Best Selling Uber Clone Script in 2020

Best Selling Uber Clone Script in 2020
Before the emergence of smartphones and the usage of high-speed internet, the online business industry faced a wide spectrum of discrepancies. Coming to the Online taxi booking services industry, It was very hard to find a cab that is willing to provide a ride service. A lot of efforts and time have been consumed for using a ride-hailing service. To reduce this difficulty there really needed a big revolution. As expected, the app development took the online business industries to the next level. Today, the usage of smartphones become unshakable. And so, among every other service, it is now easy to book a taxi with in few taps and swipes.  

Building a taxi booking app with a basic set of features is no longer enough to reach a special place in the market. The top business models like uber and lyft are working on to keep up their position in the market by working on the UI of their application.

Here is the Demo video of our ByDoo Taxi App that clearly explains the work flow of user app and driver app. 

Panels we offer 

Startupmart offers an efficient UberTaxi Clone called ByDooTaxi. We offer the UberTaxi Clone script in Android, iOS and also as a web.  Following are the types of panels that we offer,

                   User Panel - Web version, Android and iOS

                   Admin Panel - Web version, Android and iOS

                   Driver Panel - Web version, Android and iOS

Each of the three panels will get specific features. For example, the user panels has all the features required for making the user have a user-friendly experience. Like the same for the admin and driver panels.

Basic features in all the three panels

Chatbox - This option allows the user and the driver to communicate with each other in the times of any issues to find each other’s location. 

Multiple Payment Gateway - Allowing the user to pay the fare through multiple payment gateways makes the user feel user-friendly. So this may induce the user to make use of your app for the next time.

Live Geo-Tracking - The user and the driver can use the map which is intended into the app to track the current location of the user and the driver. It is helpful for the driver to track the location of the user and also the user can check the location of the driver. 

Heat Map - If the taxi is booked in a large number of the count, then a notification is sent to the admin indicating that the particular location has more demand for the taxis. And so, the admin can arrange for more number of taxis to the location. 

SOS Option - This is the most important feature of all, any application or web must include this feature for the emergency purpose. This feature lets to convey that the user or driver in a dangerous situation.

Push Notification - Details like booking confirmation, OTP, fare estimation, etc will be sent through the instant notification to both the driver and the user. This is sent immediately without any delay.

Ratings and Reviews - After the successful completion of the ride, the user can give rating to the driver and give feedback about the ride.  This helps the driver and the next user for finding the best driver.

Schedule Ride - The user can book a ride at the particular time in case of their hectic schedule. 


These are some of the basic features that a ride-hailing app/web must contain. Startupmart’s ByDooTaxi has all these basic features and so many unique features to take your business to the top level in the ride-hailing industry. 

ByDoTaxi which is a clone fo uber taxi is the best choise for starting your online taxi booking business in 2020. It meets all the demands of the current market and also in the future. All the above-said features can be fulfilled by the company, which eventually leads to getting more profit. Get excellent ByDooTaxi for your online taxi booking business from us.

Disclaimer : Startupmart neither represents nor has command over the trademark of "Uber". We are not doing any promotional activities and we use the term only for understanding our product. Our motto is not to harm any organization or individual.

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