What are the Ride Types and Panels that a Carpooling Ecosystem Must Have?

What are the Ride Types and Panels that a Carpooling Ecosystem Must Have?
One of the revolutionary idea introduced in the transportation field is the concept of carpooling. It is playing an important role from the day it has been implemented. As you all know, the cost of the total ride is shared among the co-passengers. 
Many non-profit organizations provide car-sharing services all over the world for reducing greenhouse gases, thereby benefiting the environment. Apart from non-profit organizations, there are many commercial car-sharing providers present globally. Major cities like New York, Washington DC and Chicago have more than 30 carpooling systems present in 2013. The phenomenal growth of shared-use mobility services can be clearly understood when the number rose to 100 in 2019.
Now, it has become well known and widely used by the enormous number of people all around the world. Taxi companies are subjected to licensing requirements and fall under some regulations but carpooling does not require regulatory affiliation. Carpooling comes under the umbrella of the sharing economy. A recent report by Price water house Coopers has estimated that sharing economy will hit $335 billion by 2025.
Ride types that must-have in your BlaBlaCar Clone App
Long-distance ride – As the name says, this ride is basically from one city to another even from one country to another.
Private taxi –It is similar to taxi services. Here passengers cannot demand a particular destination. It is beneficial for the people who travel to the same destination inside the same city.
Regular trip sharing – This ride is based on the regular people who travel to the same selected destinations, for example, students who study in the same school/college, workplace, etc. In this ride, the starting point of the travel may be different but the destination will be the same.
Here is the Demo video of our ByDoo Taxi App that clearly explains the work flow of user app and driver app.

The 3 types of Panels 
The BlaBlaCar Clone App must have the following panels, 
                                                             * Admin Panel
                                                             * User Panel
                                                             * Driver Panel
The main thing that makes the user use the app more frequently is the features. All the 3 apps should be simple to use by all kind of people. BlaBlaCar Clone App from Startupmart comes with a script that can be customized based on the owner's requirements to delete, edit and add new features.
Admin Panel
Admins of the applications have an aerial view of all the processes that happen within the application. The main features of the admin panel are:
 1. Monitoring the conversations between drivers and customers.
2. Controls the payments and refunds of the rides.
3. Dashboard for managing contents
4. Having Control over the driver assignment
5. Managing the website and settings
User panel
By using this panel a user can confirm a ride and know the details of the ride.
 1. Sign in / Sign up
2. Choosing car type preference
3. Driver details
4. Cost details
5. Multi-language support
6. Real-time GPS tracking
7. Multi-currency support
8. Review and rating

Driver panel
A driver’s panel should have features that permit the driver to accept rides and view his stats. The panel must contain
 1. GPS Navigation and tracking
2. Review and rating
3. Multi-language support
4. Multi-currency support
5. Push notifications
6. Option to accept and reject rides
7. A dashboard that displays the rides he made and amount of revenue.
Nowadays travel has become the most common activity in everyone’s life. By understanding the need, many entrepreneurs have eagerly started entering the transportation industry with ideas like Carpooling businesses like BlaBlaCar. 
Entrepreneurs have to find the best BlaBlaCar Clone App developers who provide clone scripts to integrate features and customize the app. Developing and launching a BlaBlacar clone Script is not only cost-effective but also feasible for the business. 
In this way, Startupmart helps the entrepreneurs to differentiate themselves from their competitors in the ride-sharing industry by developing a Carpooling app like BlaBlaCar, which can be customized according to the business need. 

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