Build An Outstanding On-Demand Tutoring App Like Uber

Build An Outstanding On-Demand Tutoring App Like Uber
For the past few months the world has been fighting towards the deadly coronavirus (COVID19). I made a pause in human life.  Every industry including education is undergoing recession due to this pandemic. To stop the enormous spread of this virus, schools and colleges all round the world have been closed and still remain closed. There are over 69 billion students across the world. This is the main reason why government officials are keeping the schools and colleges to remain closed as this is a huge population where the coronavirus can spread like anything. 

So, what is the solution to cope up with the situation?

It is very hard for the parents to find the right standard and tutors for their childrens in this coronavirus pandemic season. As a solution, an Uber like app for Tutors will be the best solution to deal efficiently with the student's education. Without the fear of getting infected with the deadly virus, this app lets the user learn their desired course. Even the tutors can also be chosen as per their wish. 

How Tutor apps Generate Revenue?

After Creating Tutoring App Like Uber, the app owners can get revenue in several ways. Many youngsters prepare these types of online platforms to study their subjects, this makes the industry grow rapidly.  

The most basic method of generating revenue is through advertisement.

Fixing some fee amount for premium services like fast and paid services for the learners.

Extra charges can be made for the trending niche subjects.

The faculties can be trained under the development program for a certain amount of payment.

Partnering with the educational institutes to offer paid certificate courses.
So now you may get an idea of starting your own uber for tutor app which can give a huge sought of money as your income.  Of Course you are on the right track. Starting a business which is on-demand during this pandemic season is the good idea. Before building your application, you must get to know several factors that you should consider.

Factors to be Considered 

Choosing the right platforms for Uber Tutor App Development is the foremost thing to the considered. The selection of platforms like Android, iOS, etc. should be based on your target audience.

The design of the app attracts more users. The design should be attractive, user-friendly and simple to understand by any of the users who come into the application. 

Integrate social media for making the login step a very simple one. And also you can use it for promotional activity too. Almost everyone is using at least any one of the social media platforms. So, this will not make the user feel troublesome.

To survive in the competition, you need to give your users a wide range of choices to select. For example, you should have multiple payment gateway to pay the fees. This makes the user feel the payment task is an easy and simple one.

The unique feature that you should integrate in your app is the feature you take notes. As a learning app it is very essential to have this feature. And most importantly the users must be able to share their notes through Email, Whatsapp, etc.

Some of the Features of On-Demand Tutor Apps

User-Friendly Apps for Users/Tutors.
Advanced Search Filters Using Geo location.
Schedule Booking Management.
Toggle availability status. 
In-App Messaging option to clarify the doubts.
Making in Cashless and Handy.
Language Management .
Feedback and Rating System which helps the other user to know about the course and the tutor.
Custom Matching logic feature to prepare courses to the users.
In-App Conference call and video calls.
Real time push  notifications for alerts and reminders.
Real time communications with tutors.
Parents can monitor their child’s performance in the analytics tab in the application.
Seperate login for parents and students to ensure privacy.

Touching the Bottom Line

If you are a startup and thinking to disrupt this tutoring industry – it is the right time to take the plunge. Take the Uber for Tutors for your online business  as this is the right time to launch your tutoring app. This is the best solution for the students to learn subjects without being infected by COVID ‘19. The future is definitely going to be a massive hit and already started too. We are an on-demand app development company now taking part in the on-demand tutor app development. Get connected with our team of experts right now to Launch Your Own Tutoring App Like Uber.

Disclaimer : Startupmart neither represents nor has command over the trademark of "Uber". We are not doing any promotional activities and we use the term only for understanding our product. Our motto is not to harm any organization or individual.

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