What are the Premium Features of Dream11 Clone App?

What are the  Premium Features of Dream11 Clone App?
One cannot say for sure that an App alone will make a business a grand success, as its features also play an equally important role in taking the business in the path of victory. Before buying a product it is necessary to completely go through all the features. These features play a major role in making your app easy to use and generate more revenue.
In my last blog, we have discussed the user convenient features of Dream11 Clone App. In this blog, let me tell you the essential admin convenient and supplementary features of the Dream11 Clone App. 
Admin Convenient Features
1. SignIn/SignUp
The admin can log in to the application by entering the username and password. If the admin is new to the app, he/she can register by entering their basic detail
2. Dashboard
It consists of all the details of all the matches like the total number of matches held, matches that are upcoming, live matches, the total number of participants and the total revenue.
3. User Accounts Control
Admins have control over the update, add, delete, edit, activate and deactivate the user accounts. So, the app remains so secure for all the others.
4. Match Control
The tournaments can be managed, updated, added, deleted, edited, activated, deactivated by the admin. This helps the admin to have a full-fledged control over the matches.
5. Games Category Management
Here, in this section, the admin can add a new game category or they can delete the unwanted category in the list. This helps the admin to organize the app efficiently.
6. Revenue Management
The total money generated by all the matches will be displayed here. The admin can check or view the total earnings and also the amount generated from the various matches using the different filter options available in the Dream11 Clone App
7. Payment Control
All the payment gateways in the application can be controlled by the admin. Through this, the user can experience a problem less payment 

Supplementary Features
1. Geo Tracking
This is a very useful feature that helps to send push notifications and messages to the users about the ongoing and upcoming tournaments based on their location which is near to them.
2. Mail Reminder
This feature lets the admin to send emails easily to the user about their picked team and all other details of the players and the tournaments without any hurdles.
3. API Integration 
This integration of the API lets easy to use the app and effortless integration into the platform of the application.
4. Live Match Score
Live score, match highlights, expert reports of the matches can be known quickly using this feature.
5. Push Notification
This is a very essential feature as this lets the admin send alert messages to the users to give instructions about the match timings and the time to create the team. 
6. CRM integration
It helps the service providers to have control over the offered tickets, emails, locations, push notifications and so on.
7. Analytics
This feature in the Dream11 Clone App keeps on recording, storing, and updating all the data into the application so that it will be so convenient to retrieve the data when it is needed for some queries.
These are the essential admin convenient and supplementary features of the fantasy sports app like Dream11.

Summing Up

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Disclaimer: Startupmart neither represents nor has command over the trademark of "Dream11". We are not doing any promotional activities and we use the term only for understanding our product. Our motto is not to harm any organization or individual.

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