Dream11 - A 360 Degree Guide (App Architecture, Success Strategies & Eminent Features)

Dream11 - A 360 Degree Guide (App Architecture, Success Strategies & Eminent Features)
From the past few years, people have relied more on smart devices. And this number keeps on increasing. This gave the entrepreneurs a lot of unique business ideas. They started taking businesses into the application, which in turn bought a revolution in the app development industry. One of the businesses which gained the spotlight is the online fantasy sports business. Dream11, an Indian originated fantasy sports app is the one which gained more attention all over the world. It had almost 20 million active users within months after its launch. Dream11 offers many sports like cricket, football, hockey with rich features and functionalities.  
By watching the tremendous growth of this business, many app development companies came forward and started offering the clone apps of Dream11 with many unique features. If you wish to start one. Get our dynamic Dream11 Clone Script and give a hit in the online fantasy sports industry. 
Let us know a few things about the architecture layer of our Dream11 Clone App.
Code Structure of the Mobile Application
We can classify the code structure of the application into four parts. They are:
1. Platform Code - Service Layer, View Layer
2. Enterprise Code - Feature Layer
3. Application Code - Feature Layer
4. Interface Code - Presenter Layer
View Layer
It consists of so many flows, activities, and fragments. Each one of the flows will have one activity and multiple fragments for the specific screens. To make it clear we will look at an example:
The login flow of the login activity will manage various fragments, ie. screens. This will provide scalability and flexibility to the application. If we want to discontinue the flow, we can just close the activity. 
Presenter Layer
This presenter layer is the interface between the view layer and the model layer. And this one has few responsibilities such as,
1. This model creates a view using the data received from the feature layer. After this, they export these data to the view later. 
2. It envoy the actions from the view layer to the respective feature layer class.
3. If there is a need the view models add the view specific login while mapping the models. 
Feature Layer
This layer decides the flow of the application as this is the most intelligent layer having both the enterprise logic and the app logic. Some of the characteristics of the feature layer:
1. Feature classes are classified based on the business logic types: Example, Here all the login logic are handled by the login feature, and the payment logic are handled by the payment feature. This is because the same business attributes can share the data easily.
2. Watch the Data: This can be explained with an example, the payment feature takes care of all the process of the payment category. Likewise, all the feature classes are singleton. So here it is divided by the respective feature model.
3. Communication: There is one input flow and two output flows in the feature layer. As the result of the method flow Observable “Response Feature”, whichever initiates an action will get output. This will update the channel data with the help of FeatureUpdate Channel.
Service Layer
This layer should be platform-independent because this allows specific functions to run like HTTP calls, the message read permissions, log in through social media activities, saving of value and retrieving of values from the database, etc.
Success Strategies For Your Dream11 Clone App
Even after selecting a successful business model like Dream11, you should be always ready with new ideas that will help you to out mark you from your competitors. Analyze your competitors which will help you to keep you ahead of them. A few of the success strategies are discussed below.
Integrate New Games
Dream11 mainly concentrate on cricket and generate a lot of money. Likewise, you can add on many other popular sports like football, basketball, hockey, etc to your platform. You can even focus on regional sports. Find out the famous games in a particular region and focus completely on it. This is the most important strategy. 
Launch on Different Platforms
This is a very essential strategy. There are many platforms available in the mobile market. So, to get an enormous amount of users, you should launch your dream11 clone app on highly prepared platforms like android and iOS. We Startupmart offers Dream11 Clone Script in both android and iOS platforms.
Create a Webpage
Having a website is also an important thing to do as a business startup. It expresses your business as a standard one. Only after going through the website, many people will install the application. Our developers will design the best website which is suitable for your business model.
Eminent Features of Our Dream11 Clone App
Easy Register
Create a New Team
SMS Gateway
Reward Points
Category Management
Report Management
Overall Management
Code Invite
Protected System
We build your online fantasy sports app from a white-label solution, so customization will be an effortless job. Bring your ideas to us, we will make it a hit for you with our efficient fantasy sports app like Dream11. As a prominent on-demand app development company, we have talented developers who will offer you a readymade Dream11 Clone App.

Disclaimer : Startupmart neither represents nor has command over the trademark of "Dream11". We are not doing any promotional activities and we use the term only for understanding our product. Our motto is not to harm any organization or individual.

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