How to Start an Online Booking Business for Hotels, Flights, Tours & Cars?

How to Start an Online Booking Business for Hotels, Flights, Tours & Cars?
Traveling should always be a pre-planned program. Because we expect a sophisticated trip or vacation. When it comes to planning a trip, there are a lot of things we should plan at least before a week like booking flight tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, some times even we will book a tour in advance. We need to book all the above mentioned on different platforms. But nowadays it is easy for planning a vacation as there are applications and websites available to book all these on a single platform.

Think of an app/website which lets the user book flights, hotel rooms, tours and cars in a single platform. Super cool idea right!! Yeah, now you start a business like this for getting more revenue. Startupmart offers a Travel Booking Script for your travel booking business. Now let me tell you what are the services our app/web has.

Services in our Travel Booking Script

                               -  Booking Flights
                               -  Hotel Room Reservations
                               -  Booking Tours 
                               -  Rental Cars

Here is the Demo video of our Bukinga - A Multi-Services Booking Website(Flights, Hotels, Tours and Cars), which clearly explains the workflow of the website.


This service module allows passengers to make their reservations with a customized list of destinations. This flight tickets reservation module is to provoke the concept of an online reservation system. This lets the user find the best flights for their trip. This service has all categories of flights from the cheapest to the costilest. And also the user can book both domestic and international flights at an affordable cost. It has advanced search filters based on the destinations, departure, city, date, flight type, discount offers and so many. Our flight ticket booking module has several fields like departure and arrival city, customer code number, date of the booking, traveling date, flight number, and other customizable fields.  


The most important thing on a vacation is the place where we stay. That decides how we are going to enjoy the vacation. As we all expect a hotel that is comfortable, neat, hygiene it is very important to find the best hotel. Our online travel booking script lets the user search and compare many hotels with one another regarding their price, feedbacks, and services. The User can view the monthly calendar which lets them know about the availability of rooms with the price details. The user can also see the images of the rooms before booking that are available on the app/web. 


This service module allows your users to book their vacation as a package. This will be a better option as the cost will be comparatively less. This compromises all reservations including cars, flights, and hotels together. This module also has a travel guide which helps the users to travel to different places very easily with its google map location tracker. The search for a vacation will be based on the  Holiday dates, Destinations, Resorts, Departure form, number days, number of nights, dates, room type, number of people, price and so on. The best part of this module is that it gives a complete facility to book for a vacation. 


The user can book for a rental car or cab through this, module. Within a few swipes and clicks, a user can book their ride. The module also has multiple language options.  Car rental is so handy and low cost. It would be a great advantage for travel lovers. They can easily book a car and make their trip as they please without minding anything. Users can enjoy and make their trip a memorable one. Car Rental Reservation system helps the user to plan their trip in their comfortable time. Users can book various cars according to size, journey limit, brand, color based on their preferences.

Application We Have

                                -  Web Application
                                -  Mobile Application
                                -  Desktop Application

Web Application

It is the client-server computer program that a client runs in a web browser. Startupmart’s  Web Application is the hub software for the complete travel booking and travel management business.  

Mobile Application

Mobile apps always upgrade your business to a higher level. As technology develops, almost everyone has a mobile phone. This is the biggest reason why mobile apps have an ‘n’ number of users. These applications make easy for a user to book their travel in your travel booking app. It is very necessary for a business to have an application in both Android and iOS.

Desktop Application

It is an application that runs on a desktop, which in most cases your PC. This helps in managing your back-end more easily and fastly without using a separate web browser. Most importantly in very safe, secure and higher up than a web browser. 

Bottom Line

The Above mentioned are the four important services that should be in your travel booking script. Startupmart offers the booking script with all the four services. The script can be customized based on your business requirements. We offer both a website and a mobile application. We offer a mobile application for both Android and iOS. It is high time to get your Travel Booking script and start your online booking business for hotels, flights, cars, and tours.

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