OTT Apps - The Complete Guide for the Entrepreneurs in Video On Demand (VOD Platform) Business

OTT Apps - The Complete Guide for the Entrepreneurs in Video On Demand (VOD Platform) Business

Are you desiring to be an online video entrepreneur? Undoubtedly you have heard about OTT apps. Right?
At this moment, you are here to grab knowledge about this, which symbolizes that you recognize the impact of the fast-growing technology of the online video industry.
Here is the absolute OTT apps guide for you! Fine, your mind knocking to know what else can you grab from this guide. Right?
This is the complete source of info about the OTT app which let for the better comprehending of this new video distribution method as well as how to launch your own OTT apps to make your video streaming business extent.
You can acquire the following things from this guide
1. What is the OTT app & why it is a big deal?
2. How OTT aid hundreds of video streaming businesses to grow the extent?
3. How OTT apps will replace your video streaming business?
4. How to launch your own OTT app?
5. How to find the best OTT solutions provider?
Hope, in the end, you will have a distinct understanding of those queries in your mind.
1. What is an OTT app & why it is a big deal?
When you search for “what is OTT app” you will get this definition
An OTT (Over-the-top) applications are an app that delivers video content to your smartphone, tablet, or smart TV through the internet rather than the traditional distribution methods of cable or satellite.
Yeah! OTT apps take us to the world of sophisticated technology. As well, these apps let you for the instant streaming of your loved videos in your desired device. It might be a movie, eLearning class, or anything else, you can watch it.
Why OTT apps is big deal?
OTT app is a big deal for the dual reasons
A. Content consumers expect to have it
B. Better for VOD business
On the other hand, 3 key factors make OTT apps much popular among the viewers.
(i) Accessibility: Users become addicted to what they watch, through OTT they can stream their loved videos and watch in their desired time and place.
(ii) Control: undoubtedly, the users are ready to pay more to have complete control over their watching programs. For this, 50% of the users have multiple subscriptions. This symbolizes they are ready for the payments to customize their watching videos.
(iii) Cost: As a matter of fact, users’ minds often thought that we are paying much for cable subscriptions that offer limited accessibility and control, instead they will have a better experience with OTT apps. 
2. OTT Lets Hundreds of Video Streaming Business to grow extent
In the analysis, the video streaming business entrepreneurs, who added OTT apps to their existing web-based services experience the massive growth in revenue as well as in size. This is also because of the dual reasons, diminish churn, and enhances conversation.
A. OTT apps diminish churn
If your content exists on several devices, particularly the preferred device of your users, then people love to consume it more. As well, the most common thing we hear from the subscribers while canceling their video subscription is, “your content is great, I just don’t have the time to watch it”, Right?
What it means is, subscribers are in lack of time at home to pull out their laptops or mobile and stream your content. Hence, as a video streaming business entrepreneur, you need to help them for finding the time to your content.
Through offering the OTT apps to your subscribers, you are indulging them to employ your content on-the-go through their mobile devices.
(I) while every day travel (to and from work)
(II) While pausing at the doctor’s office
(III) At lunch hours
(IV) On airplanes (with offline downloading features)
In such way, you smooth out a huge friction point, that holds your subscribers on your service longer and diminishing your churn rates.
B. OTT apps enhance conversation
Besides, to enhance your existing users’ engagement you need to open yourselves up to new subscribers (i.e. enhancing the number of cord-cutters) who are actively searching for the new OTT services to subscribing.
Cord-cutters knew that OTT apps mean freedom & convenience, and it has been proven through our data that being able to stream their favorite content on big screen TVs and tablets is a massive differentiator for viewers.
As result, VOD business with OTT apps experiences an average of 30% of higher conversation than VOD business without OTT apps.
3. How OTT apps will replace your video streaming business?
Assuredly, OTT apps will replace your video streaming business for certain reasons. If you want to launch your own OTT app, here are the main apps to launch. iOS and Android apps for mobile phones and tablets.
Apps for TVs
(I) Roku
(II) Apple TV
(III) Android TV
(IV) Amazon Fire TV
No need to launch all of the above, it depends on your target audience and the sort of content you offer. To pick the best OTT app for your business, here is the report of OTT app usage to detect patterns, preferences, and habits. Proceed the following:
A. Quarter half of the OTT app users prefer streaming through mobile apps than TV apps, which symbolizes that launching Android and iOS video streaming will lead to better reach.
B. Mobile apps let for the most certain location targeting.
C. Android mobile apps have worldwide reach specifically in non-English speaking markets, where iOS has the largest market penetration.
As a result, the convenience and portability of smartphones make OTT apps for phones and tablets the more significant to launch first.
This is how the way of OTT apps replace your video streaming business.
4. How to launch your own OTT app?
Well, you got all the stuff you need like your content, strategy, business, vision, and audience as well as which app you are gonna launch, Right? Then here are the steps of how to create and launch your OTT app.
If you can’t create your own OTT app with all those stunning features, you have two main options.
Option 1: Lease an app from OTT platform provider
Option 2: Hiring an app developer
(I) Leasing an app
Leasing an app denotes that you will rent an app from the OTT platform development service provider. This seems to be dependent on your platform providers. 
(II) Hiring an app developer
Hiring an app developer to build your OTT app is the most efficient and obvious one where you can build your app in your desired way as per your requirement from the initial phase. To hire an app developer, first, you have to find the best OTT solutions provider. 
5. How to find the best OTT solutions provider?
Several OTT platform providers furnish several features at various price points and strategies, But the perfect OTT app development company will furnish the following:
(I) Offer video streaming website with your apps
(II) Let you to completely customize your streaming website
(III) Make you accept global payments
(IV) furnish you an absolute audience ownership
(V) Minimal time and cost to develop and launch your OTT app
(VI) Indulge free updates and maintenance for your apps
These six significant factors you should not get compromised while picking the OTT solutions provider.
Well, you won’t get a compromise with those factors with startupmart. Acquire all options of your OTT app in one place with us. Your OTT app development with all your requirements will never be cumbersome with us.
Hey entrepreneurs! It’s time to launch your own OTT video streaming app with us!!!
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