On-Demand Doctor Booking App - A Solution For Doctors and Patients To Meet Online During Covid19 Pandemic

On-Demand Doctor Booking App  - A Solution For Doctors and Patients To Meet Online During Covid19 Pandemic

The demand for healthcare services is increasing day by day. As many new diseases are exposed, the need for a healthcare system is also rising. Especially after the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in December 2019. This left the medical industry with a big question mark. Due to the strict government norms to tackle with the spread of COVID19, hospitals are engaged with coronavirus affected and symptoms patients. As of today, the total recorded COVID19 cases worldwide is 55.6 million with a death count accounting to almost 1.34 million. 

In situations like this, people are finding it difficult to consult a doctor or clinic and also they have more chances of contracting the disease. This has resulted in the rise of on-demand doctor booking apps. They also had a place in the on-demand industry long before, but only after the strike of coronavirus there was a paradigm shift to this industry. People are in need of a virtual consultation system to connect with the corresponding doctor. Entrepreneurs across the globe are diving in this vastly expanding market with the doctor booking script. In this blog let see a complete guide on on-demand doctor booking app development. 

What is an On-Demand Doctor Booking App? 

On-Demand Doctor Booking App is an average appointment booking app but specially made for doctors and hospitals, which has turned out to be a modern way of offering health services to patients online. A Doctor booking app can provide A to Z medical services for patients that include doctor consultation, claim medicine delivery services, multi-specialty services,  health tips, medicine prescription, and everything online 24X7. 

It is a virtual communication system using an app. All a user has to do is download the app, create a profile, find a doctor, and book an appointment. Later doctors meet the patient virtually using the internet and treat them. 

What is Doctor Booking Script?

Doctor Booking Script is a smart and future-rich program source code of a doctor consultation app. It helps to start an online doctor booking business venture. The script is 100% customizable and highly customizable and replicates the features of popular doctor booking apps in the market.  

Statistics Associated to Healthcare Applications

  1. The number of users using healthcare services is drastically increasing day by day. As of market research, it is predicted that by 2021 this healthcare sector will reach nearly 280 billion dollar with a growth rate of 21%. 
  2. It is estimated that there are almost 1.7 billion smartphone users worldwide who have healthcare apps. 
  3. There are 318,000 mobile applications available in the major app stores. 
  4. Two third of biggest hospitals in the United States provide mobile health apps
  5. As of the Research2Guidance report, it is estimated that 80% of physicians already use medical apps for consultations.
  6. 43% of millennials prefer to use doctor consultation apps from smartphones.

What are the Reasons for the acceptance of the Doctor Booking Apps?

Usage of Advanced Technology:

It is aimed to make use of the leading-edge technologies and provide the doctors a realistic consultation experience. It is possible with the use of cameras as patients are struggling to explain their symptoms. By using Augmented Reality(AR) Technology, doctors are able to see more closely to patients and provide best consultation. 

Organisational Comfort:

The doctor booking apps offer a complete organisational tool to supervise earnings. They provide graphical reports regarding the revenue generation. It can be viewed in many convenient ways like data-wise, month-wise, and year-wise. The AI algorithm will study the generated revenue history and suggest the doctors and hospitals with the ideas for future improvements.

Effective Mode of Handling Patients:

While most of the doctors are engaging in treating coronavirus infected patients, it is difficult for the regular patients to find appointments. By using on-demand doctor booking apps hospitals can organize patients effortlessly. In Fact this reduces cost and time. More number of patients can be treated in the same duration compared to the physical consultation system. 

Clear Maintenance of Records:

Medical records contain very important and delicate information, so it is crucial to handle it in a proper way.  The doctor consultation app provides cloud storage to store and manage these records safely. These records can be lab tests, personnel details, etc.

What are the Revenue Models of On-Demand Doctor Booking App?

Here are several popularly used revenue streams for doctor appointment apps:


The app provides the doctors a wide range of exposure and helps in getting more number of patients. So, they are asked to pay some percentage of the amount from their revenue to the app owners. The revenue generation depends on the number physicians and patients using the application. 

Paid Listing

Some of the doctors registering the application will get less number of patients for consultation, they can use this model for getting more users by paying for the listing services. This is why because, the paid listing appears on the top- of the search. This increases the chances of getting more patients. 

Advertisement Fee

This the best and mostly used model to generate high revenue using the application. Advertisements related to the healthcare sector are displayed in the doctor's appointment app.

What are the Types of Doctor Booking App?

There are two types of online doctor booking apps. They are 

  1. Online Doctor App
  2. Medical Chat App

The first type targets on providing virtual consultations to the patients and the second targets on the chat option for medical advice. 

On-Demand Doctor App Solution

A outright on-demand doctor booking app comes with,

  1. Patient App
  2. Doctor App
  3. Admin Dashboard

Must-have Features in a Telemedicine Application

  1. Registration
  2. Search for physicians
  3. Push notification
  4. Articles
  5. Multiple Payment Gateway
  6. Availability toggle
  7. Accept/Reject requests
  8. Digital prescriptions
  9. Ratings and Reviews
  10. God’s eye view
  11. Report management
  12. Advertisement management

Wrap Up

Entrepreneurs can get into this exponential growth market and join hands with doctorshospitals and provide the best online medical consultation services. Hospitals and doctors can also offer effective treatment by getting a doctor booking script from Startupmart and launch a on-demand doctor booking app.


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