fun in the game. Lacking interaction makes the users feel that they are playing with the computer. Taunting and talks are also the reasons behind the playing of multiplayer games. So make the e-gaming experience feel alive through including live text and video chat features in your multi-gaming platform app.
To point out, most of the real money games have these features therefore your app should also have them to enhance the gaming experience widely loved and accepted by the players. The development cost and stages of the features may cost-effective but worth indulging in. 
How Much Does it Cost to Build a Multi-Gaming Platform App Like MPL, Hago and Winzo?
The development cost of the multi-gaming platform app costs may vary as per the attributes of the app.. The deviation is in accordance with your stunning requirements. Besides, it would not be a burning thing when purchasing your multi-gaming platform app with rich payment; it will make you the richest.  Hence, investment in a multi-gaming platform app will become a worthwhile ROI. Build your multi-gaming platform app with all your desired requirements. Get a free demo of your multi-gaming platform app.
How much does it be Profitable to Develop a Multi-gaming App Platform?
Everything is fun when you join your hands with your friends and family and do it. Hence, it is beneficial to add the feature which lets the users connect their friends. More friends, more fun.
As well, people want to enjoy with their close ones while playing, so that they will like your app and they will tell their friends and family to install your app so that they can play together. In such a way, your user base will enhance which results in high ROI. You can also use referral codes and referral rewards to grow your user base which is profitable too.
Wrapping Up
At Startupmart, we are predominant & passionate in developing gaming and made many wondering experiences in the gaming market. Well, our extended service makes many of our clients to shine in the gaming industry. Enhance your love towards the game industry by choosing our service. 
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