How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Dream11 Clone App?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Dream11 Clone App?
The craze for playing Fantasy sports games among people has increased to a higher level these days. The technology had taken the craze for sports and entertainment to the next stage. The word “Sports” is just not a word, it unites people all around the world from different cultures and religions. Initially, Dream11 and IPL had triggered the booming of fantasy sports games. As we all know Dream11 is the biggest fantasy sports app originated from India that gained its attention among people with its interesting gaming concept and unique features. 

If you have an idea of getting a fantasy sports app like Dream11 and want to know how much does it cost to develop an app/web-like Dream11, then you have landed at the right place.  

How to Choose the Best Dream11 Clone App/Web Development Company

Once you have decided to make a fantasy sports app for your business, it is compulsory to make sufficient study and understand how other online fantasy sports betting apps like Dream11 work and what are the strategies they use to ensure the results of the app. It is a good idea to hire an app development company for making your fantasy sports app like Dream11. 

There are many fantasy sports mobile app development companies in the market that can create the gaming app in the same way as per the business enterprise requirements. Startupmart is the right company that provides high-quality apps and the budget of Cost of Fantasy sports app in a budget-friendly manner.

Types of Fantasy Games

The main types of fantasy sports games are,
                   - League based games
                   - Concept-based games
                   - Daily/Weekly based games
                   - Score based games
                   - Seasonal leagues

Popular Sports for Fantasy Games

There are ‘n’ number of sports but few sports gained its popularity in the fantasy sports platform. Fantasy sports apps include the following games.

                   * Fantasy Cricket App & Web
                   * Fantasy Soccer App & Web
                   * Fantasy Football App & Web
                   * Fantasy Basketball App & Web
                   * Fantasy Rugby App & Web
                   * Fantasy Basketball App & Web
                   * Golf Fantasy Sports App & Web

How much does it cost to build an App/Web like Dream11

There are several attributes involved when it comes to the cost of building an app. Geography, Platform, Designs, etc are the several things involved. The UI is the main factor as it is the main variable for user attraction. The attributes that impact the cost of building an app/web-like Dream11 are:

Platform: The development cost will be based on a platform like iOS/Android. Generally, the iPhone app developers are less in number when compared to the android app developers. iOS needs a really tough level of coding than the android OS. 

Geography: The Cost to the developers and the designers varies from region to region. For example, the US developers cost expensive when compared to the Indian developers. So the cost of building an app quietly depends on the geo-location. 

Intricacy: When we enhance more functionalities and characteristics to the application, more complexity also arises. To solve the complexity brilliant minds need to be hired. And so the cost for developing the Dream11 Clone Script will end in high fees. 

Mobile App Framework: The coding in the mobile app framework are complex and takes a lot of experience. So the cost of building an app quietly depends on the frameworks. 

Bottom Line

The Fantasy sports app/web is creating a special place in the market. More countries are legalizing the fantasy sports concept. Many big leagues are about to happen in the coming years, It is the perfect period to acquire a place on the market. Take a step into the sports app industry. Run your own Fantasy Sports App like Dream11 before the cost of the sports app becomes high.

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