The Growth & Benefits of Food Delivery Apps During Covid19

The Growth & Benefits of Food Delivery Apps During Covid19
As we well knew that,  The online mobile food delivery apps are godsend for many at the Coronavirus pandemic time. On the other hand, ¾ of the people of the world panic to buy essentials in the grocery stores and switched to food delivery apps for everything from buying lunch to all essentials.
Global Online Food Delivery Trends

In this digitized era,with the rising usage of internet and smartphone penetration, consumers have started to order food through online apps and websites.In the same way, this provides them a convenience to pick their desired foods from the wide variety of food products at a virtual marketplace enclosed with an option to pay online and fast delivery of food to their location through apps and websites especially in this pandemic period.

As well,the increasing integration and partnership between restaurants and applications developers have embellished the utilization of online food delivery apps since the mobile app developers simplifies the process of  placing orders and enhancing the online orders accuracy. Hence, this is the reason behind building food delivery apps for restaurants.

Online Food Delivery Market Segmentation

Market Platform Type:
  1. Mobile Applications
  2. Websites

Market Business Model

  1. Order focused food delivery system
  2. Logistics based food delivery system
  3. Full service food delivery system

Market Payment Method

  1. Online
  2. Cash on delivery


Impact of Food Delivery Apps During Covid19



Some categories of online apps such as Uber and Ola are experiencing a constant slump in this coronavirus pandemic period. In that way, food delivery apps are a sole exception, which is facing extent reach and quick rise right now.



Here are the reasons why food delivery apps are significant amid Covid19



  1. Keeps the economy alive
  2. Diminish the risk of food businesses from shutting down
  3. Mobile apps for restaurant - A huge lifesaver
  4. Online food delivery hands on for social distancing
  5. Helps elder peoples to order food
  6. Remote workers
  7. Delivers food as well as groceries 
  8. Food quarantine facility
  9. Helps employees too
  10. Social responsibility



Why Food Delivery Apps During Covid19?



The global covid-19 pandemic has played a crucial role with the food delivery platforms in the lives of today’s food consumers. We are all stuck in our homes, but our pantry shelves are filled with foods with the food delivery apps. In this current circumstance, people were asked to stay home and quarantine themselves and in need of online food distribution with health crises which become the significant  protagon of the year 2020.



On the other hand, consumers have turned from shopping in stores to online grocery providers as a safe alternative. Besides, supermarkets have seen an extraordinary demand for food, which leads to building a short circuit of the food delivery system, wait list customers, embellish the number of pickup stores, as well as delivery windows option. In Short, With all the applicable challenges of the industry in the period of quarantine, food delivery apps serve the best.



As a result, the reason behind this much importance of food delivery apps in the pandemic period is, “there is still no evidence to suggest that the virus can be spread through food or packaging.”  In this place, some consumers who worried about the transmission of Covid19 through food delivery must have a look at it.



Deliveries Embellishing Service in this Uncertainty and Beyond



Though it is uncertain, where the delivery trend will fade in the post covid-19 period. Since many operators are working hard with the consumers in this challenging environment to offer excellent services whereas, many on-demand app solutions providers are serving the best mobile app solutions for those facilitating industries. Among them, Startupmart, a leading on-demand app solutions provider act as a supporting agent for the entrepreneurs who want to deliver their services in this pandemic period. 



Our extended service catches and gratifies our clients' needs and lets them provide what they want to furnish to the society. In terms of the food delivery sector, we offer UberEats clone solutions which uphold all the essentials features as exact to UberEats which is much helpful for the consumers to reveal their services in a best way.



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