How to Generate High ROI on Launching a Dream11 Clone Website/App?

How to Generate High ROI on Launching a Dream11 Clone Website/App?
Fantasy sports app like Dream11 is the one which is viral in this internet epoch for sports. Dream11 is the most trending and popular fantasy sports app in the subcontinent of India. In the generation of mobile applications, it has become one of the biggest names in the fantasy sports business. Dream11 continues to lead the crusade of fantasy sports app, with 20million active users. The popularity of this application is because it lets the users win some quick money. 

It has a wide range of sports involved in the application. From basketball to football and from cricket to hockey.  Dream11 features all these sports played all over the world.  That is based on the region, the popular sports in that particular area can be played. Nowadays several Dream11 Clone App has been emerging, which again proves the popularity of Dream11. 

Why it is the high time to start a Fantasy Sports App like Dream11? 

Cricket is the most and widely loved sports among other sports. There is a separate fan base for this sport all over the world. Many leagues are going on and about to start this year. This makes you get a quite good amount of revenue even from the initial stage of your brand new fantasy sports app business. And also this league season will make your brand new app as popular as Dream11. Let me list out some of the popular cricket leagues which are about to start this year. And also I will let you know about the leagues which already held for this year. The infographic explains the growth of fantasy sports. 

Upcoming Striking Cricket Tournaments

Indian Premier League (IPL)

Indians go crazy even when they hear the word “Cricket”. Cricket has been the most loved sport in India. The devotion of the people in India during the cricket league seasons in immeasurable. The Incredible land of diversity stays united during the cricket leagues, as Team India. India’s history has a lot of achievements in cricket as it stays the most favorite game. 

In 2008, the BBCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) came up with the new festival for the cricket lovers in India and took of the Indian Premier League called IPL. In 2010, IPL became the first sporting event to be telecasted live on youtube. This is the best example to describe the reach of IPL. In 2019, the brand value of IPL is $6.7 billion. 

The league has eight teams and the team declares the team of different states in India. New players from the states can showcase their talent using this opportunity and get a chance to select in the Indian team. And also the famous and most loves players from other countries will play the game. Usually, IPL contested during the month of  April and May. The prize money of the IPL league is approximately 40 crores. The impact of the game results in great profit for the hospitality and tourism industry of India. The IPL league for 2020 in all set to start in the month of April and May in India.

First Edition - 2008
Last Edition - 2019
Next Edition - 2020

ICC T20 World Cup

It is the International Championship of Twenty20 international cricket. It is organized by International Cricket Council.  The tournament consists of 16 teams. All the matches in the leagues are played as Twenty20 Internationals. This league is contested once in 2 years. But the last edition was in 2016. The council announced the next edition to be contested in 2020 in Australia. Six tournaments have so far been played, and only the West Indies, who currently holds the title, have won the tournament on multiple occasions. The inaugural 2007 World Twenty20, was staged in South Africa, and won by India, who defeated Pakistan in the final at the Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg.

First Edition - 2007
Last Edition - 2016
Next Edition - 2020

Natwest T20 Blast

Natwest T20 Blast is the first professional T20 league in the world, which is the Twenty20 cricket competition for England and wales. Due to the several changes in the commercial sponsors, the names of the league were kept on changing. At present, the league has 18 teams with the Essex Eagles as the current champion. 

From 2010 to 2013 - Friend Provident t20 and Friends t20
From 2014 to 2017 - Natwest t20 Blast
From 2018 - Vitality Blast, as the league was sponsored by the company called Vitality.

The First T20 cup was contested in 2003 and the matches were sloganed with “I don’t like cricket, I love it”. It was a line from the pop song “Dreadlock Holiday” which was cricket-themed. The league has a total of nine teams that are contested every year during the month of July and August.

First Edition - 2003
Latest Edition - 2019
Next Edition - 2020

The BBL (Big Bash League)

The BBL is the professional franchise cricket league which is contested in Australia by Cricket Australia firstly in 2011. “KFC” the well-known world-famous food brand is sponsoring it since the beginning. In the Indian Premier League, the teams are owned by the celebrities but in BBL the teams are coordinated by the cricket association of Australia. They take charge of all the teams and their franchises. They BBL comes under the top 10 most attended Sports tournament in the world. 

The BBL is also contested for women. This was inaugurated in 2011. This generated a huge amount of revenue for the Australian economy. The price amount to the winners of the BBL is $450,000.  

First Edition - 2011
Latest Edition - 2019
Next Edition - 2020

Caribbean Premier League

The CPL is contested every year since 2013, which is sponsored by an Indian company “Hero MotoCrop”. The CPL has six teams with the Barbados Tridents as the current champion.  

First Edition - 2013
Latest Edition - 2019
Next Edition - 2020

Pakistan Super League

The PSL is the ongoing professional cricket team which is contested in the month of February and March. It was officially launched in September 2015 and the first league was contested in 2016 with six teams. The league is hosted by the giant cities of Dubai and Sharjah. Pakistan Cricket Board is following the city-based model of franchise. The board is earning 2.6 million USD as an annual profit and the revenue is increasing every season.   

First Edition - 2016
Latest Edition - 2019
Next Edition - 2020

Bran Value and Toal Prize amount

               League                                      Brand Value         Total Price Money  
               IPL                                       $4.16 billion           $6.1 million
               ICC T20 World Cup       $3.03 billion          $1 million
               Natwest T20 Blast                                          $2.6 million
               BBL                                                                      $2.8 million
               CPL                                      $102 million          $1 million
               PSL                                       $150 million         $1 million

Bottom Line

The first richest league in the world is the Indian Premier League. IPL is also famous for Dream11. Many youngsters come forward and play Dream11 for the entire league and win really a huge amount of money. Dream11 is being a platform for fantasy sports lovers. It paves a way for entertainment and winning money. The company reported that they have 1million users in 2014 and 2 million in  2016, which then tremendously grew to 4 million by 2018. The fantasy sports business is a promising and hopeful industry in the future and has a bright prospect. According to a report it is predicted that the demand for the fantasy sports app development will increase by 30% in the next five years. 

I hope now you really understood the growth and scope of the fantasy sports industry. There are other leagues which already completed in the month of December 2019 and January 2020 as Bangladesh Premier League(BPL). So you can now build a Dream11 Clone App and start a new venture this year. Dream11 Clone Script has all the features which and you can even customize it according to your business needs. We at Startupmart are here to help you in building a brand new fantasy sports app like Dream11 called Team11. We are an On-Demand App Development Company, offering the best quality driven mobile apps and websites with premium features that makes your online business a grand success.

Invest in buying Dream11 Clone Script from Startupmart and launch your fantasy sports app like Dream11 - TEAM11 and create a huge impact among the public by your online fantasy sports business.

Disclaimer : Startupmart neither represents nor has command over the trademark of "Dream11". We are not doing any promotional activities and we use the term only for understanding our product. Our motto is not to harm any organization or individual.

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