Netflix Tech Stack 2020 – A 361 Degree View of the Video Streaming App

Netflix Tech Stack 2020 – A 361 Degree View of the Video Streaming App
Before entering into the entire technology stack of Netflix, it is more crucial to reveal one thing, “Being a technological marvelNetflix had grabbed wide attention as it deserves.” Right? Fine, let us step into the tech stack of the OTT leader, Netflix.
Consider you as a Netflix user, and it is fair enough to watch what’s being in front of you. Have you ever thought, how you are able to stream your favorite shows without any hassles?
Well, let me define the beauty of a truly magical product that lets you for streaming, better user experience and so on.
Netflix – The OTT Leader
With video content digitization, all OTT platforms go for the simple formula, good content with the latest recommendation algorithmic technologies leads to exceptional user experience.
As a matter of fact, Netflix admits to keeping the stage of streaming technology as well as content at an equal level. The first thing that strikes in everyone’s mind, when hearing the word “streaming content platform” is, Netflix. Agreed? This is because of its open-ended efforts which not only makes wide access to content but also gives hands to lesser network speed and data requirements, with cutting edge technology.
Netflix Tech Stack 2020
For ensuring all-round compatibility and support, the technology stack of Netflix upholds several programming languages like Java, JS, Kotlin, Python and swift.
1. Python – The most appreciable of Netflix features like security and scaling culture is grabbed by the utilization of Python. Being a part of Netflix’s depot, Python enables the use of AI & ML for the features of user personalization and data economical encoding. 
For instance, if a person watching his/her favorite series or movie on Netflix, they can't capture and share the best scenario of the movie to their desires. This indicates the utmost security of the Netflix with its inbuilt tech stacks.
2. Kotlin – Furnish most required tooling support and comes handy with other programming languages that offer the interoperable nature for Netflix.
On the other hand, Netflix tech stack also upholds of absolute exhaustive libraries that tempt frameworks to act as a spine for the development processes and polish user experience. 
To point out, the user-friendly interfaces of Netflix are owned by the UI library of JavaScript, ReactJS which uses NodeJS as a framework and WinJS simplifies the development progress of windows application.
As a top-notch digital content platform, Netflix tech stack having astonishing backend tools, processes and architecture which make it to compete and be in a peak of the video streaming industry with its worthy reputation. 
Backend of Netflix
The ancient days of Netflix utilized their own data center for customer tracking, inventory management and customer billing. Later, it joined their hands with amazing backend technologies like Java, Gluster, MySQL, Apache, Hadoop and so on which perfectly fit for Netflix in terms of scalability, security, functionality as well as flexibility.
As well, Kafka, another backend tool to scrutinize the user experience and compute personalized user recommendations with algorithms. With all those blasting backends, Netflix stands ahead in the area of video streaming.
Structure-wise, the backend of Netflix comprises the following elements
1.       Programming languages – PHP, Python, JavaScript
2.      Frameworks – Ruby on Rails, Django, Flask
3.     Databases – MongoDB and MySQL
4.     Server providers – Apache, NginX, etc.
Wrapping Up
Hope, you have amazed by the attributes of Netflix which knocks your mind kick start your own video streaming business like Netflix. Right? No worries! You are sailing on the right path of your business boat. Join your hands with us and grab the best Netflix clone script which lets you shine in your business. Post your requirements to reach an extent in your business.

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