How Will Super Apps Change The Future Of On-Demand Businesses?

How Will Super Apps Change The Future Of On-Demand Businesses?

The wave of super apps are transcending boundaries at a very fast rate. In Asian countries the on-demand apps like Gojek are slowly buzzing.  For instance look at the Chinese and Indonesian app market, you will find one Super app incorporating numerous services in a single platform. These apps can replace more than 50 apps on the smartphone. 

There are readily available markets which are poised to accommodate Supper apps, one can make use of the chance and create an unshakable business basement. It can be neither an existing business enterprise nor an entrepreneur, any one with a desire to make a revolution in the on-demand business industry can utilize it. Here's a blog that provides you quality insights on how Super apps will change the future of on-demand businesses and the hyper growth of multi-services apps.  

On-Demand Multi-Services App like Gojek

The Gojek Clone App is an on-demand multi-services platform that offers 50+ on-demand services under a single platform like taxi booking, food delivery, grocery delivery, professional services, doctor booking, medicine delivery, etc. This umbrella app has all the power to replace various other apps. A Gojek Clone Script is a ready-made solution which helps you to offer multiple on-demand services from a single application.

This coronavirus has pushed us to know the hyper need of the on-demand apps more than ever. From taxi booking to shopping we prefer the online medium which makes all the process so simple and user-friendly. During this period people have understood the comfort in the doorstep services.

The Surge of On-Demand Apps - The Hyper-Growth Of Multi-Service On-Demand Apps

Not so back, just a decade back, we all had phones but they were not smart. As the advancements in technology increased, numerous improvements were made in the phones transforming it into a smartphone. Anyway, they were used only  for communication. The grocery stores, retail outlets stores seemed to be crowded by people. They kept visiting them in person.  This is mainly because of the low convenience and mobility and user-friendliness. 

Uber was the first business model to take smartphones to the next level. It leveraged the smartphones to book taxis using the Internet. Following the foot path of Uber many on-demand businesses changed to online and built their environment and started running successfully. Customers are feeling more convenient and comfortable with applications now. Now for the Taxi industry, there is no going back as it formed an empire.

People accepted the concept on a multi-services platform as it satisfied the needs of them in the right way. The famous quotes “customers have the final say” is true here. This acceptance made the paradigm shift inevitable in the on-demand industry. The meters in the taxi have transformed to estimated fares, the virtual carts, orders reaching doorstep, etc are the convenience that made it a trend, survived, and succeeded.

Factors that Turn-On Super App's Success

Here are several factors that initiated the growth and success of the Super pps like Gojek.

1. The Mobile-Centric Users:

The smartphone culture made it easy for the people to get connected with the applications. Before that adults and millennials are not well known to the desktops and PSs. Mobile phones are the first gadget they were taking with them. So, this made them feel the convenience in the app trends. 

2. The Population:

The on-demand applications will expand easily in densely populated areas like China, India, etc. As they have 1.3 billion people. Here the on-demand applications are expanding at a tremendous rate. Here the smartphones are available very easily and this helped to expand in a large manner. 

3. Introduction of Digital payment:

The development of e-wallet is also one of the reasons for the access of super apps. It helps to expand in the larger area. Every region has one well known payment gateway, integrate that one for that particular region. So that it will help the customer to make payment without any delay. 

How Will Super Apps Change The Future Of On-Demand Businesses?

The need to develop Super apps is to enormously penetrate densely populated regions and to compete with the bosses of the individual sectors. The future holds the possibilities of the rise of multi-services apps. 

- Hyper-Local Services: 

One of the main advantages of running a multi-services app is that you can streamline your business services in a particular region. This generates  huge revenue. It is important to have an app that satisfies the local customer entirely. This will help you to get a firm position in the local market initially. Following the success in a region, you can then establish the same in the many other areas. This will help you to get famous in a short time. 

- Services Based on your Customer Needs:

It is much needed to do market research, customer surveys, etc to find out the customer needs. Based on these results, analyze what exactly the customer is expecting from an on-demand multi-services application. Visibility, performance, and revenue can be boosted by satisfying customer expectations.

Get the Right Technical Assistance

Developing  a robust Super app like Gojek is not an easy task. The application that you build should be capable of facing massive user traffic and align in tandem with the industry-specific back-end protocols. For this you will need an efficient team of technical experts to build the app. 

At Startupmart, we have a dedicated team to build an impeccable Gojek Clone Script, that is capable of incorporating 50+ services under the same platform. 


With the hype for the Super apps like Gojek among people is tremendous increasing day by day. Even the giants like Uber, Facebook, and many others are keeping eagle eye into Super app market scope.  So if any entrepreneurs out there with a desire to become successful, make use of this golden chance by getting a Gojek Clone App and start a on-demand multi-services business.

Reach out to us an on-demand app development company, we will assist you to build a on-demand multi-services empire.  

Disclaimer: Startupmart neither represents nor has command over the trademark of "Gojek". We are not doing any promotional activities and we use the term only for understanding our product. Our motto is not to harm any organization or individual.

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