Top 10 Features in Your WhatsApp Clone Script/App

Top 10 Features in Your WhatsApp Clone Script/App
Man has been communicating with one another since he appeared. But, the way of communication has been changing from time to time. Before the invention of technologies, for many decades man used to communicate by writing letters to the people on the other end. After that the invention of technologies, text messages were used for communication. 
Then as technology grows, the mode of communication also became very easy. Some of the most used modes of communication were Gmail, text messages, pejar devices, etc. But think now? There is a lot of ways to communicate with a person. Contacting a person is not a big deal right !!
Raise of WhatsApp
There were certain limitations to the text message system. Is was the time were there araised a need for an efficient messaging system. There was a need for a free instant messaging app to connect with or to everyone. WhatsApp arrived at the scene as a one to one messaging app. Grade by grade WhatsApp introduced many features such as sharing images, videos, audios, contact, locations, documents and GIF files, etc.
The main feature, which attracted many users towards using WhatsApp was “Emojis”. They developed many unique smiley formats which looked so cute and colorful. As of February 2017, WhatsApp had over 1.2 billion users globally, reaching 1.5 billion monthly active users by the end of 2017.
As we have already discussed a lot about WhatsApp's history, pros, cons, and future of the Instant messaging systems in my previous blog, today let us know about the fundamental features of the WhatsApp Clone App.
Fundamental Features to be in WhatsApp Clone App
1.Push Notifications
This the most important feature, as it lets the user know about the new messages and calls when they are offline. This helps the user to know who sent them the messages and the number of messages they received.

2.Message Saving System

The app can store your messages only to a certain limit. A lot of hassles are faced by WhatsApp when it stores outdated messages. For this purpose, WhatsApp doesn’t store the messages on the server when the user logs in with another number. This helps WhatsApp from facing hassles as it removes outdated messages.

3.Media Files

This is the lifesaver feature as it allows the user to send documents, videos, audios, contacts, and images. This is the must-have feature in a WhatsApp Clone App. Customers will expect this feature as it is fundamental for any instant messaging system.

4.Group Chats

Group chats are often used in office, college, and family environments. It helps the user when it comes to sending a single message to 20+ contacts. Only the user knows how many group chats they are in.

5.Sharing Location 

This feature is helpful in situations to reach a certain place like meetings or a new place you don’t know about. Geolocation and Google Maps are integrated into it. You can also boom your business with location sharing to your customers who are new to your venture.

6.In-App Audio and Video Calling

It is very important to include voice and video calls in your Instant messaging app. And also the quality of the calls should be crystal clear. So that the user can use the calls without any disturbances. And now literally you can say goodbye to video calling apps as WhatsApp has integrated video and audio calls.

7.Mute Conversations
Generally, if a user receives a message the user will get notified with the push notification and a message tone. Think about how it disturbs the daily activity of the user? So as a solution, the user can use this feature the mute the conversation. Here the user can choose to mute a certain conversation up to a certain period.

8.Last Seen 

The user can go incognito by using this feature. This does not let the other people know the online status of the user. The user can disable this setting when they don’t want to hide their last seen.

9.Encryption and Security

WhatsApp has an end-to-end encryption security feature to hide the messages from hackers. The messages are encrypted on the sender’s and receiver’s phone and decrypts accordingly. So you can also use this feature in your WhatsApp Clone App for security purposes.


The User can Block and Unblock the unwanted contacts by choosing the block option. 

WhatsApp has introduced some of the super cool features in their Beta version. And also about to bring all those features for all other users. Let me list out some of the features that are about to be included in the beta version of WhatsApp 

* Dark Mode 

* Self-Destructing Messages

* Hiding Muted Status

* Splash Screen

* Finger-Print authentication

If you want to add all these excellent features into the user WhatsApp clone App, Startupmart is ready to customize the App for you. You can customize the app according to your wish. 

Choose a white-labeled and cost-effective WhatsApp Clone from Startupmart and carve your niche for yourself. If you have an idea for purchasing a WhatsApp Clone then, you can contact us. We provide the script/App with all the features in it. And we are ready to integrate your specifications in it. With our script/App take off without any hurdles in your business.

Disclaimer : Startupmart neither represents nor has command over the trademark of "WhatsApp". We are not doing any promotional activities and we use the term only for understanding our product. Our motto is not to harm any organization or individual.

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