What is Airbnb Clone Script? How does it work?

What is Airbnb Clone Script? How does it work?
Nothing ensures peace of mind like traveling, People of all ages, from all the countries are fond of traveling to various places. Too often most of the people get wrapped up their lives by their daily routine of working, sleeping, eating, texting and so on. And at one point they become more frustrated and self-absorbed. To cherish the moment of their life they need going on vacation. Travelling doesn't mean just for vacation, there may be numerous reasons for people to travel across the globe.

For instance, Let us consider a student. He might wander around the world to explore more beautiful places, move to different places for university and also he might travel to do his internship or project related to his studies. Similarly, a businessman will travel for various reasons like a conference, client meeting, ideation of new project, etc. 

Whoever travels, one thing that is common with all is that they need a comfortable place to stay. As an entrepreneur or a student or whoever you may be, all you will need is a pleasant place for conference or client meeting….

How will it be having a peaceful and pleasant place at an affordable price? Yes, here it is highly possible with the arrival of Airbnb. 

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is the concept of connecting the host and the guest by sharing the unused space of the host with the guest. With the Airbnb Web app and mobile app, guest can easily get connect with guest and vice versa.

Host - is the person who listed their own space to earn money by renting.

Guest- is the person who needs rent of comfortable space to enjoy travel.

Here is the Demo video of our Rentisto - An Airbnb Clone App, which clearly explains the workflow of user app and provider app.

History of Airbnb?

In 2008, the Airbnb business was developed by Joe Gebbia, Brian Chesky, and Nathan Blecharczyk. Initially, it was started by Gebbia and Chesky, using their place as bed and breakfast when they face the struggle of paying their rent. With a big design conference coming to the San Francisco area, at that time all the hotel rooms were sold out. Utilizing the time of Demands in hotel rooms they developed a website called

Airbnb not at all experienced a sudden success it also faced both ups and down. In 2009, Air Bed & Breakfast became Airbnb, and that was the company’s turning point. As of May 2018, Airbnb was worth $38 billion, Forbes reports.

How does Airbnb Work?

Airbnb is an online vacation rental booking platform, it acts as an intermediate between the guest and the host that is who want to rent out their space and those who are looking for the space to rent.

Creating the account and booking your rental space is simple and easy. Here you will provide your general information like name, e-mail address and password rather than giving your religion and personal details. Here either you can create a new account or can signup using your facebook or google.  After the completion of various steps and request, you will be asked to pay for your room.

For your detailed Clarification:


They are the people who own property and renting those properties to earn money.

They can create a listing for their property on Airbnb, add property details and set their rent, check-in, check-out time, etc. Hosts can accept or reject a booking


Guest are the people who are looking for the space to rent.

Travelers have the option to search for a property by filtering them according to rent, amenities provided, location, etc. Travelers can book a space by paying through the portal.

Free launcher photographer:

Airbnb has a vast network of freelance photographers in all major cities of the world who go to a location and click high-definition photographs of the property.

The high-quality images get more responses and the freelance photographers are paid by means of Airbnb immediately.

Airbnb Clone Script:

After knowing about the Airbnb Business, do you have any plan to start your vacation rental business? Without any doubt, you can start this Airbnb business as it is highly profitable. 

You can develop your Airbnb website only when you know the complete module and its working flow, for that you require programming knowledge. And also it takes more time to develop from scratch. If you don’t have any knowledge on programming but still you have the spark to do business don’t worry, Airbnb clone script is here.

Every business solution having separate clone script so you can kick start your rental business using Airbnb clone script.

Benefits of Airbnb Clone script:

       1. High Performance.

       2. Affordable price.

       3. Flexible customization.

       4. Transparency.

       5. Reliable.

       6. Clear Picturization and listening.

Why Startupmart for Airbnb Clone Script:

At startupmart, we are delightfully working to gratify our clients across the world by providing excellent ready-made solutions, mobile applications, and web services. we build Airbnb Clone scripts with user-friendly design and well-packed modules with high-end technology.

We have an A+ team of designers and developers with 10+ years of experience to develop your software according to your requirements. Our testing engineers run comprehensive performance testing on stress, load, scalability, and stability testing sub-types.

Disclaimer : Startupmart neither represents nor has command over the trademark of "Airbnb". We are not doing any promotional activities and we use the term only for understanding our product. Our motto is not to harm any organization or individual.

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