How to Build Your Own Blockchain Powered Online Food Ordering & Delivery Business App?

How to Build Your Own Blockchain Powered Online Food Ordering & Delivery Business App?
Blockchain is an undebatably innovative invention that is growing at an unstoppable speed day by day. Initially, blockchain had been used in the bitcoin blockchain, digital currency. But now there are inventions about the other potential uses of blockchain technology. One of such industry where this powerful technology can be used is an online food delivery and ordering business like UberEats.

What is Blockchain?

In simple words, it is a time-stamped sequence of irremovable records of data. These data are managed by a cluster of computers that are not owned by a single entity. Each data(block) are bound to each other using the cryptographic standards. 

So what is so special to say that it has all the capacity to regulate an industry?

The blockchain network has no central control as it is decentralized. The shored data in it is open for anyone and everyone can see it has shared and immutable ledger. Since the nature of the blockchain is transparent, everyone participated is answerable for their activities.

How Blockchain can Solve Issues in Online Food Delivery Business?

The online food ordering and delivery industry have gained huge support in the past few years. Many organizations and research centers re trying to make the use of some digital methods in the online food delivery industry. But still there remain some issues. 

i)  Centralized Authority & Trust Issues:

 For instance, the applications used in the food delivery business is controlled only by the owner. He has full control over the application.  All the other parties will be involved without any rights. Here the flow of information and transparency of data is restricted as the data are centralized.

The other party play a role in helping the restaurant to increase the business and profit but did not act that way. This is the place where the trust of the food delivery business breaks. Blockchain helps here, and make all the data to come under a single roof, i.e, decentralization that allows the data flow to all the involved parties.

ii) Government Regulations:

The regulations and principles of safety, security, and hygiene play a vital role in the overall food industry, as it may cause very serious issues to the public. It is very hard for you to know whether all the restaurants who are connected with you are following all the government norms, certified or not, do they passed all the checks related to health & hygiene, etc. 

Here Blockchain can really play a very important role and make this task a very simple one. It allows the restaurants to upload all the details on their own or simply you can incorporate the concerned department’s blockchain in a short time.

iii) High Percentage Commission:

Nowadays the restaurants and the users are kept on increasing, as they scale up, the commission rate also increases. Now the commission percentage is as high as 20% to 30%. The delivery teams are also kept on complaining that they are getting the leftovers.

By bringing automation and inheriting algorithms based on the blockchain can lower the cost, whether the application owned by a restaurant or a third party.

iv) Smart Contracts 

The outstanding feature that blockchain technology gives us is the use of Smart Contracts. Using this the process of ordering food and delivery becomes automated and obeys the law.

The contract will remove the restaurant from the search when it finds that the particular restaurant does not compile with laws. These smart contracts use the data in the blockchain to do so. Once the delivery in confirmed the payment action will be auto executed. It also diverts the commission amount and food charges to all the wallets by itself.

Bottom Line:

Blockchain technology is an efficient way to solve all the above-mentioned issues, as blockchain technology enables security, decentralization, immutable and transparency. Start your online food delivery business with our blockchain-powered UberEats Clone App called ByDoo Eats. We have certified blockchain developers and experts who can clearly understand your need for your online food ordering and delivery business and give you the best solutions with advanced features. 

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