Get Powerful Cloud Based Hotel Booking Script 2019

Get Powerful Cloud Based Hotel Booking Script 2019
Hotel Booking is the method of booking a room in a hotel. Earlier it was a tough task to book a room in a hotel because it required your presence at the place of booking. But now with Hotel Booking Software, it made easier you don’t need to go anywhere. You can easily book your hotel through your smartphones.

Hotel Booking Software is the control to hotel management, online reservation, accommodation service, room service,bnb services and more. Hotel booking clone design and developed by PHP script, and Mysql.

Earlier Booking Method:

Prior to the Internet, travelers need to book the room either by going directly to the hotel or through any travel agency to make a reservation. Travelers need to wait for a long time to complete the procedure which is done by the notebook.

And surely we cannot say certain things like whether the room is available or not, is that a standard hotel, Hygienic hotel, Safe and Secured hotel.

Online Booking Method: 

At a present lot of people having the passion to travel worldwide, and a few people having the habit of traveling to reduce their stress. With the help of Online hotel booking, they can make their journey comfortable and enjoyable.

All they want to do is that using a smartphone they can register a hotel by making a call or through a simple message. Here you don’t need to go anywhere.

Cloud Computing Technology:

Cloud-based hotel software allows faster, less risky more affordable solution to hotel management. Hence it is becoming very popular due to the convenience of direct booking which leads to direct revenues.

As cloud computing technology is centralized access to the data, all the data which is entered will be stored in the server.

Advantages of Cloud Computing :

1. Affordability - can avoid investments in hardware, maintenance cost, manpower cost to manage the infrastructure.

2. On time delivery - No longer experience delay in providing services.

3. Reliability and Security - With cloud hotels can store their data remotely

4. Flexibility - It is flexible to operate anywhere, anytime.

Feedback System:

The feedback system is the backbone of your business. The feedback such as ratings and reviews which are given by customers shows your business genuinity. The more reviews and ratings you have will increase your business profit.

User Panel:

       1. Eye-catching delightful UI and Ux design.

      2. Customized search option which includes city, hotel category, check-in and check-out date.

       3. Easily view the recently added hotels.

       4. Can check room availability and room type.

       5. Customer can leave a review and rating of each hotel

       6. Option to manage sensitive data like username and password with ease
       7. Highlighted “Special Prices” for hotels

Admin Panel:

       1. Can add as many hotels as you want with a unique order ID for every booking 

      2. With each entry, you can enter the Hotel Name, Its Short Description, and its SKU and  URL Key

       3. SEO-Friendly features including the option to include Meta Tags

       4. Option to display all important booking details

       5.  Easy managing of all hotel orders and bookings

       6.   Can manually approve all customer reviews before they are published.

Agent Panel:

       1. Login
       2. Control panel
       3. Booking report

       4. Reports

       5. Wallet deposit

       6. Print bookings

       7. Cancellation

Wallet User and Guest User Panel:

       1. Sign in sign up options
       2. Personal my account details with history

       3. Reports for all booked and canceled rooms
       4. Get Email Options & SMS Options
       5. Check on available Hotel details and rooms

       6. Can view en-numbers of hotel snaps and videos
       7. User Wallet available with various Payment Gateway enabled

       8. Can Print bookings & Cancel bookings

       9. Check Fund transfer & refund status by entering the booking number

      10. Can have Coupon codes & Promotions codes

      11. Wallet offers credits

      12. Refer a friend …etc

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